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This is the runner Bumble. If you are looking for the contact Bumble then check out this page: Bumble (Contact)
Bumble char pic.png
Bow Muscle
My tooth hurts!
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.17, Jun 2059
PriorityMetatype - B
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - E
# Initiations3
# Optional Infected powers allowed1
# Optional Drake powers allowedMajor Powers:0 or Minor Powers:0

Character Information


Silent and deadly. Bumble slips in, drops his targets quick and quiet then gets out before ever being seen, a true street ninja.


Strike back against Brother Thomas Nesmith and his community in Salish-Shidhe.

Earn his GED

Fight for Sasquatch rights and freedom where ever it is abused.


Rudy grew up with a tribe of sasquatches in the forest lands north-west of Seattle. Generally recognized as independent by the SSC the tribe was generally left to its own devices so long as they remained unobtrusive to the region. The tribe was well isolated from the hustle and bustle of normal 6th world life and they were happy.

Rudy was too young to remember the night of the comet, the night that his entire tribe SURGED. A small portion of them developed venom sacks in their mouths, others bulkier muscle tone or keener eyesight. The all however became blue skinned white furred versions of themselves. At times their fur colorations reacted to their anger, their jaws grew stronger and their teeth pointier. As a relatively isolated tribe no-one thought much if it past the initial transformation and life continued as it always had.

As the years moved on, civilization began to push the tribe further north. During one of these migrations the tribe stumbled upon a settlement run by Brother Thomas Nesmith. Seeing the Sasquatches as abominations he ordered the tribe hunted and slaughtered without remorse, his "people" complied. Rudy was out on a hunt while the attack happened, he returned to find the tribe dead. Only his hunting party remained. The group decided to travel to Seattle and follow opportunities for work in the great city. Rudy went along, all the while planning his revenge against Nesmith and his cult. He made runner contacts in the city, and began to take jobs. He had little understanding of technology at the time and eventually earned moniker Bumble for his trouble. Not wanting further persecutions for his lack of training he has decided to study for his GED and prove that even a lowly tribal sasquatch can be just as competent as a human.

Narrative Significant Qualities



-Celerity - The SURGE increased the density of bumbles musculature allowing him to run very quickly.

-Dermal Alterations(Bark Skin) - The SURGE has brought Bumble close to the forest which his tribes reside. As a result his skin has cracked and hardened some, resembling aged tree bark.

-Fangs/Natural Venom Deadly - The SRUGE elongated Bumbles teeth to sharp points, a number of these teeth extrude poison which is created in small sacks in his upper gum line. Bumble harvests this venom for use with his arrows.

-Hawk Eye - A natural born hunter, Bumble can see farther and better than a normal man.

-Mentor spirit(Oak) - Bumble and his tribe are druidic practitioners, traditions passed from Europe long ago and continued to this day. Each member receives a connection to an ancestor spirit. Bumbles takes the mental form of the mighty oak tree, protector and care giver to nature.



-Bioluminescence - Bumbles fur glows slightly at the tips.

-Critter Spool - Bumble is a well known hunter, so much so that his magical aura as shifted some in a way that alerts meta critters to his presence and they don't like it!

-Mood Hair - Bumbles hair color reacts to his moods. While neutral in mood his hair is a bleached white and will shift colors as his moods shift.

Red - Excited, Energize, Angry, Scared
Black - Stressed
Yellow - Nervous
Blue - Calm/relaxed
Orange - Lovable
Green - Romantic
Purple - Very happy
White - Neutral

-Third Eye - Bumble has a small vestigial eye on the middle of his forehead he tries to cover it up when he can but it is still noticeable.

-Symbiosis - Bumble feels connected to his home, strongly. He likes to make sure everything is copasetic with his neighbors.

-Scent Glands - A side effect of his venom glands, his existing musk glands have been enhanced, producing a potent odder. He attempts to mask this with perfume when he can but the lingering odder is still there.

-Striking Skin Pigmentation - Bumble's skin has become a bright sky blue color.

No Man Left Behind - Bumble feels terrible about what happened to his tribe and this has given him a deep sense of attachment to his companions. He vows to not leave a team mate behind again.

One Born Every Minute - Bumble is still a bit out of place in the big city, he isn't use to concepts of deceit like normal folks are and is more willing to trust people at their word.

Moderate Allergy Silver - Bumble doesn't react well to silver, maybe this is the result of his SURGE exposure, maybe he is just sensitive. What ever the reason he avoids it where he can.

Poor Self Control (Vindictive) - Bumble doesn't like to be made fun of, he really hates it. Early in his runner career he was mocked for his triable sensibilities and now he won't put up with it.

Prejudiced Anti Meta-human/sapient groups - Bumbles entire tribe was wiped out by human purists and this has left a really big chip on his shoulder. He is very much against dealing with people like this and isn't shy about making it known.

Favored Sasquatch - Bumble tries to help out Sasquatch kind where ever he can, he lost his whole tribe and now seeks the companionship and friendship of others like him.

Uneducated - Bumble grew up in the wilderness. All he knows is survival and the skills that revolve around that.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Don't mess with a sergeant's daughterZerre29 December 2083
Crusading on ToxicsEdward22 December 2083
The Deadliest PredatorTidanShock13 December 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ether 5 2 Fixer Fixer Smuggler, Armorer, Vehicles, Elven Blood, Ganger Network, Seattle Underworld Even
Ariel Lopez 4 3 Generalist Shamanic Talismonger Shaman, Teacher, Enchanter, Hell's Kitchen, Poor Networker, Survivalist, Ritualist Even
Linda Denman 3 2 Fixer Mathematics Teacher & Fixer Manners Maketh Man, Woman of Principle, Halls of Academia, Thoughtful Teacher, Ork Underground Local, Student Body, Trog Historian, Mathemagics Even




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