Charge Headfirst to Freedom

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Charge Headfirst to Freedom
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Johnson the Johnson
Ace Powers
Mercinaries (humanis contractors)
Voice of the Whirlwind
Ryan Danes
Mojo Joe
Triple Trouble
James Gaffagin, "The Butcher"
The Sniper
The Decker
The Mage
Casualties and losses
One Phoenix SO many reproductive organs
ITs amazing how much the phrase "humanis" Evokes "called shot Genitals"


Seeking to replace his car, Mojo Joe opened his wallet to only find 266 nuyen. Clearly the solution to this is CRIME! Calling his Pal M3chan1c, the two of them assembled a team of professionals for a run of vendetta fueled wetwork, one they vetted beforehand to confirm he would have the exact car Mojo Joe was eyeing. They got in, captured the team of four humanis approving mercenaries, and mojo got the car he wanted, but at what cost?...


To minimize any and all connections he could from his recent move, mojo decided to give up his phoenix to minimize all connections. But if he did that, he would need a new car, and didn't have the MONEY for a new car... So he called his friend M3chan1c and they went to a mcdonalds, the kinds behind the bar providing them with WICKED alchohol as they assembled a group, with a plan, They were going to rob someone who had a dodge charger. They did some quick searches, and decided to hit a group that had been doing wetwork for humanis.

The Meet

After hastily assembling a team, they searched for there targets over the matrix, and sneakily interacted with humanis to steal intel from them. Pulling some basic leads, they found multiple bounties on "the Butcher". They chose to interact with "Johnson the Johnson" who was offering a hefty 120,000 for him, alive. They interacted with her, and with some negotiations, they convinced her to look into acquiring some personal equipment for alternate rewards. She gave them a few leads, but the one they chose to hit was a man known as "the broker" who she suspects is there primary dealer.

The Plan

Using Ace Powers, they got a meet with the Broker (who had smuggled a Yacht into Seattle for him). The broker showed up in the form of an anthrodrone, accepting a bribe of 20,000 nuyen to sell out the butcher. He gave them the GPS coordinates to a private island, where the mercenary team had been laying low after a recent job drawing too much heat. Sneaking onto the island using M3chanIcs multi-terrain Vehicle, they began to begin there stealth mission.

The Run

once they found the underground area, they snuck in, and caught them by surprise. The mage was knocked out immediately, and The Butcher was blasted, but he managed to run down the hallways before getting blasted again, forcing him to finally go down. Whirlwind kept going, inspecting a further room to find the hanger, before getting a sniper bullet square in the body. Surviving the shot, the Sniper was knocked off the ceiling by the drones stunshot to the crotch. It was a rather quick takedown with only one major moment of potential threat from the Burst-fire APDS.


They stole a large quantity of there cars, including the coveted Dodge Charger. That, combined with turning in the other three to the proper authorities, and handing over The Butcher to the Johnson so she could put him in a Wood Chipper, resulted in a NICE payday.


REWARDS: 34,000 Nuyen

Gear rates for Personal equipment, or Cars worth less then 66k (no Ware) (Avail 19 or less)

3 Karma

chip recovery +2 for MECHANIC with Frank Grover for trading in 3 high profile assasins.


Broker: C6L1 (6rvp)

Johnson the Johnson: C5L1 (5rvp)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"This run was a bit unconventional compared to previous ones I have been a part of. But, the crew I was running with, a couple of which I have run with before, handled things well, especially with the prep-work. Execution of the plan was surprisingly smooth, even if there was an injury of one of ours. Nevertheless, there were no casualties on either side, which scored us the greatest profits. On top of that, I scored a new toy..."


"Seein' that garage was like walkin' around a candy store, damn shame I couldn't really find much I needed outta that."

Mojo Joe

"Ay... many call me foolish and I know I am for what I did, but at the same time I want to be as safe as I can. And at the end of it all I got a new ally. Not a bad day given all that has happened as of late."

Voice of the Whirlwind

Okay, so... we beat up a Humanis guy so some mage could steal his car. If the dude wasn't a bastard, and well protected, we'd just be common street thugs. We did well, one of our mages took down the sentries then we pulled off a perfect dynamic entry, then the Banshee took out the target and I took out their mage, then Mechanic and I took down the remaining two guards, though one got a shot off at me before getting shot in the nuts. But taking hits for the team is my job, so I'd still call that perfect.


"well helped a friend of M3chan1c to find a car.. i mean not the strangest thing i have done so far.. but hopefully not all shopping trips are this bothersome."