Adrian Maersk on detours

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Adrian Maersk on detours
LocationSeattle Everett
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Fan Yang
Maersk Nightingale
La Rapide
Water Spirit
FLR Ship Security
2x Harbor Security
Casualties and losses
IG1 Run for Jiang-shi


The runners receive the order to break into the ship Adrian Maersk, which has disappeared from the Maersk host, and to steal the navigation data as well as to exchange it for other data. The runners succeed in this by their attack actions in the matrix and a security system on the navigation system are caught and must fight their way back.


Fan Yang stumbles upon the Adrian Maersk ship during a business visit to Everett at the Haven, which had been missing for about 1.5 months and, according to Wuxing's spy information, could no longer be found in Maersk's host. Fan Yang decides to hire the fastest runner and to steal the navigation data of the ship as well as to replace them with new future navigation data to lead the ship into a pirate trap.

The Adrian Maersk was on a mission from Rhonabwy to release spy equipment in the ocean. For this purpose, the ship was equipped with a camouflaged drone dropping device below the waterline. Since after her stay in Hong Kong the signs increased that she could be the target of an attack, she relied from then on the ship's own systems and disengaged from the host of Maersk as a precaution.

The Meet

Fan Yang contacts Jiang-shi, who is listed as a security expert at Wuxing but has not worked for some time, directly. He lets it be known that he believes she is working in the shadows and that he needs her services as a loyal Wuxing employee to solve a short-term task that involves overcoming security. Fan Yang also recruits the runners La Rapide and HardDrive to solve the task. The meeting takes place in the "Gravity Bar North" and Fan Yang of course pays for the food and drinks. He explains the task to the runners and after a short negotiation they can agree on the price for the action. The runners have only 24 hours time for it since the Adrian Maersk then leaves Seattle again. He also asks the Runners to steal some of the merchandise on board to make it look like a harmless theft.

The Plan

The team first tries to find out as much as possible about the ship via the matrix. They can't uncover any confirmed details, but follow some conspiracy theories that suggest the ship was modified in Hamburg and could be on a mission for Rhonabwy. Last known port of call was Hong Kong and the cargo there consisted of electronics. They are also concerned with the security on board the ship and the navigation system, which is an extra emergency system on the bow of the ship and separate from the command center. Jiang-shi summons an air spirit that she sends out to scout the area. He can report some activity of workers as well as a parrying water spirit around the Adrian Maersk.

The Run

The team drives together to a public parking lot. HardDrive deploys his Rotodrone while Jiang-shi and La Rapid physically enter the port facility via the perimeter fence. They choose a time when the evening shift ends and no more work is scheduled. The drone provides valuable surveillance data of the facility among other things, the security of the facility was reinforced with strong sensors when a ship was sunk in the harbor in this run A Box of Troublesome Cyberlimbs. The team manages to enter the Adrian Maersk undetected and pick the maglock that secures the navigation system. Using remote instructions from HardDrive, Raps is able to open the navigation system's panel and set up a direct connection for HardDrive. While HardDrive steals the file and replaces it with the one Fan Yang handed him, the other two set out to steal something from the electronics. Unfortunately, both the opening of the navigation system and the activity in the navigation system sets off alarms and the ship's security is alerted. The team must fight off the water spirit and an FLR security guard with a terracotta aboard the Adrean Maersk. At the same time, the port security also closes in with personnel and drones to attack the Runners. While La Rapide engages in a battle with the security guard aboard the ship with the assistance of HardDrive's drone, Jiang-shi's Spirit of Man engages the Water Spirit. Jiang-shi is able to scare away the approaching corporate security with a spell and take out their drones. After a short time, the team manages to escape and also evade the approaching KE units.


Fan Yang was pleased with the outcome of the run. While Maersk is probably skeptical of the runners' intrusion on the navigation system, the stealing of the True has caused enough confusion to dismiss it as an accidental intrusion. Jan Yang is now planning a raid on the Adrian Maersk on her new rod. Fan Yang is also trying to secure Jiang-shi as an active resource in Seattle, so he offers to find out something about her past. He provides her with some picture and video footage from earlier. However, all irrelevant recordings.


For "Adrian Maersk on detours":

  • 20.000 Nuyen or double for Electonics up to AV 19 (10 RVP)
  • 7 Karma (7 RVP)
  • 8 CDP (3 RVP)

Optional (for RVP above):

  • Fan Yang C6 L3 (8 RVP)


  • IG 1
  • Fan Yang C6 L4 (9 RVP)
  • First Shoot don´t Ask (2 RVP)
  • Can also use the Nuyen in double for Foci from Wuxing over Fan Yang





Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Trying to find info on where the ship went into and something dealing with a dragon...why is this so odd and felt like something up.

la Rapide

Alright, I don't have any idea why this is so interesting but it is. So this ship is perfectly normal and then just disappears from the records. It gets modded on a ship yard in Hamburg and then sails over the ocean from Shanghai to Seattle. Here it is supposed to only carry electronics. Suspicious... Well sadly the forums and so on didn't turn something up, so I guess I'll just have to let this one slide.