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Unarmed Adept
The Guard Hound
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.September 17th, 2059
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Hallval is a reckless and determined individual who will not rest until he has become the best combatant he can possibly be. A shadowrunner with a powerful knack for close up martial combat. While his headstrong thinking often lands him in trouble. Very few things can stand in the way of his goal and actively pose a significant road block in his ever increasingly deadly stampede.


  • Become the best hand to hand combatant I can be.


Hallval is an ex-military opporotive for UCAS. While an incredibly skilled hand to hand combatant and more resilient than most of his piers, his often reckless nature in combat and usage of drugs got him in frequent trouble with higher ups. One day this boiled over in a mission gone wrong, where Hallval's reckless attitude cost the life of his entire squad. Becoming dishonorably discharged shortly thereafter. Now on the streets with no family or place to call home, and a stained record on his hands, Hallval resorted to a life of crime to make ends meet and put food on his plate. After months of doing this Hallval felt defeated and sat in an allyway with a bottle of whiskey, hoping to simply drown away his sorrows. While there he met a strange man with an affinity for magic, particularly in the summoning and binding of spirits. The two chatted for a long while, bonding over the shitty hand life had dealt them both. And it was during said chat Hallval had a realization, he wanted to achieve greatness. He didn't want to die old and alone in some back alley. He would use his affinity for marital combat to earn a name for himself as a shadowrunner under the alias of Broken-Hand. After a while of this he once again bumped into that same man from the alleyway who also happened to become a Shadowrunner under the alias of Mojo Joe. After their run together and finding out Mojo had nowhere to call home, Hallval told him to hop in his car and from there, the two became best of friends and the rest is history.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Mentor Spirit (Bear, though it more closely resembles a wolf.)
  • Mentor's Mask (Resembles an Oni but with the features of a wolf. The spirit finding purchase in Hallval's innate desire for combat and bloodshed.)


  • Combat Junkie (Loves Fighting... alot. Particularly in the direct heat of it face to face.)
  • Distinctive Style (Always wears an ornate trenchcoat with a symbol of Yggdrasil, the world tree on its back. And if wearing his mask, is also known to be wearing a wolf mask with oni like features.)
  • Drive (Self Improvement/Mastery. Hallval always strives to improve his physical prowess and martial arts abilities. Pushing and seeing how far his natural body can go without cyber or bioware enhancement... except for drugs. Drugs are cool.)
  • No Man Left Behind (After losing several companions in war, he vowed that anyone he declares a friend will never die again. Hallval will go to hell and back to ensure those he cares for are brought back alive.)
  • Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Revenge of the Grinch, The Curse of the Christmas TreesFuraidopoteto3 December 2083
The Slippery BastardAsmodeusThe Crow of Seattle22 November 2083
Bearing The BurdenAsmodeus19 November 2083
Find Your FlameAurora14 November 2083
A Murder most FowlFuraidopoteto10 November 2083
Paddle to the CutterDraknic6 November 2083
Bird 0, Runners 0, Mountain 1Edward30 October 2083
Midnight SpecialSarcarian27 October 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Adeptus 2 5 Fixer(N,A,K,G) Fixer Spirit Expert, Magical Appraiser, Location, Location, Location Even
Repo Man 1 4 Custom(A,K,N,G) Lonely Phantom Underground Guide, Scythe Mentor, Chained Haunt, Psychometrist Even




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(All licenses have a matching rating unless noted otherwise)

SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Hallval Andersen UCAS Real Drivers
James Hughman UCAS 4 Adept, Drivers, Firearms


Hallval is a lean/athletic built blue eyed, black haired human male, standing around 5'10" tall with a light tan to his skin and a face resembling a mix of German and Japanese heritage. His hair tied up in a ponytail that extends to about shoulder length. Hallval is almost always seen wearing an ornate, mostly black trenchcoat with the symbol of Yggdrasil across its back. When he chooses to, his face is coverd by a mask resembling a horned wolf, the mask hanging at his side when not in use. He also wears a nice pair of combat gloves, deep dark blue cargo pants, and knee high military styled boots when on runs.

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