Rat on the yaks, get attacked

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Rat on the yaks, get attacked
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Traitor Yakuza and KE
Bwyell Waedlyd
Max Pain
Extremely Unlucky Cop
Traitor Yakuza
Casualties and losses
Max Pain accidently blew himself up with a grenade All yaks were killed or captured, cop badly wounded.


The Yakuza hired the team to investigate if one of their own was secretly hiding an illness. They found out that not only was the target sick, but also snitching to the police.


The Yakuza were suspicious of one of their members hiding an illness from them.

The Meet

The team met at a Japanese Cuisine restaurant with a J who gave some great recommendations on food but not his name, and they were offered 12k for the job. They tried to negotiate for more, but instead made it slightly worse, though it balanced out in the end.

The Plan

Locate the target (Yamaha Akihito) and surveil them for information until something could be proved one way or the other.

The Run

Flare used detection magic to locate the target and map out his residence. Max Pain, claiming to be the sneakiest, went to infiltrate but needed a massive amount of support from the rest of the team in order to succeed. With the entire team's guidance (and saintly patience) max got ahold of the evidence they needed to prove the target was sick, and also some details about a suspicious meet. The team travelled to the location of the meet, with Max bragging about how great he was the entire way, and recorded Yamaha Akihito informing to a KE police officer. The J ordered he be made an example of, so the team engaged. Flare held their exit route as her spirit pursued the main target, while the rest of the team plowed through the other enemies as the slowly pushed Akihito into a corner. Max lit up the side of the warehouse instead of enemies, got shot at once and ran away crying. He attempted to use a grenade, blowing himself up in the process in a comical display of unprofessionalism and incompetence.


The J was very please that Yamaha Akihito was brought in alive, the cops at the scene were recovered with serious injuries but still alive, and all the reports of Max's exploits were proven to have been complete works of fiction. The remaining members of the team got their reward, and Flare gave everyone cookies to take home with them.


12k nuyen (6 RVP) 6 karma (6 RVP) 2 CDP (0 RVP)

+5 Shotozumi-gumi Rep -10 Knight Errant rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Mr. J was such a sweetheart, even though he probably kills people a lot. The udon he recommended was delicious, I wish I could cook that good!! In any case, I feel bad for hurting all those police officers who were just doing their job, but I guess that's just what needs to happen for everyone to get by.

Bwyell Waedlyd

I'll never understand how Max became a runner. Almost seems like he would have failed before now.


This fight was kind of muddled. Some runners should repeat basic training or take part in one. At the Trollwehr you have learned a lot. But Papa Shark you should keep an eye on Bwyell Waedlyd she would be to your taste. Always in the middle of the action.


Never fired at a cop before, surprisingly not that different from gangers.. regardless the op went surprisingly well.. beyond the minor setbacks at the start, still the team was surprisingly cohegent for a change, well most of them.