Finding the Master

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Finding the Master
LocationSSC Mountains
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Broken-Hand Character1


The journey nears its end as Broken-Hand attempts to finish his journey to find a worthy mentor to hone his abilities.


See Finding the Path for context.

The Meet

Having rested from the endeavor from the previous day and being able to recover from most of the wounds inflicted, Broken-Hand wakes up to find it snowing outside his window. Knowing today may likely be the longest of all, Brutus and him treat themselves to a nice breakfast before heading out to the perilous mountainside. With food in their bellies and determination in their hearts they set out only to find the "legal" path upwards had been blocked off due to the oncoming blizzard. Not deterred in the slightest Broken-Hand and Brutus make their way around the fence, looking for the right opening to leap over. With luck on their side they managed to find a semi-tall tree not too far for them to jump across the barbed and electric fence. Were they average people this would be nigh-impossible, but alas they were not and lept it over with effort. Mnaging to stealth their way through several patrols, drones, and watcher spirits, the pair managed to continue trecking along the long and snowy path, where they met their first obstacle. A Water Spirit that guarded the way under the waterfall. Due to this being Broken-Hand's trial, Brutus insisted he fight it alone. And fought it he did, through freezing cold blow after freezing cold blow, Broken-Hand managed to strike back just as hard and eventually fell the powerful spirit which granted him passage as it faded back to its own plane to recooperate. Whilst inside the cave Broken-Hand saw various paintings along the wall depicting the story of the Native Americans through both the 5th and 6th world. From being hunters and gatherers, to the raiding and pillaging of their land, their oppression under america's rule, the discovery of magic, and the war that ensued. Then finally the Great Ghost Dance and the widespread death and destruction it brought. A vibrant painting depicting the past and all of its ups and downs. Though with the storm brewing heavily outside, the pair drifted off to sleep amidst the comfort of the cave and the fire Brutus made.

The Plan

Exitting the cave the duo managed to avoid dettection once more via drones, spirits, and patrols. Though something DID notice them, and with their guard up eventually they were approached by a figure clad in armored snow apparel asking if they knew the whereabouts of Thunder Fang, offering them payment in exchange for the intel. Not wishing to betray their friend and (hopefully) soon to be mentor, the pair refused. In which a fight ensued with the figure and the other hidden figures. The fight intense, mainly consisting of Brutus fighting the hidden figure and Broken-Hand fighting the figure that addressed them first. Their battle seeminglyh far more intense than it ought to be. Meanwhile Brutus dealt with the two hired muscle and sniper hidden amidst the tree tops. With a final intense clash between Broken-Hand and the leader, as well as the sniper thrown from the tree and an elbow drop that followed. The battle was won. Yert despite all that they chose to show the hunters mercy. But not before breaking the sniper's rifle clean in half. With the heat of the fire and the vague sense of mercy, eventually Broken-Hand, Brutus, and the Bounty Hunters managed to find a degree of peace amidst the storm, eating their respective rations before goign their seperate ways. Given how if Broken-Hand and Brutus could beat all of them while remaining conscious, they stood no chance against Thunder Fang should he choose to be serious about the endavour. With that in mind they depareted somewhat peacefully, even exchanging aliases. The leader's alias being "Strice." Though with yet another barely squeezed out victory under their belts, the pair foudn their way to the rock face where above the storm whirred around even more intense than it had been. Yet with climbing gear in hand they readied themselves for the final stretch of the journey.

The Run

Amidst the raging storm and pelting snow, the two climbed for what felt like days till they eventually made it to the path and trudged even further up the slope. But part way through Broken-Hand felt woozy and faint, the snow causing his vision to fade and black out before him.

Now with no recollection of what been going on recently Hallval awoke to yet another day in the base, being awoken early for what was assumed to be an important mission. Yet he felt... intensely cold. For no known reason he felt cold despite the sun clearly visible in the sky. He headed towards the meeting area to see his tow comrades in arms, Hardar and Barreta that awaited him. Confused as to why he seemed off and cold. His commander wandered in and relayed the mission. Deliver a shipment to Seattle to a General Geoffery in Fort Luis, Seattle before 3 days time. Hallval sitting there in silence as the name sounded similar. But before they departed towards their destination, Hallval went towards the medical tent, where after given a clean bilkl of health the medic asked him a simple question, "what did you learn?" Broken-Hand stood there in stunned silence before Hallval was brought back by the medic snapping in his face informing him he was free to go. Giving a polite nod Hallval headed towards the carrier plane where the shipments were being loaded. A very palapable and uneasy feeling eating him alive as he was about to head on. Barreta asking if he was okay and what was going on. After being calmed enough he entered the transport and buckled in as Baretta played retro games and beating her high score. All the while Hallval chatted with Hardar and how despite the medics diagnoses he still felt cold and uneasy, Seattle feeling so similar to him despite apparently never having visited it in his life before this moment. Hardar attempting to give him reassurance pointed out how secure their team actively was. Hallval took a second to breathe then as Hardar then turned to him, asking Broken-Hand "what did you learn?"

A brief awkward period of silence followed by Baretta screaming out in joy as she managed to beat her high score and that they had arrived at their destination, Hallval apparently having been napping for quite a while before arriving here. The feeling now became so much more potent as he stepped out into the pouring rain and the shipment was being loaded onto an aromered transport with a following carravan. With determination and fear he reached out to Hardar and Baretta, telling them to trust him, once he had their assurance they would folow he began to run away from the carravan with them in toe. Seemingly then reality cracked adn warped, going black as a voice spoke into Broken-Hand's mind "you cannot change what has happened." Before Hallval found himself once again staring at his brother and sister in arms. Assisting slightly with the shipment before the caravan peeled off. Baretta then chatted with Hallval, telling him about how perhaps he had been to Seattle before and forgot about it. Decribing the city as fucked up but still with its tiny rays of good stuff in it. Apparently Baretta having an uncle that owned a retro game store and a sister that was a member of an organization named "Shadow Haven." The name ringing a very loud bell in Hallval's head as Baretta then turned to Broken-Hand asking the simple question "what did you learn?"

Almost ready to answer before Hallval was shaken awake by the sound of an explosion that rocked the entire procession of military vehicles, being fired upon by several drones and a figure seemingly cutting through soldiers as if they were nothing. With fight left in him, Hallval sprinted towards them before noticing several spirits now joining the fray, an instinct kicked in he had not forgotten "geek the mage." Noticing a well dressed figure atop a hill about 200 meters away overlooking the fight, he charged towards it at full speed before he was interupted by a large imposing figure nearly all machine with next to no essence left as he began charging towards Hallval in an effort to stop the advancing crazed solider, but as Broken-Hand now took in the sights, he felt his adept powers return to him, his memories, what had happened since this day as he now fought the figure with his adept powers instead of only his fists for but brief moments before Hallval was slapped around like he was not even there. Yet despite this his adpept powers persisted through somehow as he broke the man's mechanical hands, reminding him then fully... "Broken... hand." This continued before the mechanical figure looming asked him once more "what did you learn?!" As he tore off Hallval's arms and legs. Making him watch as Hardar and Baretta were murdered in front of him. And with a deep breath Broken-Hand simply answered

"I... am free... I am my own person. I am not my past... and I can grow and learn from it." And with that, the vision ended.


Broken-Hand woke up to find himself still amidst the blizzard in a tent pitched by Brutus, the wind seemingly calmed as he rubbed his eyes, a thermal blanket wrapped around his body on top of the sleeping bag. Heading out the two found themselves amongst a clearer sky, while snow still fell, the winds were nowhere near as intense as they saw the house of Thunder Fang. Being told to leave their shoes by the door, they eventually saw the master in his kitchen preparing dinner for 3 people. With a peaceful demeanor he relayed how Broken-Hand had been tried by powerful spirits with the magic to warp minds and that he had deemed him worthy of his training. Also that he was sincerely sorry for how him and Brutus last interacted, that while he could not teach Brutus the lessons he himself learned, but he could still mentor him. With proper real food in their bellies and respect earned. The pair now finally at their destination, rested and eagerly awaited whatever Thunder Fang could teach them.


Deadly x 1.7 run multiplier, 34 RVP total

  • Anime Rival (O RVP, this has no mechanical benefit, he just has one now.)
  • Initiation Run for Broken-Hand
  • Gear Rewards: Ranking 6 Designer cloak with Radiation Resistance
  • 24 Karma (24 RVP)
  • 20 CDP (9 RVP)
  • 2k Nuyen (1 RVP)


  • Sensei Quality at Chargen Rates (5 RVP)
  • Thunder Fang Contact Connection 7/Loyalty 3 (9 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "I am going to be really quick here. Soup was very nice. I kind of understand Mojo now and his nightmare problem. Did not... expect to be viewing my old life and having to... relive all of it on top of that. Also... that lady is SUCH an asshole. And that sniper. Fuck his gun. But holy crap did I enjoy fighting her. Hopefully I will get to again one day."