Car Reck

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Car Reck
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Ryan Danes Character1


Johnson has lost his limbs in an unfortunate gang accident, seeing a quick way to earn some cash, he calls his grandma to find him a runner to participate in the demolition derby for him. Taking up the job, M3chan1c demolishes a gang of wild wasteland drivers in order to claim a large credstick prize.


The Meet

M3chan1c got an unexpected call from Granny Tusk early in the morning, interrupting his cyberdeck modification. According to her, she got a call from one of her grandchildren, stating they needed help finishing a job they had been overwhelmed during. Knowing the value his fixer held for her family, he quickly packed up his work and drove out to the location, an old mechanic's shop in Puyallup.

Arriving at the run-down location, the runner stepped in, meeting up with a pair of orcs, one who seemed to be busy performing medical procedures, with the other being a mutilated mass of a metahuman, missing multiple limbs that had been recently patched up. He spoke up, explaining that recently there had been an incident involving the Ancients, causing his current condition in order to keep him from participating in a race later on in the evening. The race was actually a demolition derby, hosted by a gang known as the Reck Racers, the reward was 40k, a reward that would be split evenly between the runner, and Johnson, to be used on a set of new cyberlimbs.

After failing to negotiate free parts for later repairs should he need them, M3chan1c made his way along, hopping in the car and driving off to the race.

The Plan

Driving into the veritable scrap metal fortress, M3chan1c got a treat as to what the wild-wasteland of Puyallup could look like, hard spikes, flaming torches, and crude spray-painted graffiti. Stepping up to the front door, he managed to get a hold of a position in the next demolition derby from the rather surly dwarf seated by the main gate. Making his way in, he started to look over the other drivers, starting up some minor conversations.

His opponent, driving the jet-engine powered Phoenix, was a goblin man named Crazy Craig, a wild-eyed demo-racer who took the place of his last friend, Larry, whose violent death he described in great detail to the runner, among other gory details surrounding the area.

The second rider seemed to be a rather aloof woman, laying atop the military trailblazer and watching the night sky to settle down, she went by the name of Lunatic Lucy, and simply explained herself as a driver who wanted to relax for a moment before the race began, after a bit of small talk about Craig and the races, she gave him a hint that killing another driver would split his reward in half.

Stepping up to the last driver, M3chan1c tried to shoot the breeze with the tall, serious-looking Oni standing in front of it. Trying to disregard the nosy human, he simply told him to 'fuck off' in Russian, though, he was quickly surprised as M3chan1c replied to him in his own tongue, calling him out for the rude gesture. Changing his demeanor, the pair began a somewhat cold, but far more polite conversation than before, talking a bit about the modifications on their vehicles, followed by some advice from the driver, suggesting the runner look out when they meet on the track, warning him that he wasn't afraid to take a half-award if it meant he would win.

After grabbing some of the best hot-dogs this side of Puyallup, M3chan1c caught sight of a commotion behind his vehicle as a rather muscular Orc hoisted up a scrawny human, a brick of C4 explosives dropping from his hands as he was hurled out of the arena, with M3chan1c simply slipping into his car to observe the crowd forming around the pile of explosive material before the race began. After going through a thorough inspection of the runner's vehicles, the drivers were approved for the race. After a short wait, the announcer began to introduce the drivers, each one performing a short display of their driving prowess before moving to their corners of the arena. On the countdown, the drivers all got ready, their engines roaring as the starting horn blared.

The Run

Insane Issac immediately went for Cuccko Craig, blasting off a pair of volleys towards Crazy Craig, the first managing to be dodged by the wild driver, with the second starting to pound the vehicle. Speeding off quickly, Craig drifted around the corner of the arena, turning to face M3chan1c before activating his jet boosters, lurching forward at high speed as the runner deftly dodged out of the way, forcing the goblin to come to a sudden stop to avoid turning himself into a pile of metal scrap on the wall. Taking an opportunity, Lucy sped forward, slamming her ride into Craig's vehicle, her buzzsaws dug into the scrap armor covering the muscle car, earning a string of curses from the rowdy rider.

Speeding up to one of the arena pillars, Isaac fired off a volley of shots towards M3chan1c's van which were carefully dodged by the driver, however, the following shots that went off towards Lucy managed to hit, denting up her ride as she continued to battle her foe. Speeding to a better position, M3chan1c tried to blow out Isaac's battery compartment, narrowly missing as the driver spun around, starting to round about to ram M3chan1c's van, turning about, Craig turned about for another ram, sending a devastating blow straight into Lucy's vehicle, sending it into the wall as he continued to laugh like a madman as he drove off to the other side of the arena. Isaac's car however rammed straight into M3chan1c, nearly crippling his vehicle in a single move, eliciting a string of curses from the rigger, who's sniper rifle immediately swiveled around, blowing out the Stallion's battery, immediately disabling the vehicle and sending off a string of utterly profane curses in Russian as M3chan1c took cover behind a nearby pillar.

Speeding forward towards M3chan1c, Lucy repeatedly started to slam her monofilament saws towards his van, attacks which the vehicle barely dodged as M3chan1c returned fire, missing a couple shots before finally blowing through her battery compartment, sending battery acid all across the dirt as the rigger scooted his car aside, left to a 1v1 against the goblin muscle-car as her buzzsaws fell to the ground, unpowered. Rising from the cabin with a rousing Russian battle cry, Insane Isaac surprised the crowd by grasping the controls of his HMG, starting to fire shots towards M3chan1c, barely missing thanks to a swerve from the Rigger.

Unfortunately, this left him open for a jet-fueled ram from Cuckoo Craig, though, as he sped forward, his alternate propulsion misfired, the driver squealing as he tried to right his vehicle as it started to lose control, as the jet engine finally kicked into full-gear, he was launched straight into the pillar M3chan1c was hiding behind, his vehicle utterly crumpling into scrap with the violent collision, the driver launching forward into the window, forming a vile paste of blood and gore all across as Cuckoo Craig passed away in a peaceful demolition derby accident.

Roaring and continuing to belt-dump his HMG into M3chan1c, Isaac didn't even get a chance to see the sniper rifle turn to face him, lowering slightly as a single round was let off, tearing into his lower half, completely disabling the man as the crowd went wild, with the orc men of the crowd letting out a collective groan of shared pain with the poor man. Driving to the center of the arena, M3chan1c stepped out of his car, raising a fist as the crowd went wild, a powerful war cry sounding off as the announcer bellowed his name.


Limping his damaged car towards the exit, M3chan1c left it behind with the gate dwarf, who explained that it would be fully repaired for him in a day as part of his award. Accepting his reward and stepping into his Charger, he tore off into the night, outrunning a rogue pack of road bandits in the process.

Approaching the garage, he pushed the door open, tossing the credstick to Johnson, surprising the orc with how quickly he was willing to split his reward with the man, even despite their agreement. Explaining how the derby went, and wishing the orc the best of luck on his recovery, M3chan1c took his pay, waving off the orcs as he moved out to his car, speeding home to his wife after another good day running.


20,000 Nuyen (10 RVP)

5 Karma (5 RVP)

Repairs (1 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

M3chan1c: "Honestly gotta see about getting back and doing that again, the derby was a blast, and the pay was damn fine, if not a bit strange with some of their.. 'bonus rewards.' Just hope good ol' J can get back to Granny in one piece."