How The Grinch Failed to Steal Christmas

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How The Grinch Failed to Steal Christmas
Part of Christmas Special, With a Vengeance
Status Threat Level: Deadly!...
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The United Front Against Corperate Christmas
Mojo Joe
Dezeroth A'kyer
A Green Sasqatch
Many drones and a Hellhound
Casualties and losses
just some bullet casings A Green sasquatch?
Very Anticlimactic, but very funny.


A factory in Auburn quickly pulled together a team of runners to deliver a custom job they created to one Saint Nick. The team used smuggling routes and tactics to evade most trouble, only having to deal with one crazed rigger out in Redmond.


Saint Nick, the Eccentric he is, decided it was time to get a new sleigh, but not just any would do, only the finest and most powerful monstrosity would be worthy of his time! He commissioned a monster befitting his status, a sleigh made by none other then Krime and its subsidiaries. Many grand technologies and features were included, reaching speeds that could travel from Seattle to Japan in a mere hour. A great deal of time and expense went into its construction, with most elements being farmed out.

The outsourcing left some problems... others started to become aware of its construction, and begin plans to acquire it...

The Meet

The team arrived early other then Dezeroth, who just barely made it on his moped. They arrived and met the Johnson, the Gnome in charge of the factory. He expressed an issue with his usual staff not being available to deliver the creation he had made, as such he quickly had hired the runners to act as deliverymen with dangerous cargo through dangerous areas. Downtown routes would have been too dangerous, as the contents of the trailer would get them all arrested.

The Plan

The team charted a course through Redmond, going through smugglers routes while outside Redmond to avoid detection, using spirits and skills alike to hide from prying eyes. Several contacts were prepared in case any step of the plan went wrong, but not a whole lot ended up being needed.

The Run

All went smoothly until they were towards the second half of there Redmond drive, where they smacked into a flyspy and destroyed it on the windshield. Almost immidiatly after, a Hallhound roared onto the street with them, Drifting the massive Semi to keep pace as Nogitsune took a hard bank to try and shake them. Two massive cannons deployed from the truck and started to shoot drones onto the Runners truck. They were no match for quick shotgun blasts as Dez quickly conjured a physical wall using a preparation, which the truck smashed right through. Mojo Joe quickly yanked a power pole using his magic to cause the truck to get tangled in the power cables, causing it to whip into a building going 90MPH, it never being seen again for the remainder of the run. They quickly stopped there truck to clean off the truck of drone bits, finding green algae inside the cracks of the destroyed drones.


The truck stopped at Saint Nick's workshop. and delivered the behemoth of a sleigh. Many to this day see a black streak of cloud going over the city, but only a select few know what it truly is, a Prototype Krime Sleigh built just for Santa.


20,000 Nuyen

10 Karma

Gear Rates with the above nuyen for anything produced by Krime.

1 Rep with Krime

Optional Contact:

Saint Nick: Connection 2 / Loyalty 1 (2RVP)

+2 Loyalty avalible for Nogitsune for Saint Nick (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "Well that was a very... interesting turn of events. It was nice feeling powerful for once... when so many things would tell me otherwise."

Dezeroth A'kyer: "A fascinating run. I got to meet Santa Claus, a bit of a celebrity if ever I've seen one. A rocket-powered Sleigh. Well, Sleipnir was a six-legged horse birthed by Loki shapeshifted as a horse, so certainly not the strangest steed I've heard of. Oh, and I suppose the OpFor deserves a mention, too. Not that they were anything special; typical intelligence network, easily fooled and without the consideration of counterespionage. The one pursuer we did end up having was...Oddly easily deterred. Power poles are certainly deadly, no question about it, but the drivers still tend to try and avoid the wall."

Nogitsune This city is always weird and getting more and more odd...