Finding the Path

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Finding the Path
LocationBellingham, SSC
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Broken-Hand Character1


To find where to even begin, Broken-Hand with the aid of Brutus aka "Heart of Steel" look for Thunder Fang amidst a clean yet messy city of the SSC.


See Finding the Guide for context.

The Meet

Preparing another Grilled Cheese, Broken-Hand and Brutus discussed the information known about Thunder Fang and where to find him. Where as it turns out he has close ties to the city of Bellingham. A popular city in the SSC. After finishing their breakfast and Orange Rum, the pair set out in Broken-Hand's Jeep in order to find the ellusive master. After crossing the border and a pleasant drive later, the two found themselves amongst a very pleasant yet technologically advanced city. Combining both the sights of nature with the ammenities provided by technology. After investigating the city they found themselves in the more... underground section of the city and running into a bartender, the pair was informed of a more spiritually active area in the eastern portion of the city. Getting skeptical eyes after the mentioning of Thunder Fang. With slight suspicion in the air they headed out towards the lake to find answers, unaware of the people trailing them.

The Plan

The duo eventually saw pairs of headlights trailing them from the bar. And after a quick pit stop at Mchuge's they prepared themselves for a fight, for a fight, they would get. After the two vehicles stopped out walked a small gang of about 7 members with 2 people looking like they know what they are doing. A woman with a vibro sword reshaped into a bat and a man with a sniper rifle seemingly leading the group. Interrogating Broken-Hand and Brutus as to Thunder Fang's whereabouts. A bouny apparently having been put on the powerful warrior's head. After refusing to elaborate further, the pair readied to fight. Despite some difficulty from guns and such, the man with the sniper was knocked out by Brutus as Broken-Hand combatated the woman. The regular goons however, valuing hteir lives chose to flee with the man in toe as they sped off. Though Broken-Hand still looked at the woman with intention to kill. Not wanting him to go down that path, Brutus knocked out the woman and a goon that had gotten their arm frozen after clashing with Brutus. Once the fight was over and the two surviving gangers were thrown in the back. Brutus had a sincere talk with Broken-Hand and his... enthusiasm during the battle. Warning him of what going too far could not only do to him, but those he cares about too that would be caught in the crossfire. With much to think on Broken-Hand pondered during his night watch. And slept on when Brutus took charge of it. Once the sun arose the woman looked towards them with anger and fear. But to her surprise the duo was negotiable as they simply wished to know what she knew of Thunder Fang. After a brief negotiation for her freedom as well as for her underling, the woman told them of rumors that a powerful plant spirit resided in the eastern fringes of the lake not too far. And that they knew the way to wherever Thunder Fang dwelt amongst the mountains. With the intel in hand Broken-Hand and Brutus left them off at a motel of the woman's choice but not before Broken-Hand gave the woman 6,000 nuyen to help with medical coverage for the fight. With the new information in hand the adept duo sped off towards the first genuine lead to Thunder Fang's location.

The Run

Realizing they may need a bit more guidance Broken-Hand called upon the aid of Adeptus to help track the Plant spirit. AFter the obligated donation of Karma, Adeptus working her magic was capable of finding the spirit who resembled an andorgynous man covered in birch tree bark. With her work done and out of the way the pair saught after the spirit in the western fringes of the lake. Though before this they were followed by strange shapes in the water only visible in the astral and a crow. Then 2 crows. Then 4 crows, then 8, then 16, then 32, then they attacked the pair as water spirits emerged from the depths to attack. The pair surrounded by the crows as a bear emerged from the woods, also happening to be a spirit of beasts. Broken-Hand left to deal with the beasts as Brutus dealt with the watery figures. With strength and strategy, the pair managed to dispatch the spirits with but a strand of conciousness left in their bodies. Once they recooperated, the pair continued towards the spirit.


After finding the spirit and being honest with his intentions, Broken-Hand learned of where Thunder Fang resided. Beyond a waterfall north of the city, and should he be truly worthy the path will become clear. But recently the path has become dangerous due to several bounty hunters that now line them looking for Thunder Fang and the bounty for capturing such a powerful awakened. Thankfing the spirit for its guidance Bropken-Hand left with Brutus to find a hotel to rest. Where as it turned out Brutus knew the way the whole time, simply waiting to see if Broken-Hand could truly be trusted and handle what lied ahead. With a nice bed to sleep in and great food, the pair now await for the morrow' where the mountain and its summit lie in wait.


  • 15 Karma (15 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • 8 bonus CDP (4 RVP)


  • Tough as nails: Stun at chargen rates (5 RVP per rank)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "Alright, simple summary of the day. If walking up the mounain is ANY bit more difficult than it was getting to it? I am going to have a REALLY bad day. Thankfully the spirits were nice... why are spirits often so nice yet often very big assholes? If Mojo was here he'd likely just say 'yes' and move on. Got a long journey ahead... wish me luck."