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Combat Spellslinging Sasquatch
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
FolderChar folder
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - D
Number of Runs:7
Runs since Rent:3
Infected Powers open:1

Character Information


Waldgeist is a Sasquatch from the "Black Forest Troll Republic". She is a Mystic Adept Hedge Witch raised by here Mentor Spirit Shark after an incident with the Great-Badisch Crusade killed her family. After an event in Seattle she is infected and now a Bandersnatcher.


  • Becoming a mighty spellslinger.
  • Find the murderer of her family.
  • Find her true Hunting Grounds


Waldgeist (Clara Sepp) was born as part of a Druidic Circle in the Black Forest on the border with Badisch-Pfalz and was raised in this community until she was six years old. On a mild winter day, fighters from the Great-Badisch Crusade (GBC) attempted to penetrate the troll kingdom and came across the circle of druids. There was bitter fighting through which a large part of the druid circle was wiped out. Clara was able to escape in the confusion of the fighting, but was now alone in a part of the forest that she did not know.

On her first night alone, sad and lonely in the Black Forest, she begged the spirits of the forest for support. A white grimace with rows of razor-sharp teeth answered her and took her under his fins. From then on, Shark was mother, father and family for Clara. He promoted her magical potential and helped her over her lack of talent in dealing with most magical things by making sure that Clara focused on her combative side.

When Clara was 16 years old, she encountered a skirmish between a border patrol of the "Trollwehr" (Troll Defence) and the GBC. The "Trollwehr" threatened to be defeated but thanks to the surprising intervention of Clara the tide was turned. The officer of the border patrol took her with him and after she had laboriously told her story she was allowed to support the border patrol from now on. The soldiers gave her her current runner name Waldgeist, which she wore with pride from then on.

At the age of 20, Shark pushed her to broaden her horizons and explore the world in order to find her true hunting grounds.So she started an almost one-year journey through the world until she finally stranded in Seattle. There she met her fixer Argent, with whom she has a love-hate relationship. After all, the booby made sure that she also got to know Hideo Masamune, even if she still does not understand how to drag someone with a seafood allergy to a Susi restaurant.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Exceptional Attribute (Magic): Shark's early influence led to a special relationship with magic.
  • Hedge Witch: She never reach her full potential, but Shark learns her the way of destruction.
  • Perfect Time: Shark showed her how to use every second in a combat.
  • Mentor Spirit (Shark)+ Mentor's Mask: Blessing and curse at the same time but Shark saved her life, so she is loyal to him until death.
  • Mystic Adept: Her Parents showed her the way of an Mystic Adept - till there tragic end.


  • Allergy (Uncommon, Mild): Seafood smells bad, taste bad and do bad things to me!
  • Code of Honor (Children): Given her own tragic past as a child, she has vowed to protect all children.
  • Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker): Adrenaline is the best drug in life.
  • Records on File (Saeder-Krupp): Waldgeist don´t know why, but S-K starts to have a interest in hear.
  • Uneducated: Raised in the "Black Forest" by her Mentor Spirit there were only the education of combat.

Mentor Spirit Shark

Her Mentor Spirit manifests as great white shark with a scare face. Shark is normally very nice to Waldgeist. He quickly found out that he reaches more that way. Waldgeist occasionally addresses him as father or mother. Towards others Shark is usually very grim.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Don't mess with a sergeant's daughterZerre29 December 2083
High Moon ShowdownKeeper M6 December 2083
How to not follow a traceSyphilen16 November 2083
Shadows and SymbologyAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle30 August 2083
Rat on the yaks, get attackedL1 July 2083
Dinnae Steal from a Dwarf!Edward24 June 2083
A Strike Against House ChristobalAurora17 February 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Argent 1 1 Fixer Street-level Fixer Silver Tongue, Elven Blood Even
Hideo Masamune 6 1 Custom(G,K,N,A) Talismonger Enchanter, Talismonger, Arcane Blacksmith, Moshi Moshi, Sushi Chef, Guardian Of Horrible Secrets, Tattoo Artist Even
Pump King Jack 5 1 Legwork Halloween Spirit Herald of Halloween, Extraplanar, Spirit Savvy, Hella Halloweeners, Any Place, Any Time, Goodnatured Guide, Formula One Even
Gestrüpp 1 4 Legwork Plant Wild Spirit, Demanding of service, Local Astral Guide, Plant Spirit, Holes in the walls, Tingling in the roots (Tracking) Even
Spinne 4 2 Service Draco Foundation Bounty Hunter Draco Foundation Loyalist, Adept, Spider Follower, Stealth Sensei, Bounty Hunter, Magical Combat, Arachnid Aficionado Even




-10 Knight Errant rep

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
3 Group picture of Waldgeists "Trollwehr" unit.
6 Waldgeist throwing flashes against somebody in a forest environment.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Fake SIN (Alexandra Bauer) R4:

  • Fake License rating 4 (Adept License)
  • Fake License rating 4 (Bodyguard License)
  • Fake License rating 4 (Driver's License)
  • Fake License rating 4 (Mage License)



Depending on the situation, she can make herself pretty if she like. But normally she runs around like somebody out of the forest.

Matrix Persona

She gives a f*** about here persona. It will be the standard of her commlink.

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