What a bloody chaos

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What a bloody chaos
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Frederik Kowalski
Cutters 88 hands triade
La Rapide
3xCutter Street Sams Bodyguard Mage
Casualties and losses
1xCutter Street Sam all
HardDrive Mundane Ascension run


The Runners are to eliminate a bookie of the eighty eight hands what leads to a bloody chaos in and before its house in Bellevue.


S-K and Aztechnology are vying for a majority stake in a mid-sized Seattle company. Frederik Kowalski is responsible for acquiring the shares from Luan Ling, the bookmaker of the 88 Hands Triad in Seattle. Unfortunately, Luan refuses to sell his stock to both S-K and Aztechnology. Kowalski then turns to Luan's son, Tian Ling, who has long wanted to take over his father's business. He agrees to sell the shares if his father is eliminated and it is ensured that everyone believes he has nothing to do with it. At the same time, Aztechnology turns to daughter Jinjin Ling, who offers to sell the shares to Aztechnology if her father and brother die suddenly. What a family!!! Kowalski hires two runners (HardDrive and La Rapide) for the job while Aztechnology puts the cutters in charge of the murders.

The Meet

Kowalski contacts HardDrive directly because he has found out through some research that the colleague is active in the shadows and is clearly overqualified for the job he is doing. HardDrive then contacts La Rapide to help him. Kowalski invites the Runners to a hearty Weiswurst breakfast at Herbert's Stube in downtown the next day. He explains the general conditions of the run to the Runners, but does not mention Aztechnology (that could drive up the prices). The runners agree.

The Plan

The two runners use the matrix to gather information about their target (except for the address of his residence they got from Kowalski). They decide to pay a visit to the host of the house and then proceed further. However, things don't go very well at the host and after HardDrive has detonated a data bomb and the surveillance data has been deleted, they decide to go there the next evening and use a FlySpy.

The Run

The runners park 100 meters from the house and manage to scout the location with the FlySpy. They can spot two guards outside the house as well as see the family inside through the windows. La Rapid thinks it would be a good idea to go there without armor to use their mist power if necessary. So she sets off without armor. HardDrive stays behind in the van. Just before Raps arrives at the back entrance, she can hear gunfire from the other side and HardDrive's FlySpy can spot three cutters (two humans, one troll) who have just shot the guard at the entrance and are about to storm the house. La Rapide hurries to get into the building at the back. She is able to direct the daughter outside while inside a firefight rages between the remaining guards and the Cutters. The daughter closes the door behind her and locks it with a code. That was the moment for Raps to realize that there's more shit going on here than just a gang robbery. Raps intervenes in the fight but goes into a berserker rage and is hit by a stun spell and then turned into a bleeding corpse on the ground by a HE grenade. HardDrive sends his Rotodrone to assist, arriving at about the same time that Raps' regeneration power has brought her back to life. Raps tries to stop the Cutter, who has now overpowered the guards, but fails and another volley of APDS ammo sends her back into the land of the lifeless. HardDrive simply takes everything but the son under barrage. Unfortunately, the Troll Cutter decides to throw a grenade at the same time and both the son and the father have to run through the barrage to safety. Both are seriously injured. The remaining cutter retrieves HardDrive's drone from the ceiling. HardDrive, with a bloody nose, then spends his time in the matrix unlocking the door for the son, who makes it out with difficulty. The father is shot by the cutters, who then also pack up Raps, who is on up again, but surrenders and takes her with them. HardDrive uses his luck to revive his drone and races his van towards the house where he can see the two remaining cutters and Raps. He decides to ram them (he thinks Raps will survive). Raps turns into a fog just in time and the two cutters end up as a red skid mark on the ground and the windshield of HardDrive's van which only has a small dent. The two manage to escape the approaching Knight Errant forces.


Kowalski is very pleased with the outcome but aware that the runners were more lucky than good. But runners with luck are usually better than the runners who are too smart.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 6 CDP (2 RVP) (4 CDP for Knowledge skills toward Crime)

  • Hard Drive Mundane Ascension (for 5 RVP from above)

Optional (RVP from above not the CDP):

  • Frederik Kowalski C5 L3 for 7 RVP


  • Though as nails (physical) (5 RVP)

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