Christmas Special, With a Vengeance

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In the year of 2083, a Secret Organization known as the The United Front Against Corperate Christmas(UFACC), have made there presence known to the world!

Who are they? What are they after? Why? Only time will tell.


How The Grinch Failed to Steal Christmas

A factory in Auburn quickly pulled together a team of runners to deliver a custom job they created to one Saint Nick. The team used smuggling routes and tactics to evade most trouble, only having to deal with one crazed rigger out in Redmond. Who was he? how did he know? these were questions that weren't ever answered as the rigger ran into a building after getting shot and hitting some powerlines.

Revenge of the Grinch, The Curse of the Christmas Trees

Broker a well known contact among runners for his smuggling and skills at acquiring gear, started to have an issue with his clients dyeing. He hired runners to take care of it for him, giving them access to his information so they could investigate. They found a magical Christmas tree at the first scene, four more killer trees in the warehouse, and found and killed a Magical Green Sasquatch who was the source of it all, along with all of his(?) drones. The mystery of The United Front Against Corperate Christmas thickens... And how did a Mysad control so many drones? Unless there was something else involved...

Caroling Through a Steel Wall

Due to an outrageous theft against Toys for Tots, a large number of people came together and had a team of runners investigate. Meeting at a Mchues, they quickly assembled a plan and investigated the theft site, found a source, broke into the owners house, and proceeded to raid the site where all the toys were, ending in a massive drone firefight and one Cybered out old man attempting to escape and failing. No one really determined why they did it, and the money of the Ebenezer estate had been drained by the time anyone had looked into it. ONCE AGAIN: The rigger was nowhere to be seen.


Caroling Through a Steel WallFuraidopoteto9 December 20838133D3R
Ryan Danes
Revenge of the Grinch, The Curse of the Christmas TreesFuraidopoteto3 December 2083Jiang-shi
Heavy Ordnance
Mojo Joe
How The Grinch Failed to Steal ChristmasFuraidopoteto29 November 2083Nogitsune
Mojo Joe
Dezeroth A'kyer