Wendy Has The Meats

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Wendy Has The Meats
Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Wendy's Holding Facilities
Ryan Danes IC
Casualties and losses
0 0


A bit of hooding and a trial by fire. Ryan "M3chan1c" Danes was sent to acquire some high-quality steaks for a community barbeque. After nearly getting his deck bricked and some quick thinking with a semi-truck, he acquired and delivered the meat.


Bolt and The Margins got wind of an opportunity. Both wished to do good for the community and one needed to test a new runner. Judge Boulder saved up meagre resources to hold a barbecue for paragons of rough communities. His father, William Boulder, lamented while in the bar one night that his son wished he could afford some real steaks for the event. The Margins immediately started their search. Bolt, both having the information and the runner but no reason to do the run yet, was contacted. The rest is a beautiful hooding run.

The Meet

William Boulder, in a borrowed suit, meets with M3chan1c at The Margins. A brief exchange and noticing William's fake fingers occurs. The run is gladly set into motion after some drinks are had.

The Plan

Find the host, hack in, disable cameras and locks, commit distraction, and steal a case of meat.

The Run

Ryan hacks into the host and finds some information along with the node for the cameras (which have a software bug preventing them from signalling they are off). He manages to disable them but gets hit hard by Grey IC. After another hack into the host that nearly bricks his deck he also disables the maglock to the freezer. After that, and scouting the location, he hacks a truck driver's commlink and truck to trigger GridLink and distract the guards. After that, it was easy to grab the case and leave.


Ryan Enjoys a well-marbled t-bone steak at Judge's barbeque.


4 Karma (4 RVP) A nice steak (0 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Ryan Danes

Hell of an introduction to the city, don't know if it was shitty luck, or if Bolt was pullin' my leg when he said this place was a 'milk run' to hack into, glad I got to watch a couple mall cops run around all spooked after I sent that truck speeding off, food was worth the struggle at least.