Paddle to the Cutter

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Paddle to the Cutter
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Mojo Joe


Mojo Joe: Where the fuck is my car!?


So Mojo joe lost his car somehow and now is on a mission, gathering up some people to help him

The Meet

There was no meeting, only problems.

The Plan

The plan, go to the place and find the car...what could go wrong?

The Run

The runner team gets to play the classic going around and trying to find the car. leading them to many strange and weird places. noting really big or dangerous right?


Overall they found the car and some ork in the truck, who got jumped by some elves in green, so nothing out of the norm. and noting really big what happened aside a lot of side talk and future plans


Rewards 10 Karma RVP everyone but Mojo Joe

finally, get his car Mojo Joe Finally gets his car 7 RVP in gears (28k in gear reward for his car) 3 Karma RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "Damn it Mojo, why do you ALWAYS gotta get me into these situations. First you lost your comm and now your fuckin car. Besides... who the hell just... shoves a delivery boy into a trunk? It's just so stupid."

Mojo Joe: "In this line of buisness complications happen often. I'm just glad I got what I am owed. I just now worry about... something else I saw. I am thankful to Broken-Hand and Snowman being there at my side during this strange ordeal. I wish them the best... I just wish Snowman would STOP spreading around THAT story."

Snowman: " Well we went on a big wild goose chase thinking that the cutters screwed over my man Mojo but turns out it was just a big misunderstanding. Still feel bad for the delivery boy, he was in that trunk for days."