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Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - E
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A

Character Information


HardDrive worked in the past for Saeder-Krupp as Test-Rigger for vehicle/drone prototypes. After supervisor tried to trick him he turned this into his advantage. But to win this battle he had to take a job as janitor at Meadowdale Pharmatron in Seattle. Since that time he learned hacking to avoid the tediousness. Through this learning process and the more he knew he came closer to the shadows…


1. Avoid the tediousness.
2. Get more money to purches more equipment. (fits directly to goal No. 1)
3. Eventually finding information or earning enough money to get back to Saeder-Krupp.


Sigmar Herbolt began his career by studying engineering at the University of Karlsruhe. After he graduated he was recruited by Saeder-Krupp. Against the advice of his father he took the offer and became the first member of his family working for Saeder-Krupp.

In his first years at the company he worked in the vehicle/drone-development section. After Corp. noticed his capabilities and loyalty they offered him a job as Rigger to test drive new developments. He accepted and got the necessary surgery to rigg in vehicles and drones. For the next years Sigmar had a good run in Saeder-Krupp.

But then this fateful order came. Saeder-Krupp developed a new drone for the Bundeswehr and was tight on schedule. Because of the approaching deadline Sigmars supervisor forced him to run a test flight. Sigmar, who was still an expert of engineering, mentioned that there were still too much uncertainties in the development and that the drone will crush. He was ignored by his supervisor and after 20 minutes there was a malfunction in the engine. 2 Million Nuyen burst into flames as the vehicle crushed into a nearby mountain.

To safe his job and position, Sigmars supervisor blamed him for crushing the drone. He claimed Sigmar made a mistake by flying too close to the mountain as reason for the crush. Sigmar said no Word to the accusations and while Saeder-Krupp discussed his future in Corp. he confronted his supervisor with copies of the flight and audio log witch got lost after the crash for unknown reasons.

Sigmar blackmailed his now former supervisor to pay for his living with a trust fund. Also he forced him to pay a compensation of 450.000 Nuyen. Sigmars former supervisor managed to keep him inside Saeder-Krupp. Sigmar got a job as janitor in Meadowdale Pharmatron, a subsidiary company of Saeder-Krupp. Because of the lac of challenge in his job, Sigmar started to practice hacking. After a while he was really into it and with the money from the compensation he bought the necessary equipment. Through this he met a Fixer named Fini, a former Shadowruner with excellent connections and a direct link to the black market for electronic devices. With his new equipment Sigmar began to search the matrix for information about his former supervisor to have a backup. Fini, who watches her new customers for some time to be sure that her „goods“ are in the right hand and could not be traced back to her, was impressed in the way Sigmar worked in the Matrix. She contacted him and offered Sigmar some minor jobs to test his skills as decker.

Because of his tediousness he accepted. His absence at his „real“ job wasn’t noticed by anyone. His tasks are completed in a few hours per week or could be done by the drones dogbrain.

Fini, who knew Sigmar (or in her case Earl) only with his fake SIN, pointed out, that he should choose a street name to protect himself and to mark his work. So Sigmar gave himself the name „HardDrive“. This should be a reference to his skills in driving and also in decking, because of hard drive used in the 21th century to save data.

As HardDrives skills improve more and more, Fini offered him soon his first Run and they began an ongoing casual business partnership. From this day on HardDrive was entitled to call himself a Shadowrunner…

Narrative Significant Qualities


- Codeslinger: Hack on the fly
- Instinctive Hack
- Overclocker
- Shoot First, Don't Ask
- Thermographic Vision
- Resistance to Pathogens/Toxins
- Trust Fund I
- Analytical Mind (learned at „Adrian Maersk on detours“)


- SINner (Corporate): Saeder-Krupp

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Be a knight errant official for a dayKaterSalem3 July 2083
What a bloody chaosKaterSalem18 June 2083
Palm ParadiseKaterSalemNo Legion But Still Deadly12 June 2083
I Of The StormPokemonemocow75 June 2083
Adrian Maersk on detoursKaterSalem15 April 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Fini 6 1 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Electonic Shop Owner The good stuff is in the back room, Electronic toys, Black market business, Drone lover, More power, Software slider, Gang supply Even




In Character Information

Sigmar is a very smooth guy. He has plenty of time and no worries about money. He’s very intelligent so he’s in the shadows for the fun and the challenge.

Very important things about him:
- He does never kill if not explicit necessary and he hates violence.
- To his employee he is unrestricted loyal. He would never make a run against Saeder-Krupp and if he gets information about Saeder-Krupp getting harmed he will immediately tell the Corp.!

Living Conditions:
Sigmar inhabited an apartment in a skyscraper in Seattle (Evert-Lynnwood). The idea behind this is to camouflage himself in the crowd. If any heavy armed security force gets into the building he will be warned.
Through his special arrangement with his involuntary patron, he managed to get some extras. On one hand he got an underground garage for his van with enough room to store some tools and to do some mechanic work. On the other hand he got a secret room (bat cave) under his garage to some more or less illegal stuff without being disturbed by neighbors.
His apartment itself is very cleaned up. He doesn't like to live in a mess. Everything has its place. And Sigmar tries to separate his work and private life strictly. He has a big living room, a storage room, a kitchen, one bathroom and a sleeping room. Besides he has access to a huge balcony.

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


- Earl Hickey (from an old TV Series out of 2005) (Rating 4)
Construction business for critical infrastructure

Licenses for Earl:
- Fake License rating 4 (Cyberdeck License)
- Fake License rating 4 (Drone License)
- Fake License rating 4 (Driver's License)
- Fake License rating 4 (Firearms License)



HardDrive is more of the casual type. He likes to wear cargo jeans and a good old checked shirt like the lumberjack guys.

Over his casual clothing HardDrive always wears a armor jacket.
On a Run he will wear an urban explorer overall.

Matrix Persona

When on a Matrix meeting with a client HardDrive always appears as himself.

On runs he always looks like an anthropomorphic drone with a battle armor and guns on his forearms and back.

Media Mentions

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