A Box of Troublesome Cyberlimbs

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A Box of Troublesome Cyberlimbs
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Nightinglae KE
Jane Excalibur 3xNightingale Guards
3xRoto Drones
KE Adept
KE Streetsam
Casualties and losses
KE Adept, KE Streetsam


An old contact of Jane's named Paul Lens from her time in the military has an assignment for her. Jane accepts this and takes a little trip on the sea to a host and under the sea.


Paul Lens is a successful dealer of not-quite-legal cyberware and bioware. To disguise his business activities, he has already founded three small companies and is actually doing quite well. In the past he has also provided Jane Excalibur with some updates for her cyberware. By a stupid coincidence, some of his goods (a box with several cyber limbs) were confiscated aboard the ship Hoppetossen. Unfortunately, Paul had to realize that this merchandise can be linked to several murder cases (you better check where you get your merchandise from). To protect his reputation, he decides to travel to Seattel to take care of the matter. The Hoppetossen is anchored in a small harbor in Seattle Everett. Due to the intervention of a clever lawyer, the proceedings are put on hold for the time being. Paul remembers that Jane Excalibur once mentioned that she wanted to move to Seattle, and since Paul himself once experienced what influence Jane can have on machines, he puts out feelers for her.

The Meet

Jane receives a call from Moria. Moria wants to know if Jane knows a Paul Lens. Jane can remember Paul. Moria gives her the address of a downtown cafe that is often used as a runner's hangout. Jane meets Paul there, who has gotten a little fatter (must be the stress). He explains to her the situation with the Hoppetossen and that he needs her help to steal or destroy the cyberware from aboard the ship and also to falsify the ship's cargo register to cover any traces. He offers 20,000 Nuyen as payment and also a discount on his goods if Jane is successful. Jane accepts the offer and gets right to work.

The Plan

Jane travels to the site and looks at the cordoned-off area physically and in the matrix. She can detect three guards and three drones. Through several matrix searches, she finds out that the security is provided by the Nightingale company. The data of the seized ships are backed up on a data host of the company. To retrieve the data from the archive, the ship must be activated. Nightingale has a 24/7 security spider support that is responsible for several hosts. Jane decides to come back that night and board the Hoppetossen by water to get the cyberware, activate the ship and then delete the data in the host. In the harbor there is currently a second seized ship, the McGree.

The Run

Jan first swims to the ship McGree to attach some grenades. She manages to swim quietly enough to Hoppetosse and board there without being noticed. She finds two large containers on deck. Both are secured with magnetic locks but without additional alarms. Jane opens the first one but cannot find the cyberware she is looking for. In the second container she has more luck. She manages to pull off the whole such action without making any noise. She packs the heavy box with the cyber limbs into a backpack and heads for the command post of the ship. Once there, she activates the ship's computer. She quickly gains legal access to the Ares Grid where Nightingale's host is running and uses Brut Force to gain access to it. Since the host is alarmed by the attack, he begins directly to search for Jane in the form of a bloodhound IC. Jane looks for the load register of the Hoppetosse and can find these very fast since they were already loaded by the activation of the ship from the archives. She remembers in time to check the file for data bombs and encryptions first and finds both. The data bomb is disarmed without further ado and the loading register is decrypted. Jane decides to get the process over with in the matrix as quickly as possible and deletes the entire register without further ado. Just in time because at that moment she is already discovered by the Bloodhound IC. She logs out of the host and disconnects from the matrix. At the port, the guards and drones get a little restless. Jane therefore uses her diversionary tactic and detonates the grenades on the McGree. While jumping into the water, she hurls a Dataspike towards the only drone near her and then dives down. Unfortunately, the cyberware and full body armor is a bit too heavy to swim and Jane has to make her way along the seabed on foot. She manages to orient herself to some extent so as not to get completely lost. After 45 minutes she can leave the water near her motorcycle. Unfortunately, Knight Errant is also already on the scene and closes off the area. Two KE police officers guard Jane's motorcycle. She tries to sneak up on them but is discovered. Jane is so fast that the first policeman is already in two pieces on the ground before the second can react. He tries to get away from Jane, which he does not succeed in doing, and fires a full volley at her. Jane is a bit injured but then gives the second policeman the rest and swings on her motorcycle to quickly leave the scene. She contacts Paul who is ready to receive the goods in the next 20 minutes at the same place where their meeting took place. Jane hands over the goods to a very happy Paul Lens who thanks her profusely and assures her that he will be happy to call on Jane again when he has work to do in Seattle.


Paul's name remains clean and there is no connection between him and the murder cases.


  • 20.000 Nuyen or 40.000 Nuyen of Cyberware or Bioware up to A19 (10 RVP)
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)
  • Submersion 1 discount

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