Finding the Guide

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Finding the Guide
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Broken-Hand Character1


To find a new mentor, Broken-Hand looks for a man with knowledge as to where they may be, only to deal with several obstacles that lie in wait that halt his path.


In the desire to ready himself for challenges that lie ahead, Broken-Hand seeks to find a mentor to further his own abilities and talents. To both protect others and ready himself.

The Meet

Borken-Hand receives an update from Adeptus in regards to finding a mentor that pertains to his exact skillset. And after a long degree of searching, she managed to find the location of a powerful adept named Thunder Hawk who dwelled in the mountains in the SSC. Who was also a well known advisor for the chief of the Salish tribe. And while that was little to go off of, she did also relay that a former student of his, an Orc, was making a name for himself int he boxing rings of the Orc Underground. With this in mind and bidding goodbye to Mojo Joe, he set off on his own adventure.

The Plan

With the little bits of knowledge he has gained over his chats with Fluster, he looks for an entrance to the Orc Underground via Tacoma. Where he was greeted by a dangerous group of Orc gangers not too nice to the fact a human was in their territory. After a short and swift ass kicking involving broken bones, Broken-Hand was oh so kindly given the location of a local fighting ring. After being let in the ring Broken-Hand looked around to find information by signing up to fight, doing some brief look arounds before he was called to the ring. After a short investigation in the shower room, he was approached by a strange Orc figure with mechanical appendages and overalls that inquired as to what he was looking for as not many humans are able to make their way through the Orc underground alive. After Broken-Hand relayed what he was there for, the orc acknowledged they knew who he was looking for. An orc adept going by the name "Heart of Steel." Also Stating he'd give the intel for his whereabouts in exchange for him winning his fight and half of the prize money when he does so. After agreeing to this the orc introduced himself as Kranky Krank. With the brief introduction done Broken-Hand was not too long afterwards called towards the ring for his match against a powerful troll street sam Boxer named Black Rocket. The fight so intense Broken-Hand would have falled unconcious were it not for every last bit of his willpower and adept power kicking in and regenerating his wounds, giving him a second wind. With the aid of second wind Broken-Hand succeeded in knocking out the large cybernetic foe. With one final astral slash from the top of the cage, the powerful troll was knocked out and Broken-Hand stood victorious, swiftly before passing out from drain again as wounds overtook him and adrenaline wore out. In the aftermath Broken-Hand woke up in the street doc shop of Kranky Krank who complimented Broken-Hand's "chops" and that he would love to stay in contact for the future. Even if he wasn't an orc, he sure as hell fought like one. Agreeing to this and submitting the payment, Kranky Krank relayed the location of Broken-Hand's inital target, who now resided in Western Snohomish. With a brief thanks and payment done with, he took off towards Snohomish to find the guide he had been seeking.

The Run

After some good stretches Broken-Hand made his way towards the given address, a duplex in a nice middle class surburban duplex. Noticing the front door was unlocked Broken-Hand stealthfully made his way inside. The place taken care of but clearly in a state of rut as various bottles and cans laid out in various places. An investigation throughout the rooms revealed the tragic tale of the man living here, as it turned out Heart of Steel was an orc man named Brutus that actually managed to find love after leaving Thunder Fang and abandoning his teachings. An elven woman named Abigail he was to be engaged to who also carried his child, who sadly died while still in the womb. Abigail not dying not too long after to mysterious cirscumstances, very much likely suicide. Leading Brutus/Heart of Steel to a life of alcoholism and boxing to try and recover but never did. After realizing and piecing together the sad tale, Broken-Hand managed to find a secret trap door hidden in the garage underneath a rug. But not before two water spirits managed to get the jump on and surprise attack him. A brief jet of water hitting his face before they were quickly dispatched with. Descending down into the hidden basement a background count became instantly apparent as a tidal wave of depression and loss filled the air. Seeing an Orc slouched over on the desk in front of him, Broken-Hand felt a lingering and hostile pressence lurking in the area before starting to flee. Though fate was not on his side as the threat compelled him to return to where danger resided. Heading back two wraiths now manifested on the material jumped and clawed at Broken-Hand where only one managed to score a hit on the adept. The figures clashing before the leader revealed themselves, a powerful wraith possesing the deceased body of an elven female soon found out to be Abigail. Facing adversity through both mental and physical assaults, Broken-Hand managed to claw out of the depths of defeat and kill one of the minions and the mastermind before the third fled through the entrance. With more pressing matters on his mind Broken-Hand found the unconcious body of Brutus hanging overa desk with a bottle in hand. Using his strength, the orc was carried to his bedroom to get some brief rest and to recover after whatever had happened to him.


After a quick preperation of Grilled Cheese and a wake up call, Broken-Hand received a panicked punch to the face. After which he was able to talk with the orc post-confusion. Putting all the pieces he had found around the man's house together and trying to sympathize as best as he could with Brutus's situation. After receiving the location of Thunder Fang not too long after, the crazy adept did not ask, but demand the orc head with him to Thunder Fang, to find a better path than the one he was currently taking. With an unlikely and sudden bond formed, the two rested awaiting whatever awaited them the following day.


  • 4,000 Nuyen (2 RVP)
  • 16 Karma (16 RVP)
  • 2 CDP
  • 4 bonus CDP (2 RVP)


  • Will to Live at chargen rates (3 RVP per rank)
  • Kranky Krank contact Connection 5/Loyalty 2 (6 RVP)

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