Be a knight errant official for a day

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Be a knight errant official for a day
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Frank Grover
Major Corp
4xGo Ganger
Casualties and losses
4xGo Ganger, Baghest


Runners are hired by KE to do the job of a KE officer for a day. The group succeeds in stopping a party in Redmond that causes displeasure among the residents of Bellevue.


A major KE event draws off a large percentage of KE officers at the same time there is a wave of illness. Frank Grover, who is responsible for the roster, seeks help through his shadow channels.

The Meet

Runners meet with Frank Grover at KE headquarters downtown. There they receive a briefing for the job. After a short negotiation Frank agrees to pay 14.000 Nuyen and to give access to some items in the Asserwaten chamber. The group's first task is to patrol between Snohomish and Redmond to stop illicit activity. They will receive KE SINs and a KE car.

The Plan

Ember, HardDrive and Prince are very clever in that they are monitoring the second most popular smuggling routes in the area. They manage to take two drug mules out of circulation.

The Run

Then they receive a call from Frank Grover reporting noise complaints from Bellevue coming from Redmond. Frank Grover asks the Runners to investigate and stop the noise nuisance. The Runners drive to Redmond and find out that the GoGang "Noise Rider" is having a big party with about 500 guests. For this they have installed speakers on the roof terrace of a 20-story skyscraper, which they provide with a generator. HardDrive must determine that the technology is not in the matrix. Therefore, Ember sneaks upstairs with the help of Prince's equipment. She finds that in order to get further, she has to penetrate the club house, from which she perceives strange smells. While she begins to pick the lock to the club house, Prince also makes his way upstairs and HardDrive scouts the club house with his FlySpy. But he is discovered by the guard Baghest who chases him away over the balcony. HardDrive then launches his Rotodrone. Ember manages to sneak in and sneak past the GoGang members, but she is also discovered by the Barghest. She rents the stairs to the roof terrace and closes the door behind her. The Barghest makes a big fuss, which alarms the Gangers. Then Ember turns off the music system and a fight breaks out between the Runners and the GoGang, which the Runners can quickly win thanks to some grenades and the surprise effect. The troops leave and Frank is satisfied. They do some more traffic checks and at the end of their shift Frank raises the payment to 16,000 Nuyen.




  • 16000 Nuyen (8 RVP) or double of that for gear out of the asservate chamber up to AV19
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP)

optional (for RVP above):

  • Frank Grover C3L3 for (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

--Ember-- Felt good to be wearing one of those uniforms...maybe not the same as a lone star outfit, but I still remember those old days. working with my team, before that event. overall I think the job went fine. just magical critters are annoying to deal with