Don't mess with a sergeant's daughter

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Don't mess with a sergeant's daughter
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Sergeant Dornan & Daughter
Major Corp
Casualties and losses


Team Sasquatch rescues an ares Sergeant from some ghouls!

The Meet

A bar in Everett, Alira Dornan the J has a problem. Her father, Sergeant Arch Dornan, has made some "bad decisions" and has gone missing. She wants him found and returned. He may have gone after some gangers, possibly the 162s. The were causing the J some problems and he wanted to protect her. The pay 16000Y each. The J provided a data chip with the image of the father.

The Plan

Check out the bar where the bad stuff went down. Try and sneak around and find out what happened.

The Run

Bumble entered the bar and talked with the bartender. He slipped the barkeep 25Y, and he told Bumble that the Sergeant was directed over to the 162s territory. He had come in demanding a location of where the people that caused his daught trouble was.

The team went to 162 turf and were accosted by 5 ghoul gangers. Negations quickly failed after sending them a picture of the Sergeant and the team engaged and the gangers quickly fell to the combined might of team sasquatch. One of the gangers surrended and Lurker intimidated him. The terrified 162 pointed the team towards a warehouse where the Sergeant was being held.

The warehouse was a large warehouse walled off with a barbed chain-link fence. The outside parameter patrolled by 2 ghouls and the warehouse entrance by 4 more ghouls. Lurker assaulted the front entrance while Bumble and Waldgeist snuck in the back door. The battle went poorly for the ghouls. Lurker downed 4 of the gate guards while Waldgeist melted the two inside boss ghouls. The remainder of the ghouls quickly died.


The target as long as one additional captive got freed from the clutches of the ghouls. Sergeant Dornan recovered his millspec gear and the team returned to the J.


Run Reward for "Don't mess with a sergeant's daughter." Deadly (18 RVP)

16k nuyens (8 RVP)

8 Karma (8 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

Mundane Ascenscion for Lurker

Initiation run for Waldgeist

Optionnal Reward :

Sergeant Dornan & Daughter (4/3) (6 RVP)

Shoot First don't ask (2 RVP)

1 runners can pick an Ares Archon (18 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Bumble "Well, I feel a little odd from that run.. Must have caught something in the field. Job was simple at least, I'm going to bed."

Lurker: "I did not expect to get to run with real sasquatches. I could meet my people. Mine! For once! They seemed detached... I don't think they knew what to do with me. I should expect this; such a trial won't be overcome just like that."

Waldgeist "As nice as it was to get in touch with other Sasquatch I think I made a mistake. Shit I hope I have not infected Bumble. It was really stupid of me to take off the helmet."