Jane Excalibur

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Jane Excalibur
Jane Excalibur.jpg
Cyberadept Swordswoman
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


Jane Excalibur is one of the most obvious fake names running in the Seattle shadows, but she'll insist that's her real name. She might even show you her old UCAS military ID hardcopy.

So she's an ex-soldier with a fuck-off huge samurai sword and a hundred kilograms of obvious cyber. She moves with the telltale smoothness of the move-by-wire system that's mostly replaced her spine. That's easy enough to tell.

She keeps the whole one with the matrix thing a little closer to the chest, though.


  • Upgrade the cyber she managed to get out with, especially her limbs.
  • Find out what the hell is up with the whole 'using the matrix with her brain' thing.
  • Get revenge on the people who made her.


One of several hundred enhanced combatants produced under a pilot study by Ares for the UCAS, she spent years learning how to fight - and then she was almost killed in her first combat mission. Half of her team weren't that lucky. Despite suddenly lacking most of the expensive bioware that the UCAS had bought her for, her commanding officer was impressed with her performance. Her shattered spine was replaced by a move-by wire system, and her ruined limbs were replaced by bulky chrome. Unlike the number she'd had as an Ares product, she needed a name as a part of the UCAS military proper. She choose a play on an old pre-crash character she liked.

She spent the next several years specialising in opening up heavily cybered tin cans with a dikote-edged nodachi. Having nothing else to really spend it on, she saved her combat pay to buy off her cyberware under the table. After she started to find herself connecting to the matrix without a device, she panicked. She spent almost all of her savings on paying off the right people to let her retire when her term was up and then tried to hide. Unfortunately for her, someone had been forwarding her medical data to Ares, and they were very interested in what had become of their failed project.

After she had to fight her way out of a cheap motel and left an Ares black ops team in pieces, Jane headed for Seattle - one of the few cities she had contacts in. By the time she realised that her runner name probably shouldn't match her old military records, she was in too deep to change it. Luckily, the decker she paid to wipe her records got most of them.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Sixth World Swordswoman (Agile Defender, PSC (Combat Monster, Shoot First Don't Ask) - Jane has extensive experience fighting in the unrecorded battlefields of the sixth world, her trusty dikote-edged nodachi in her hands.
  • Test Tube Soldier (Allergy Common Mild (Krill), Wanted (Ares), Implant-induced Immune Defficancy, Biocompatibility Cyberware) - Jane was born as part of an Ares genticly enhanced combatant program. Her participation in that program ended when most of her bioware was cut off her after she was nearly killed in an ambush with laser-armed enemies.
  • First Touches of Emergence (One with the Matrix II, Instinctive Hack) - She's taken the first steps into the Resonance.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Deus Est CammarosEdward2 December 2083
Pests for ProgenyAurora29 November 2083
Prisoner transport interruptKaterSalemShadowHaven Shutdown16 August 2083
Communication is one of the KeyZerre21 July 2083
Beary ProblematicEdward13 July 2083
A Ghoulish PackageAurora24 June 2083
Dinnae Steal from a Dwarf!Edward24 June 2083
Family Unfriendly NERPSAurora20 June 2083
Hobo With a Shotgun WeddingAurora4 March 2083
A Box of Troublesome CyberlimbsKaterSalem6 February 2083
Armed AppropriationArchtmagTemple in the Shadows3 February 2083
The Security Penetration Testing That Was Actually A Bug-Trap All AlongAurora17 November 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Dr._Henry_Wallace 6 1 Custom(G,A,K,N) Cybertechnologist Cybertechnologist, Designer Deltaware, Cyber Snob, Embrace the Chrome, Biotechnologist, Black Market Pipeline, Cyber-Singularity Seeker Even
Adowa_"Moria"_Webster 4 3 Fixer DIMR Scientist Hermetic Mage, Decker, Nerd, Draco Foundation Fixer, Arcane-Archaeologist Even
Jet_Set 6 1 Custom(A,G,K,N) C-5 Galaxy Owner/Operator Time/Distance, Island Hopper, SAR Squad, JP-5 for Blood, Mister Missile, Aircraft Sensei, Fulton Extraction???, Care Package Inbound, Heavy LiftđŸ’Ș Even
Hanako_Shinoda 6 1 Legwork Shiawase Seer Terrible Visions, Awakened Seer, Advancing Life, Intense Focus, Japanese Culture, In the Know, Shadow Fascination, Master of Magic, Familiar Expert Even
Al_Green 5 2 Legwork FBI agent Federal Investigator, Baseball Fan, Skeptical, FBI Rising Star, Stakeout Duty, Anti-Terrorism Task Force Even
Defrag 5 2 Custom(K, N, G, A) Therapist National SINner, College Educated, Crash Survivor, Emerged, Pharmaceuticals, Practitioner, Psychologist, Technocritters Even
Elizabeth Babbage 4 2 Gear UCASN Lieutentant Black Market Pipeline, Milspec Gear, Firearms, Heavy Weapons, Tactical Armor Even
Canvas 6 4 Gear Artisan Street Doc Artist of the Flesh, Custom Design, Cyber Singularity Follower, Art Aficionado, Chrome Supplier, Workshop, Snohomish Resident Even
Cassandra Withers 8 1 Networking FBI Liaison Secretly A Mantis, Bug Knowledge, Twisted Magic, UCAS Government Connections, Bug Hotspots, Government Favors, Magical Stealth, MilSpec Resources, ARES Macrotechnology Knowledge, Mantis Hunger, Grip On The FBI Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


R4 Fake, Kate Louis (UCAS). R4 Restricted Augmentations and Weapons Licence.



A tall, athletic elf; the most obvious thing about Jane is that she is mostly made out of metal. Well, mostly made out of synthetic composites, carbon nanotubes, and advanced alloys to be specific. Every limb, and a good portion of her torso, has been entirely replaced. Her spine is a latticework of black and red traces, running up her neck. Her movements are utterly, uncannily perfect - her move by wire system allowing unnatural control by inducing a permanent directed seizure state. She generally wears her one nice suit, for a given value of nice, and her trademark black scarf.

Matrix Persona

Something that is definitely not an anime-style version of her.

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