Dinnae Steal from a Dwarf!

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Dinnae Steal from a Dwarf!
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of Thor
Jane Excalibur
The Thief


The Runners catch a thief from Orchialcum - alive. And bring him to a conversation with a dwarf.


Somebody steel Orchialcum from His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of Thor and he wants it bag and also talk and dring with the thief.

The Meet

The runner meets His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of Thor on his place. He explains the situation and offers a lot of money to get the thief and his orchialcum to him alife. He also shows a video recording of the thief on which you can see his shoes and a little bit more.

The Plan

Canter calls a task spirit and sends it out with the data the group has to find the thief. Rurosha finds out what kind of shoe it is and where to buy it. The task spirit returns and reports about a bigger house where he found the thief. The team decides to follow the shoe trail first and goes to the shoe store. Once there, the Matrix characters enter the host and steal the data of the shoe purchase, which confirms the address they got from the Task Spirit. So the funny troupe sets off to the address.

The Run

Once there, they realize that it is a larger managed building. Canter, Rurosha and Jane try to get to the thief's apartment by pretending at the entrance that Canter is the grandma who wants to visit the thief. Together they manage to convince the doorman. The rest of the team waits outside the window. The three of them enter the apartment and a fight ensues during which the thief finally jumps out of the window and is then overpowered by Chipset and Waldgeist. Rurosha packs the orchialcum and the runners in the apartment also choose the way out of the window, because in the meantime sirens can be heard. The team manages to escape KE and delivers the thief and the orchialcum to the J.


His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of Thor and the Thief had a talk.


Rewards for 'Dinnae Steal from a Dwarf!':

  • 12k Nuyen or 24k in magical goods with avail up to 19 (6 RVP) (Or qi foci up to avail 24)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional, taking from the above rewards:

  • His Beardliness Belegar son of Gotrek son of Thor (C2/L3) (4 RVP)
  • Rurosha Shoot First (2 RVP)
  • Waldgeist Witness my Hate (7 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Hey Shark why are metahumans so weird? I had a run today with a drugged-up grandma who could drive like hell. Shouldn't you rest and relax after a certain age? Oh... never come to a standstill or you die? Ok noted. I guess Canter is pretty cool then. But she has a funny language.


Rare is the client that wants a target brought in alive to share a drink with. Still, at least I'm going to get some sweet ink out of it. Need to finalize the design at some point, though.