Voice of the Whirlwind

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Voice of the Whirlwind
VotWhirlwind Spider.png
FLR Street Samurai
DiscordDSD [He/They]#5706 (Edward)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.8th November 2040
Sum to 10Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - E
Resources - A
Number of Runs:18
Runs since Rent:2
Mundane Ascensions:11

Character Information


Four-armed FLR tanky longarms changeling street sam.

Loves animals, unfortunately for her she unsettles them significantly.


  • Become a cyberdrider. Achieved! 12 limbs baybee!*
  • Get a Luxury lifestyle.
  • Become Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Help her crew expand and 'reduce' the competition
  • Get a pet that likes her. Achieved! Anubis is the goodest of bois.


Originally a UCAS Force Recon Marine, Tanya was discharged amid force reductions, and after an altercation with Ezekiel Martin's outfit took a job as a troubleshooter to repay the damages, serving faithfully enough to end up friends with Ezekiel and a trusted lieutenant. While smuggling a dram of orichalcum in a flesh pouch, Tanya got into a firefight with the customers attepmting a ballistic discount, when an unlucky sniper shot hit her in the flesh pouch, pulverising the extremely potent reagent and mixing the dust into her bloodstream as it lodged in her.

She was rescued by her subordinates, but the damage had been done. As the mana from the orichalcum coursed through her system, it mutated her body heavily, and would have killed her if not for Ezekiel's best street doc, 'Doc' Mortimer, labouring night and day for weeks. After she pulled through, she was left with toughened glowing blue skin, enhanced speed, hair that reflected her mood, and the echoes of her painful transformation that resonated through the astral. Oh, and two extra arms. However, her muscles nearly wasted away in the process.

Luckily, she'd saved up enough money and favours to afford extensive limb replacements, and now runs the shadows as the 'Voice of the Whirlwind', with Ezekiel as her fixer - though she still stays with Ezekiel's crew. (Has moved because of doggie.)

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Black Market Pipeline (Cyberware) - "I've worked for Ezekiel long enough for him and Doc to give me a sweet discount."
  • Class III SURGE - "Yeah, that orichalcum fucked me over, but now that I've recovered I quite like the changes."
  • Redliner - "I got turned into a bear once. I missed being that strong, so I asked Doc to overclock my limbs for me - makes me faster, too."
  • Sensei (Animal Handling, Bilge-Rat Jones) - "Bilge-Rat knows a lot about animals, so he's helping me learn how to teach them to get over their... problems with me."
  • Shiva Arms - "You know when you feel like you need an extra pair of hands? I've got one."
  • Sprawl Tamer - "Animals don't tend to like me, but at least undomesticated ones don't like me any less than domesticated ones."


  • Astral Hazing / Critter Spook - "Apparently the pain I felt during my metamorphosis still hangs around me in the astral plane. Mages and critters don't like it. Shame, though - I do like animals."
  • Cold Blooded - "Since my change, I've needed some warmth to feel like myself."
  • Creature of Comfort (Middle) - "I've got nuyen. Why would I settle for a crappy apartment and badly-flavoured soy when I can have a nice house and something resembling good food?"
  • Mood Hair - "Uh, yeah. My hair changes colour. It's weird."
  • Poor Self Control (Combat Monster/Thrill Seeker) - "Drugs are fun, but there's no high like the red rush of blood and adrenaline."
  • Striking Skin Pigmentation / Bioluminescence / Barkskin - "Just look at this lovely blue skin. Tough and beautiful, just like the rest of me."

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
30 pieces of Copper shacklesDraknic13 January 2084
Holding the RempartZerreOperation Hell's Gate3 January 2084
The Great Gremlin BashFuraidopoteto16 December 2083
Charge Headfirst to FreedomFuraidopoteto23 November 2083
Happiness Is a Warm Gun (Or Knife, Or Stun Baton)Keeper M7 November 2083
Hot Wasp SauceAurora25 August 2083
Paris Deep InsideKaterSalem5 July 2083
Up High and Down LowKaterSalem28 June 2083
You Picked the Wrong Backyard to InvadeKaterSalemNo Legion But Still Deadly1 April 2083
Free the StreetKaterSalem23 March 2083
Machine Guns Go BRRRR!NoctisN/a18 March 2083
Early OctoberArchtmag16 March 2083
The Sound of Deep WatersDraknic14 March 2083
SpireNoctis20 February 2083
Kentucky Fried (Bug) ChickenAurora13 February 2083
Whirlwind PartyKaterSalem31 January 2083
Pawwagon The Other side of the crateDraknic24 January 2083
Falling ForestsArchtmag22 January 2083




+5 Ares rep


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
'Doc' Mortimer 5 4 Custom(G,A,K,N) Street Doc Biotechnologist, Advanced 'Ware, Black Market Pipeline, Forbidden Gear, Cybertechnologist, Cyberlimbs Even
Ezekiel Martin 3 4 Fixer Ex-Lone Star Officer Black Market Pipeline, SIN Forger, Ex-Lone Star Officer, I Know a Guy Even
Elizabeth Babbage 4 5 Gear UCASN Lieutentant Black Market Pipeline, Milspec Gear, Firearms, Heavy Weapons, Tactical Armor Even
Xyvis 2 4 Service Bat Shifter, Hard to Call, Very Good Listener, Moonlit Mage, Learning Time! Even
Bilge-Rat Jones 3 2 Service Pirate/Smuggler Shady Smuggler, Beneath Notice, Magical Countermeasures, Fool's Luck, Go Down With The Ship, Covered In Rats, Owns A Ship, Rat Shaman Even
Granny Tusk 2 3 Fixer(A,K,G,N) Babysitter/Bodyguard Don't Lay a Fragging Finger on Them!, Army of Grandkids, You're all kids to me, Dearie Even
Danny Hoffman 5 4 Custom(K,N,A,G) Special Operations Coordinator Espionage Expert, Ares Executive, Company Man, Smuggling Routes, Dissident Watcher, Orbital Overwatch, Disposable Assets, Arcane Evaluations 2
Sister Hana 3 2 Generalist Nun Spirit Talker, Arms and Armor of the Lord, BurnOut Christian Theurgy, Former Shadowrunner Decker 2

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 References to a battleship in an early 21st century tv series.
3 Blurry footage of a four-armed runner with a sniper rifle.
6 Voice of the Whirlwind is Tanya Duarte, former UCASMC Force Recon.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Four-armed changeling street samurai, skilled with a sniper rifle.
5 Has a shotgun concealed in a cyberarm.


Roberta Draper


  • Restricted Augmentations License
  • Controlled Substances License
  • Driver's License
  • Firearms License
  • Restricted Armour License


She's tall and curvaceous (oh, and iridescent blue), with her torso lengthened by a second set of shoulders below the usual. Solidly built, her torso does however look somewhat sickly in places, and she pads her corset to hide this. Her eyes are a strange, uniform black, and she exudes a faintly unsettling aura which is even more potent to animals and the Awakened.


Always wears a high-fashion coat and hat, usually an Argentum coat modified with thermal protection equipment, over jeggings and a fancy metallic-looking corset.

Matrix Persona

Honest-to-Lolth Drider

Media Mentions

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