Hobo With a Shotgun Wedding

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Hobo With a Shotgun Wedding
LocationSeattle, Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Finnigan Family (Mafia)
Jane Excalibur
Casualties and losses


The runners were hired to kidnap a recalcitrant groom, fake his death and thereby avoid him having to marry into a mafia family.


The Meet

The meet went down at the Tough Cookies bakery in downtown Seattle. The Johnson (who insisted that the runners call him 'Ferret') was very obviously new at the game and took a bit of coaching to get all the pertinent details of the mission out of.
20k nuyen was offered for the successful kidnapping, fake death and delivery of Mr Rocco 'Raccoon' Campo to his safe house in Redmond.
The team learned that Mr Campo was being held in a posh villa in a gated community near the Tacoma docks and guarded by 6-12 body guards, with the wedding happening in 2 days time and a wedding rehearsal dinner planned for tomorrow night at the villa.

The Plan

The plan was developed at a Mitsuhama-owned bar where Jane Excalibur managed to replace all of the fancy liqueurs in the inventory with Hurl(tm), which RED had wished to purchase but was unable to due to the poshness of the place. After some back and forth, the runners settled on the low profile(?) option of blowing the villa up after swapping a cadaver in for Mr. Campo and then an exfil into the Tacoma harbor for an underwater escape.

The Run

RED began the preparatory activities by acquiring a body from Weirdboi, a shamantic cybersurgeon she knows. Meanwhile, Jane expedited a purchase of some plastique and Hamilton drove by the neighborhood to scope out the joint with his FlySpy. He was able to establish that the target was indeed in the building where expected, but not without his drone getting shot at and dowsed in bug spray. Jane finalized the runners preparations by infiltrating the Matrix host for the villa and checking out where the cameras are, what controls the community gate has and getting a count of guards via commlink counts.
The run kicked off with Jane and RED setting up an appointment for potentially renting one of the homes in the neighborhood, and while under the pretense of intestinal issues, hopped into a bathroom to initiate some Matrix shenanigans. At this time, she found that there were now 16 commlinks in the target house, double what she had seen earlier. The rehearsal dinner, which means that there are Family bosses as well as the blushing bride, and probably a few more bodyguards.
Deciding to proceed with the plan anyway, Jane set off the sprinklers in the target house, causing a bit of chaos as the party is engulfed in fire suppression foam. RED took out the real estate agent with a well timed swipe of her spurs and both made haste towards the target house, a few doors down while Longshot and Hamilton parked out front. Hamilton launched a drone while Longshot and Jane covered RED's entry into the house to find the target.
After a bit of back and forth gunplay, which nearly took Jane out (after her earlier Matrix shenanigans), RED grabbed the target from the middle of the crowd of party-goers and tossing him over her shoulder, beat feet out the front door, after which Jane detonated the plastique that she had tossed through a window during the confusion.
Everyone piled back into Hamilton's car and raced out of the neighborhood while behind them, the house exploded with an earthshattering kaboom(tm). A quick drive down to the docks and into the harbor later, the team successfully made it out of the area.


Rocco 'Racoon' insisted on going to ground at his safe house in Redmond (after some debate on whether it could be considered a safe house!) and the team went their separate ways.
Unfortunately for the runners, the Finnigan Family has their faces from the security cameras (which were *not* turned off) and are likely not particularly happy with the events of the evening.


20k nuyen - 10 RVP
6 karma - 6 RVP
-70 Finnigan Family (Mafia) Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Tasked with rescuing a mob boss from the ol' ball-n-chain on the eve of his wedding.. at the rehearsal dinner.. what could possibly go wrong?
Sixteen dead mobsters - the majority of the Finnigan Family leadership in Seattle! - and a leveled house later, ol' man Campo was safely ensconced in <redacted>.
But hey, no one died on our side and we got paid for it, so I'll mark that in the win column.