Bearing The Burden

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Bearing The Burden
LocationAlgonkian-Manitou Council
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Orianna Cazador
Winternight Black Lodge PRiSM Aztechnology
Mojo Joe
Albino Winternight Dude Mr. Herenight Norse Berserker Woedica Kryptman
Casualties and losses
Mojo got bitten by an Amphora MIte Some shady dealings were observed. None None None
Initiation for Orchid


Mojo gets in touch with PRiSM to find out what the hell the weird spirit chasing him is about.

The Meet

The meet happens in the AMC after Orianna Cazador informs Mojo that she found some PRiSM members were looking for freelancers to track some artifact down. The roadtrip is easier thanks to Orchid's van. The meet happens in Saskatoon where PRiSM's representative, a cowboy with Norse symbols, scales and red eyes meets the team. Woedica Kryptman is present since Aztechnology has a great presence in the country. The group is tracking Gungnir, a powerful toxic weapon focus spear once wielded by Winternight's founder, Wednesday. Once Wednesday died, the spear went missing and PRiSM's been trying to track it down when possible. There's a potential lead on someone that might know of it's location and the team needs to scout out this lead but not interfere unless absolutely necessary.

The Plan

Go to Hudson Bay, scout out potential locations, confirm the seers' visions right.

The Run

The run starts when the team heads to the next town over and the motel stay reveals Mojo had an Amphora Mite on his back. It vomits plenty of toxins into Mojo's back, which Orchid manages to Detox after some effort. Once they reach Churchill near Hudson Bay, they start checking around. One of Mojo's spirits finds a carcass necro spirit in a basement that the locals have known for several years. While grumpy, it's not hostile towards others. They request the bear for assistance after giving it a peace offering and it offers to share its knowledge of Winternight's activities in recent times if it's brought a mate - a female bear. The team manages to negotiate the deal: they'll bring a weakened bear that would die anyway.

After the team gets lost in the woods and loses trace of a bear entirely, Adeptus is called to location by Orchid who ended up remembering her from long ago. She offers to guide them back into town once they've caught up with the bear in exchange for 1 karma each. The bear sensed Winternight's presence on the wind and offers his help in tracking it down. The team starts following recorded wind routes from the east, careful not to cross Quebec's borders. Eventually they enter the water on an amphibious truck of Orchid's.

They end up finding two figures, a pale snake-eyed person with greyware-like wired reflexes jutting out of his back and a wide brimmed hat-wearing albino. They manage to stay hidden long enough to let a quicksilver camera's develop and catch the men's auras. With several mundane pictures too, they retreat.


Woedica is overjoyed but appears to recognize Mr. Herenight. PRiSM offers a berserk qi focus to a fellow Norse practicioner, Broken Hand. Mojo gets to access PRiSM's archives of astral knowledge for a limited time.


  • For Orchid - 30,000 Nuyen in Gear from the following:
  1. Vault of Ages R5 (10,000 Nuyen)
  2. Shofar F10 (8,000 Nuyen)
  3. Magical Lodge Materials R6 (3,000 Nuyen)
  4. Spirit Strength F3 P3 (9,000 Nuyen per dose)
  5. Witch Moss F3 P3 (4,8000 Nuyen per dose)
  6. Divide remaining Nuyen by 2 and get as raw cash
  7. 1 Karma
  8. 2 CDP
  • For Broken Hand
  1. Berserk Qi Focus R4 (3 RVP)
  2. 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  3. 8 CDP (3 RVP)
  • For Mojo Joe
  1. 4 Karma (4 RVP)
  2. 26 CDP (12 RVP)
  • Optional Contact: Woedica Kryptman, 5/1 Aztechnology Magic Expert (5 RVP reduced from any rewards of your choosing)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "I nearly did it... I am almost there... one step closer. I just now need to take the next. Thank you Broken-Hand... and thank you Orchid... one day this will be over... I just hope it is sooner rather than later."