Communication is one of the Key

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Communication is one of the Key
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
King Humangamax (Halloweeners)
Jane Excalibur


The runner team was contacted by Amrei through the matrix and tasked with stealing an example of the N-51's comms gear. They did so by hiring King Humungamax, a local halloweener gang lord, to create a distraction before hitting an isolated trio of mercs. The hit was successful and the trio made a run for it after almost being caught by a helicopter.


The N-51's overreached and Amrei has chosen runners as one of her tools of choice to aid in their downfall.

The Meet

After being contacted by their fixers the runners jacked into a matrix meet where they were greeted by Amrei in the form of a golden dragon, and a second individual who's persona resembled a military official. Amrei informed them of the job to steal the communications gear and emphasised they must no be caught as it would cause the N-51 to renew their communications equipment rendering the run pointless.

The Plan

The trio set up to keep watch over the N-51 compound and snuck a few drones and other scouting tools around the area to get a better idea of the situation. They noticed there was a trio stationed at a snipers nest outside the borders of the compound and contacted King Humangamax hiring his gangers for a distraction.

The Run

While the Halloweeners started to cause a ruckus on the opposite side of the base Jane rushed towards the sniper nest. As she approached Pell took a shot killing one of the mercenaries stationed at the nest. Jane then murdered another with a sword before grasshopper downed the third. Jane grabbed the neccesary comms gear and some other loot before adding some halloweener graffiti. A helicopter coming to reinforce the base passed by at this point but chose to focus on the main fight with the Halloweener's.


The runners successfully escaped with the comms equipment seemingly without alerting the N-51's, and Amrei was satisfied with their work.


30k nuyens (15 RVP) For Pell : can upgrade to R4 beta Muscle toner (10 RVP) For Jane : Can get Hard nanohive rating 3 (14 RVP) 4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional Contact King HumungaMax (2/1 contact) for 2 RVP Amrei Veidt (6/1 Contact) for 6 RVP If you take Amrei she'll kind of Blackmail you into not working for the N-51

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I really hope SK and N-51 don't come to blows.

Still, pretty standard run; I really hope the people at the sniper perch weren't that important.


Worked with some seriously dangerous runners this time. Glad I was on their side because those snipers never stood a chance. Opposition this run was normal enough though I'll be installing extra camera's this weekend. Those N51's meant business.