The Sound of Deep Waters

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The Sound of Deep Waters
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Sexy Bonsai
Voice of the Whirlwind


The runners were asked to drop off a peace offering to a cult leader to rival a cult of elder gods followers, who seek to bring the end of the world and unleash the horrors upon the world. So they have t drive and drop off a focus in a book that has a bomb under it that was set to ring to blow up whoever opened the box after it was armed.


Miss boatman it's always dealing with her former preacher who has decided to go down the darker sides of the elder gods and attempt to awaken the horrors to bring the end of the world and she's doing everything in show power to counter him, it's just for some reason anytime she attempts to kill him he seems to miraculously survive. This game of life and death will continue till either one of them breathing out their last breath, the elf haunted by witnessing the true power of the horrors,or the man who refuses to stay dead.

The Meet

Each of the runners would be contacted by the respectable fixer and we're told strangeness and not to be very trusting of the Johnson due to their more erratic behavior, and well them having a reputation of being not quite stable in the head. Each would arrive there, and they would see a strange individual buying a foot guy from the Johnson who would then quickly leave trying to avoid unwanted attention due to the shadowrunner showing up, with the eagle eye asensing of the resident mage, they would identify that the man is someone on the path of the toxic mage. but now they're going over the details and figuring out what they have to do they have to head all the way into Las Vegas and deliver his bomb and making sure it doesn't premature detonate or anyone stops them for the folk either trying to carry across the land which is a rating 4 power focus

The Plan

The plan was quite simple in the beginning was tried to use mugging rounds and other means to get to Las Vegas without raising attention or alerting anyone towards the delivery of such a precious and valuable cargo. but sadly, during it someone along the way snitch we don't know who could have been a customer or someone else who was in the helping of creating said item. and they had to deal with people trying to sneak in and acquire the focus. luckily during the entire time with luck on the side and the great maneuvering of the wheel man and the Decker on board they were able to get there without having any incidents aside a few marks on a squirrel and a troll being mauled by a sheriff deputy officer who's a shapeshifter.

The Run

Went smoothly according to plan with some tense situation at standoff when they were handing off the box with the focus inside of it to the target


The target sadly was not close enough to the blast , after the runners left, he move out of the truck and about a good distance away, before one of his men opened up the box. triggering the bomb, like he was ready for miss Boatmen to try to take him out with preps...but see like he was not ready for a bomb...he is currently wounded and once more hiding, till he makes himself known once again.


22 k (11 RVP)or 44k in gear. Foci, Drones, car mods, elec, weapons. (Avi 18)

3 Karma (RVP 3)

4 CDP (2 RVP)

normally 2 cdp

(3 RVP) Optional for everyone. Dana Jessica Boatman 2/2

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sexy Bonsai

This one was a blast, apparently there are matrix squirrels and trolls on the highway that run their rocket launchers wireless off. I'll let your imagination fill in the details of how that second one went omae! Damn I'm so awesome. Anyway we had a long drive through hippy territory meeting various freaks and bandits on the way there until we eventually got to Vegas and had to drop off this focus that actually had a bomb in it. The mark was gonna jump us it seemed or maybe he was over cautious but when he saw the muscle get out of the wheels perhaps he decided it wasn't such a good idea. More fool him as he got exploded anyway shortly afterwards. I scrubbed our mugs from the grid and earned a nice little payday. The Johnson reminded me a bit of that evil goth schoolgirl from that J-Horror series "Ghostly Gakku-Sensei Overdrive Max" damn that show is awesome, also not gonna lie, kinda hot?

Voice of the Whirlwind

Not the first job I've done for a crazy J, and it won't be the last. We had a great road trip, saw the sights, left some Ancients in our dust, got hilariously poorly attacked by matrix squirrels, our decker blew up a troll with his own rocket launcher, and so on and so forth. Then we delivered the cargo, and the dude looked like he was about to jump us, but evidently the sight of some heavily armed and armoured runners... persuaded him to reconsider. Our decker scrubbed the cameras and we hightailed it out of there, then the package exploded on him. He appeared to have survived, but not my problem, I did the job, I got paid.


They weren't kidding about how big North America is. That was the longest drive I've ever been on, and no one told the snooty ancients not to try to catch a rigger, because a guy fired his crotch rocket after us and still couldn't keep up. I had to backtrack when I saw a bunch of cockatrices on the road, but otherwise the smuggling route I set up from Seattle to LA worked out without much hassle. The target however decided to be silly and flex nuts, and when we reminded him that we've got them he decided to back up, nothing like a steel lynx and a Sam in heavysec to put the fear of god into someone.


Flippin' technocritters. Anyway, the job went well. We weren't paid to perform wetwork, we were hired to deliver a focus and also a bomb to the target, so him surviving isn't that big of a deal.