Ryan Danes

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Ryan Danes
Danes Profile.jpg
Rigger Wheelman
Vengeful Mechanic
Infiltrator/ Getaway Driver
Takes cigs as tips
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information


An infiltration-focused rigger/decker with heavy specialization in wheeled ground vehicles.


  • Gain connections and resources through running.
  • Discover the location of, and rescue Isabelle, from The Mafia.
  • Establish a repair shop and safely settle down with a family.


Skilled mechanic/wheelman hailing from Utah

Worked for all comers in need of discrete mechanical services/upgrades, regardless of their intentions, anyone from high-rollers, gang members, everymen, and runners

One day, thanks to some side work involving a gang of runners in need of a tune up, The Mafia managed to trace their little 'intruders' back to his shop. Resulting in a retaliation strike on his home in which his wife, Isabelle, was taken from him, and all of his belongings were burned to the ground right before his eyes.

After almost a year of trying to scrape his life back together while throwing out lines to find where she had been taken to, a single lead came up, an overheard comm conversation of 'that doctor chick' getting transferred to the Seattle, it was barely anything to go off of, but without hesitation he packed up what little was left of his life and made his way out to the west coast, holding onto his truck, a drone, and a runner contact as his last chance to see Isabelle again.

(Will be expanded later, mostly want to make sure my character has been made correctly before I dive into everything. Also to give me more time to look into lore.)

Narrative Significant Qualities


Common Sense: Ryan tends to let his emotions ride high when push comes to shove, though, experience is a fine teacher, taking a short breath is usually enough to remind him of the last time he tried punching that troll who made fun of his height.

Gearhead: Ryan's parents often said he was born in the driver's seat, he is in his element when behind the wheel, and knows just the right ways to push his engine to get the most out of his ride.

Grease Monkey: As a Mechanic, Ryan naturally is very skilled with vehicles, repairs, tuning, questionably legal upgrades, they are as natural as breathing to him.

Dealer Connection: Having the title of "Certified Mechanic" thankfully still means something even after getting burned by a major gang, some classic shop talk and flashing his credentials have somehow managed to get him his usual discounts on automotive goods all the way out in Seattle.


Dependant (Demanding): Ryan is a frequent user of tobacco and alcohol, he is rarely seen without cigarettes or his trusty flask.

  • Additionally, his dog, Rex, happens to be quite the beggar, thankfully he manages to run off all the expensive treats despite being an inner-city dog.

Driven: Ryan has dropped everything just to chase after the faintest sign of Isabelle, he will chase after any chance to find her without hesitation, even if it risks a job.

Poor Self-Control (Compulsive I, Personal): Ryan just can't feel right if his (Or anyone else working with him) gun isn't cleaned after putting it to work, whether it's letting the truck drive itself back to Mr. Johnson or doing a full field-strip before heading home from the range, he will try to clean his gun as soon as the coast is clear if he has to use it.

Low Charisma: Ryan is definitely out of his element in Seattle's big city, an odd accent that makes him sound like a wannabe cowboy, smelling like a pack of cigs in an automotive shop at most times, and not to mention the subtlty of a brick wall on some days, he's very much geared towards working with his hands rather than his words.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
ReibudansuPokémonemocow728 August 2083
Renton Prison BreakAurora20 August 2083
Aggressive autopsyEdward20 August 2083
I'm full of bad ideasDraknic17 July 2083
Secure the TankerPokemonemocow715 July 2083
Fuckin' OverpricedEdward5 July 2083
Gravedigging For Big DataAsmodeusThe Arrival30 June 2083
Anomalous ReadingsAsmodeusThe Arrival28 June 2083
Trogs These DaysPokémonemocow726 June 2083
A Ghoulish PackageAurora24 June 2083
Hung Lung Mun And The FinnigansAurora19 June 2083
Palm ParadiseKaterSalemNo Legion But Still Deadly12 June 2083
The VIP (Very Important Package)Pokemonemocow7The Plastic Man27 May 2083
Wendy Has The MeatsPokemonemocow724 May 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Bolt 2 2 Fixer Gang Leader Fixer's Fury, HTR Harrier, Stealth & Subterfuge Even
Doctor O+ 4 3 Custom(G,A,N,K) Street Doc/Organlegger Medical, Illegal, Organlegger, Ghoul Organlegger, Armorer, Ware, Rarities Even
Granny Tusk 2 4 Fixer(A,K,G,N) Babysitter/Bodyguard Don't Lay a Fragging Finger on Them!, Army of Grandkids, You're all kids to me, Dearie Even
Ronin Koike 1 3 Fixer (G,N,K,A) Fixer Example Japanese imports Hotline, Technoshman, Hard to reach tech, I'll Get too it Even
Sneaky Rabbit 1 3 Legwork Ganger Spider Example Negative Aspect, Former Spider, Ganger Life Even
Frank Grover 3 3 Networking KE middle management Corrupt cop network, KE Coordinator, Emergency call, You are family Even


Red Dragon Rep: 4

EVO Corp Rep: 5


Danial Chambers: "Best friend I've ever had, ran into her ages ago back in Utah, young thing busted her 'cycle and barely had enough to cover the repairs, looked like she was doing everything she could to scrape that together, it honestly looked like she loved that thing, felt miserable seeing it like that. Don't know if I'm just a sap, but I did the job pro-bono, wasn't too badly wrecked, and it's hard to find someone who respects their machine like that. 'Course I didn't know she got it helping runners at the time, but I was willing to look past it for her, Izzy took to caring for 'er like she was our own.. Honestly, don't know why she still bothered with me after everything went to shit, I don't even know if I'd still be here today if it wasn't for her, I've got to make things square with her after all of this is done."

Godai: "A solid runner to depend on if you're in a pinch, done some fucked up things with him while I've been searching for Izzy, and he's just gone for it, no questions, happy to help. I don't know if he thinks it's part of the jobs we're doing, or if he's just that good of a guy, because hell, I ain't even pad him for it, maybe he considers using the AC at my place as payment enough? No idea, I'll have to keep him around though, you need friends in this city, especially ones that don't seem to have corpo-tier ambitions."


The Mafia: (Burned); While he managed to draw the ire of this gang in the past, after taking everything from him, he's just another nobody, though, should he start poking his nose into their business again, they might just happen to remember him.

"Bastards that hide behind old-school style while trying to keep their 'legacy' alive, if you happen to get in their way, even if you don't know you're doing it, they'll make an example of you. They're the reason I'm even in this shit, took every last damn thing from me, and didn't even have the courtesy to put me outta' my misery for their troubles. I know they have Isabelle, they wouldn't have pushed her onto someone else, they like their damn trophies too much. I'm gonna make them regret leaving me for dead, hell, I'm gonna make 'em regret even throwing my shop a second glance. There ain't a chance in hell I'm gonna negotiate with these bastards, I won't stop until Izzy's away from them, and then? I'm taking their whole operation out, they don't get to do this to anyone, ever again."

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Johnny Ryder (SIN rating 2)

  • Driver's License (2)
  • Firearm's License (2)
  • Restricted Cyberware License (2)


Average height, broad shoulders, usually sporting a few nicks or burns from his work in the shop, usually smells like cigarette smoke.


Grease stained set of Olive Drab coveralls, white undershirt, and a big pair of brown work boots, practically blends into workshop environments, only wears non-stained workshop clothes for special occasions.

Matrix Persona

Faceless anthropomorphic toolbox with cartoony limbs.

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