You Picked the Wrong Backyard to Invade

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You Picked the Wrong Backyard to Invade
Part of No legion but still deadly
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Danny Hoffman
Ares Bug Spirits
Voice of the Whirlwind 2xBug Spirits
Hybridform Troll
Meatform Human
Casualties and losses
2xBug Spirits, Hybridform Troll, Meatform Human
Mundane Ascension for Voice of the Whirlwind


Whirlwind has to evict some Bug Spirits from her property after Danny Hoffman stumbles into her backyard injured. Danny asks for help to save his assistant as well and Whirlwind sets off, for good money of course.


Danny and his assistant have an appointment at a disused Ares property which, however, has a well-equipped resort in the form of a large cabin. The meeting was set up by his boss. Just before Danny gets there, he receives a message from his boss that makes it pretty clear that he is not currently in the country and therefore cannot be the one he is meeting with. Danny is about to turn around when his car is hit by a spear that goes through the engine block like butter. Danny has to flee but is shot and his assistant is kidnapped. His commlink is lost during the action in the car and there are also important data from the run Anata ga tsuyokunainara - kashikoku nari nasai on data storage devices in the car. Presumably the Bugspirits are after it because it was part of what was to be discussed at the meeting.

The Meet

On the run, Danny stumbles into the Whirlwind's backyard. Anubis, Whirlwind's Fenrir Wolf, finds the newcomer suspicious at first but then retreats together with him when Danny's pursuers also stumble into Whirlwind's backyard. Danny asks for help and Whirlwind steps into action.

The Plan

Are you kidding me, there are Bug Spirits stumbled into my garden there I do not have to plan give them bullets.

The Run

Whirlwind is able to eliminate the two Bug Spirits quite quickly and is only slightly injured herself. Danny, who then has to sit down and absent-mindedly pats Anubis (which Anubis is a bit perplexed about), asks Whirlwind for help to save his assistant and to secure the data. He also asks for a burner Comlink. Whirlwind accepts and gives him the burner. Danny is taken to Whirlwind's hut and Anubis is told to guard him, then Whirlwind follows the tracks of the Bug Spirits. Whirlwind can quickly find the Ares estate through the trail of Bug Spirits and tries to sneak in. The entrance is locked but she can pick the lock. When she opens the door she is attacked by another Bug Spirit and a Troll in hybrid form. She can quickly kill the Bug Spirit, but the Troll turns out to be well equipped. It attacks Whirlwind with throwing spears and later goes into close combat. Thanks to an FBA and a large shield, the two heavily armored opponents exchange blow for blow. Whirlwind manages to overpower the troll after taking quite a beating. She quickly examines the hut and notices that there are drag marks from the car going into the hut but out the back. She follows the track and finds a cave nearby. She tries to sneak up but is discovered and taken under fire by at least 12 enemies. Whirlwind is about to ready her launcher when she hears the sound of an Ares Dragon's twin rotors and sees it taking a Vindicator barrage at the entrance of the cave. At the same time, a five-man Firewatch team ropes in and opens fire on the cave entrance with heavy machine guns, lasers and magic. Whirlwind is ordered by the leader of the Firewatch team to follow them. Together they smoke out the bug nest and are able to free Danny's assistant before the ritual of implanting a Bug Spirit begins.


When she comes back to her hut, Whirlwind notices that two vans with Ares logo are already parked there. She gets the smell of a BBQ and can see Danny throwing meat (real meat, the good stuff) to Anubis in regular order (Best day of Anubis life so far. Anubis loves Danny). Danny hugs his assistant who is still visibly shaken up and then chats with Whirlwind while he pushes the BBQ for everyone. Danny is very grateful for Whirlwind's help and will actively support her career in the future.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP) or 40.000 Nuyen in Ares related Gear up to AV19
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • 12 CDP (5 RVP)
  • +5 Ares rep

Optional pay with RVP from above:

  • Mundane Ascension up to 5 RVP (you can pick up a Barret Model 122 AV20)
  • Danny Hoffmann (C5/L4) (8 RVP) +2 Favors if you take him
  • Tough as Nails (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Voice of the Whirlwind

Well that was odd, some Ares guy literally stumbled into my backyard covered in blood with a couple bug spirits on his tail. I introduced them to some APDS, and it turned out this guy's assistant had been taken alive, and of course I wouldn't miss the chance to splat more bugs. For the right price, of course. I had a long firefight with a bugified troll, but I managed to prevail in the end - only a fool brings a bunch of javelins to a sniper rifle fight. Slightly worried about Ares knowing where I live now, but at least that corp guy has good barbeque, owes me a favour and promised to keep my place secret.