The Deadliest Predator

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The Deadliest Predator
LocationEnumclaw, Salish-Shide Council
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes
五代ロータス (Godai rōtasu)


"Yo, I wanna give a bear cocaine and see how it goes."


Recently a K-10 production facility in the SSC has recently fallen victim to a surprise attack by a powerful runner and their bear comapnion. And runners are sent to figure out what has transpired.

The Meet

The gorup of runners arrives at a run down strip club in the back alleyways of Snohomish and enter with the password provided by their respective fixers. A Russian johnson going by the alias of "Boris Johnston" had summoned them to a back private room to relay the information. A drug lab owned by the Vory in the SSC has gone dark. They have no immediate information on what has happened say for any form of contact is impossible. The lab located in a small rural city in the SSC known as Enumclaw. Located not too far south of Seattle. After offering 14000 Nuyen a piece, Setter managed to negotiate an additional 4k Nuyen each. With the extra benefit of some border guards being bribed as to let them pass without too much of an incident or comotion.

The Plan

Bumble and Godai hitching a ride in Mechanic's Roadmaster managed to cross the border, Setter in her Ford Americar encountering no such difficulties either. The bribed guard helped the runners get accross the border safely, no thanks to the poor social abilities of the team on display. Once arriving at the abandoned and slightly rusted facility, Mechanic performed some matrix investigation. Finding some cameras with a blank feed, presumably destroyed. Undeterred he continued to investigate. Defusing data bombs and locating some video data of the attack. The guards seeming to be attacked by spirits of both beast and plant. Along with a possible decker given the digital data damage. The facility itself was trashed, holes torn in the sides and the back with the front door chained shut. The team busted open the chain and entered with caution. The guards left slaughtered and gored across the floor and walls, some possibly shooting at eachother. The team located cybereye footage from a guard that had been decapitated. Watching in on the footage revealing a... terrifying creature. A horned bear with countless cyber and bioware enhancements. A quick matrix search later revealed a nearby town with a hunters guild. Police reports of a "robotr demon bear" being sighted in the nearby woods. Further investigation of the lab revieled that the bear had taken almost all of the K-10 being manufactured, further adding to how terrifying it truly was or could be.

The team then entered the small and homey town of Enumclaw. Upon arriving the runners decided to investigate a hunter who had reported the sightings of the bear to the local police station. Upon their arrival Bumble talked with thje old man asleep outside of the hunters guild. After some simple negotiating the man (named Billy) provided a general location of the bear sighting. An off the trail path about half way up the mountain. Also providing directions to the team as to the whereabouts of a local bar where another man, Fredrickson, might have more info regarding the strange creature. Setter discused the bear with this second man, getting futher intel on the creature, and the potential of a dangerous hunter potentially also in league with the bear. With all this information in hand the runners headed towards the mountain, ready for whatever awaited them amidst the snow cover forest.

The Run

The hunt was on, after bypassing a checkpoint with fake hunting licenses bought from Antonio, one of Setter's contacts, the team began to track the creature up the mountain. After an hour or so long treck, the runenrs managed to locate a clearing near a river and heard movement. The fight was on as the bear charged Setter and sliced them. Two spirits of beasts aiding their augmented furry companion on the front lines. Meanwhile Godai hidden amongst the forest terain let loose an explosive arrow, ripping into the bears side. Tanking the arrow and explosion with little difficulty. As the fight rages on a sniper downs M3chan1c sniper drone in a singular shot. A plant spirit then emerging also attacking Setter ineffectivly. Bumble repeatedly shooting arrow upon arrow into the sky, hopeing to land at least ONE arrow into the camoflauged assailant. M3chan1c and Godai all the while engaging the bear and spirits. Setter despite standing her ground valiantly despite the odds fell in battle, lying unconcious on the ground. It was only thanks to the then intervention of Mechanic's sniper drones that the battle turned in their favor. Godai managing to fell the first beast spirit, a clean sniper bullet finishing off the second, a grenade finishing off the plant spirit. It was only due to a well placed arrow launched by Bumble that the hunter and bear both fell in battle. Lying on the ground in heaps of pain and vomit. The runners emerging victorious.


The team after taking their time to rest amidst the cold grass, let the sun rise along the forest. And with... some effort they managed to load the 2 ton bear corpse onto the top of Mechanic's APC. Proceeding to roll into town and show off their kill to the other hunters. The town left in awe as Billy and Fredrickson gave the hunters their thanks with a reward of 6,000 Nuyen a piece. With a job well done and nuyen in their pockets, the runners headed home. Ready for whatever lie ahead. But... they never truly found out why the matrix was as damaged as it was. And why the bear acted so methodically despite being rabid and mad. Maybe it was coincidence or cirscumstance... or just maybe... this story is not entirely over.


  • 20 K nuyen (10 RVP) +4k extra for negotiation
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 4 CDP (1 RVP)


  • Natural Hardening (10 RVP) for Mechanic
  • Tough as Nails (Stun) (5 RVP per rank) for Setter
  • Close Quarters Firearms (Archery) (7 RVP) for Mumble
  • One Trick Pony (7 RVP) for Godai

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Bumble: "So this guy gets his jollies abusing animals with drugs and implants. Not cool with me buddy. Be nice to the local bears or you're gonna get the venom"

M3chan1c:"Well that was something and a half, just glad I was able to scrap that damn bear to get my drone back in order, damn snipers. Though.. maybe I'll take Isabelle out that way one of these times, it was a nice lil' quiet town.. the kinda a fella could retire into."