Bird 0, Runners 0, Mountain 1

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Bird 0, Runners 0, Mountain 1
LocationSalish-Shidhe Council
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Bilge-Rat Jones
Mojo Joe


The Ms. Johnson in question sent the runners towards another contact who informed them she would like to apprehend a powerful awakened bird alive seen in the Cascade Mountainrange.


Around the Cascade mountains there have been several reported instances of random and chaotic storms appearing frequently. After research had been done on the strange occurrences, the storms turned out to be caused by an awakened bird with control over the weather and by extension the storms.

The Meet

The runners met in an unnamed Bellevue cafe where the Johnson informed them of the situation and goings on in the Cascade Mountains. After informing the runners she wants the bird taken alive they promptly agreed.

The Plan

After realizing the situation in regards to their vehicles, primarily that the only one of them that had storage for illegal substances was setter's Ford Americar, the group decided to split up. Setter driving across the border normally while the other 3 took a sailing voyage aboard the ship of Bilge-Rat Jones. While Broken-Hand enjoyed the thrill and roll of the seas, Mojo Joe and 龍門 were not too fond of the sea sickness and multitude of rats. (One of whom may or may not have been holding a knife.) The party then regrouped at the mountainside near a town primarily populated by Trolls. Being the only one that spoke Salish, Setter spoke to the local populace to gather information on the winged assailant. After a while of negotiations, she found out the correct path to take, a rocky and slightly steep path not too far from the town. The group then treked on up the cold and perilous mountainside.

The Run

The trek was cold and harsh as winds began to pick up the further they went. After reaching the top, clouds began to swirl above as a storm reared its head before being followed up by the mighty and ferocious bird. After they readied themselves for battle and the bird began to dive at them, Setter took aim... and then knocked it out... with one shot. As the bird plummeted, Mojo Joe in a panic was able to use levitate and grab the powerful critter from the air before it crashed into the ground and carried it. Though the trek down was even more perilous, lightning and rain pelting them as they headed back down the steep mountainside. Setter was the first to make it down and find a form of shelter, Mojo Joe and Broken-Hand taking longer. Mainly due to Mojo Joe lifting the powerful creature with his magic while Broken-Hand stayed to help him should something go wrong. After reaching the bottom and bracing through the storm, the sun shone through the clouds and the critter was obtained alive. 龍門, however, has fainted from fatigue on the way back and had to be rescued by the scientist team.


The group was paid their dues and while Setter yet again drove safely back to her home. The other three yet again took on Bilge-Rat Jones as their captain. To some dismay... they likely threw up when they got home. 龍門 later on has received a proper treatment of her hypothermia and frostbite.


  • 10k Nuyen (5 RVP)
  • 2k Negotiation Nuyen
  • 5 Karma (5 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • IG Discount
  • Optional, taking RVP from the above rewards:
  • Bilge-Rat Jones (C3/L2) (4 RVP)
  • Tough as Nails (1 rank) (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "The run was a mess. from getting across the border to the mountain and the critter it\self was .... "interesting." Till Setter blasted it with a stun round and it fell like a sack of potatoes. Luckily Mojos caught it in with his magic before it crashed. The trip back I really did not like... way too close to my old job days sigh... The only thing that I can say that was good was the boat ride. That was exciting! I almost wish the sea was more wild that day but with how my 2 compatriots were doing I'm glad the weather was calm. Any way the job opened my eye to a few things I need to get for myself and my car. Really need to get in on a job I can run wild in. Wish i got to fight the Critter but I'll get my chance soon or later."

Mojo Joe: "While the ride to and from was... interesting... the threat itself was more in the environment and the climb rather than the beast in question we were sent to capture. In which Setter... was able to take down in but one shot... more than a bit skilled if you ask me. Thankfully my magic was able to catch the creature before it crashed. Thought the trek back was... intense... to say the least. I felt myself almost give several times as it rained. But I do trust Broken-Hand would've had my back should I have fallen. He is far more physically capable than me. Hopefully that critter lives a better life with the Johnson in question. Also... I do not know if the mountain or the boat hardened me more..."

龍門: "The worst to endure was not a fight against the thunderbird, but against the trail. We came in totally unprepared, but at the very least the subduing the bird was easy... Too easy even, given Setter's marksmanship. Next time I go out, I should get myself something warm to wear-- Achoo! --and find someone better to carry us around, instead of that rodent pirate..."

Setter (Kanin)

Well, the team was a giant mess. At least we managed to finish the job and get back home mostly intact.