Mojo Joe

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Mojo Joe
Spirit Mage
Voodoo Practitioner
Will forever strive to become the most powerful spirit mage he can be
Street Cred10
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.October 13th, 2059
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - B
Resources - E
Number of Runs:16
Runs Since Rent:0

Character Information


Mojo Joe is a nicely dressed Voodoo practitioner striving to become the best mage he can be with the aid of the spirits he conjures and the fellow Shadowrunner allies he makes along the way.


  • Become a Prime runner (like his grandfather before him).
  • Find the spirit he met and save her.
  • Figure out what the spirit that is haunting him is and get rid of it.


Mojo Joe was born to a semi decent home in Ohio, UCAS. He lived with a mother, father, and younger sister. While his relationship with his family wasn't all too bad, he didn't exactly favor their frequent use of drugs, particularly Cram. As a result Mojo spent most of his time with his grandfather, Jabari. Who was a voodoo practitioner who moved to the UCAS from Azania with his daughter in 2051. After spending time with him, Mojo found he had an affinity for magic, realizing he was awakened at only 7 years of age with a special nack for summoning and binding spirits. Jabari taught him how to use these gifts being an awakened himself and drilling the fundamental values of always being courteas and respectful to the spirits you summon, especially to those you bind.

However mistakes do happen, as Mojo was a curious adolescent and wished to experiment with his powers while his grandfather was away. When Mojo was 12 he gathered the necessary materials and readied himself to summon an immensely powerful spirit to test his limits. Unfortunately for Mojo the summoning went wrong and the summoned spirit was not what Mojo thought he summoned and instead, a horrifying and ethereal spirit appeared before him. All he can recall was blurs, the insatiable rage mixed with fear, and screams. After what felt like an eternity but was simply a minute or two, a drained and blood covered Mojo simply stood before his sister who was bleeding and stared at him wiuth immense terror with tears covering her eyes. Looking to his left he saw his grandfather panting and panicked. Were it not for Jabari's untimely arrival and banishing of the spirit, lord knows what else Mojo may have done due to the spirit's influence. In the aftermath through various connections his grandfather possesed and the unknown tons of Nuyen at his disposal, Mojo was let off the hook by both his family and the police. Though his family wanted nothing to do with Mojo or his grandfather ever again.

Becoming confused as to what had happened and how we was freed, he asked his grandfather how he was able to banish a spirit that powerful. Promptly after he got slapped upside the head, Mojo found out his grandfather was once a famous shadowrunner, a prime runner at that. Who did business primarily in Africa under the runner name of Black Hat for over 7 years. Leaving the country for a better life in retirement and to ensure his daughter would be safe from enemies he may have made during his career. Leaving behind next to everything including a vast portion of his wealth, equipment, etcetera, all in an effort to persue a life of calm after the chaos of numerous runs. Mojo then lived with just his grandfather for several years. Still studying voodoo practices, but with next to none of the same drive he once possessed. Guilt and depression eating him alive for what he had done. Yet, his cricumstances would only continue to get worse. As Mojo was returning home from a grovery trip, he saw his grandfather laying motionless on the kitchen floor. Due to a combination of his magic incapable of bringing him back and the paramedics arriving too late, Jabari Abara, once known as Black Hat, would succumb to a heart attack on August 21st, 2077. Leaving Mojo alone to fend for himself with noone else to call friend or family.

Mojo could not sustain the life his grandpa left for him after their death. Himself becoming far too hesitant to use his magic for enough Nuyen to sustain said living. For in his eyes it had brought nothing but ruin to his life. Whether it be bringing destruction to his family or being incapable of saving someone when he needed to most, he simply didn't trust it anymore. As he would later find out, most of the jobs that were avaialble could not cover all the bills in his grandfather's death. Only being left enough money to cover the expensives for a year or two at best and a key with a scratched out address attached to it, though he still hold onto it to this day, unsure of what it was or meant. As expense after expense piled up, eventually Mojo found himself homeless as the bank came to collect their dues. Left with nothing but regrets, the cold pavement, and the occassional drug he had once shamed his parents for using, Mojo found himself homeless in the slums of Seattle.

Year after year of this went by till in late 2081, Mojo decided to rekindle his gift for magic to conjure spirits. Simply to have someone or... rather anyone to talk to during the cold nights. However after doing this for a little while Mojo had a vistitor, a powerful mentor spirit resembling a buisnessman with a boar's head. Looking over Mojo Joe and sinmply saying "so THIS is the great legacy of Black Hat, a worthless homeless bum too defeated to do ANYTHING worthwhile. Now. Get. UP." The spirits words made Mojo Joe realize something... he could not take it anymore, relying on nothing but charity and luck to find something to eat. The magic flowing through his body igniting something once more. He dug deep, found some degree of a spark and remembered how his grandfather before him made a living. And decided to become a Shadowrunner using the magical talents he had learnt back then and refound now. Swearing then and there to not just become any runner to make a living, but to become a prime runner like the man that had taught him nearly all that he had known. That he would become something far greater and never live like he was ever again. After scrounging up enough Nuyen he made his way to Seattle, a haven for Runners and one of the best ways to get your start, or so he has heard. Using his talents Mojo performed small heist after small heist in order to get his name and reputation known enough to be considered a legitamate runner. Along the way he stumbled into a fellow lost soul like him, Hallval. Together in an alleyway they bonded over hardships they faced in their lives till they parted ways. Only to then find out Hallval became a runner like him under the alias of Broken-Hand. After a run Hallval asked Mojo what his plans were. After telling Hallval he had nowhere to go, being informed of this, Broken Hand told Mojo to hop in the passenger seat of his car. And from there the two became friends, taking on the bullshit that is life with magic, might, and determination.

After this union Mojo managed to dress up, buying only the best suit available that doubled as armor. Settling for nothing less than looking his absolute best at all times. Making a name for himself like his grandfather before him. Always remembering his words of wisdom and the lessons he taught him. Now Mojo sets his sights to the top, and will do all in his power to reach it.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Mentor Spirit (Boar. Resembles an imposing male character dressed in military attire. Often encouraging Mojo to become better than he already is.)
  • Spirit Whisperer (Due to his period spent being homeless, Mojo deeply bonded with and understood the workings of spirits after losing touch with them during his childhood.)


  • Big Regret 1 (Mojo regrets not being in control of his powers. Both the spirit running amuck in his household and being unable to be there to heal and save his grandfather.)
  • Distinctive Style (Mojo Joe is never without his top of the line pinstriped Argentum Coat, short tophat wtih green strap, nicely made cowboy style boots with a short heel to them, and skeleton mask with horns and a blacked out interior covering his face.)
  • Family Curse (He often finds hismelf drawn to various substances due to his parents and his life on the streets.)
  • Flashbacks 1 (Mojo sometimes remembers the horrifying vestige of the powerful spirit that almost destroyed his home.)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
How The Grinch Failed to Steal ChristmasFuraidopoteto29 November 2083
Hoist The Holly RogersAurora27 November 2083
A Cheesy Situation to be Thankful ForFuraidopoteto24 November 2083
Charge Headfirst to FreedomFuraidopoteto23 November 2083
The Slippery BastardAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle22 November 2083
Bearing The BurdenAsmodeus19 November 2083
Find Your FlameAurora14 November 2083
A Murder most FowlFuraidopoteto10 November 2083
Among UsAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle8 November 2083
Paddle to the CutterDraknic6 November 2083
The Pride Of Kevin CrimesAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes3 November 2083
Whiskey WaiterAsmodeus2 November 2083
The Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald: Cleaning up the DoghouseFuraidopotetoThe Trials and Tribulations of Ser Reginald1 November 2083
Bird 0, Runners 0, Mountain 1Edward30 October 2083
Knives out, Its Dinner TimeFuraidopoteto28 October 2083
Midnight SpecialSarcarian27 October 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Adeptus 2 2 Fixer(N,A,K,G) Fixer Spirit Expert, Magical Appraiser, Location, Location, Location Even
Annar le Mael 6 3 Service Doctor Modus Operadi, Talismonger, Court Healers, Alchemy, Maintained Rituals, House Calls, Medical Experimentation Even
Johnson the Johnson 5 3 Generalist KE Investigator (Possibly?) Not Above the Law, Humanis Hunter, Police Investigator, HTR Access, Private Investigation, Wide-Net Network, The Hunter's Experiance, Humanitarian Even
Orianna Cazador 6 1 Gear Urubia's Secretary Drug Dealer, Black Market Connections, Heavy Hitters!, Focus Fence, Magical Mistress, Dragon Duty, A-List Access, Handcrafted, Urubia's Bottom Line Even
Repo Man 1 4 Custom(A,K,N,G) Lonely Phantom Underground Guide, Scythe Mentor, Chained Haunt, Psychometrist Even


Faction Reputation
Faction Reputation
Brotherhood of Flesh -1
Cutters 10
Draco Foundation 2
Knight Errant 1



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SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Joseph Abara UCAS Real Drivers
Johnathan Johanson UCAS 4 Drivers, Firearms, Mage


Mojo Joe is a human male with light intermediate skin, standing slightly taller than average at 5'11 tall. He has light blue eyes, looking almost green under the right conditions. Though you would not usually be able to tell as he often wears a skull like mask with a blacked out interior that covers his face, straight horns sticking out the top left and right side. The mask itself having various green and blue marking painted on it. His black hair extending past that ends near the base of his neck, usually seen combed, gelled, and combed. Atop it he wears a nice short top hat with a green cloth wrapped around it. The pinstrip suit he wears being clearly well made and expensive. Nice ornate details laid throughout it as various blue and green markings are also seen atop it. Not too disimilar to the ones on his mask. Also he is known for wearing nicely made leather gloves that extend to his forearms and ornate cowboy like boots with slight heels to them.

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