Revenge of the Grinch, The Curse of the Christmas Trees

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Revenge of the Grinch, The Curse of the Christmas Trees
Part of Christmas Special, With a Vengeance
LocationSeattle, All the fuck over
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
Melissa Weathers
The United Front Against Corperate Christmas
Mojo Joe
Heavy Ordnance
A Green Sasqatch
Many drones
Casualties and losses
Mojo's Pride, Chrome Dome's Pride A Green sasquatch
Railguns be Spooky


Broker a well known contact among runners for his smuggling and skills at acquiring gear, started to have an issue with his clients dyeing. He hired runners to take care of it for him, giving them access to his information so they could investigate. They found a magical Christmas tree at the first scene, four more killer trees in the warehouse, and found and killed a Magical Green Sasquatch who was the source of it all, along with all of his(?) drones. The mystery of The United Front Against Corperate Christmas thickens...


As a yearly tradition, Broker, a professional "acquirer of goods", has been importing rare GMO fir trees to sell to higher end clientele. Due to the nature of his business, the entire process is somewhat automated by his swarms of drones. So when he started seeing his clients on the news as bodies, he called in some favors with other contacts around town to pull in shadow runners to quickly deal with the situation. He would not stand for this, it was bad business.

The Meet

The team all met up on the Tacoma docks. Mojo tried to explain his area of expertise only to fail multiple times to perform magic beyond harming himself with drain before the meet even happened. The meet was quick and Concise, he wanted this dealt with immediately. He passed them all the police information from the five deaths, as well as information of all the trees sold. The last information given was the last clients location in the safehouse the Broker put him in until this all blew over.

The Plan

They started by going to the most recent murder scene. They tried to sneak in, but were spotted by the Decker in the Cruiser out front, Melissa Weathers. She let them know that she pretended not to see them, as the Broker had agreed to donate to a charity of her choice if she let some runners in to investigate the murders (normally not one to take bribes, the only reason she took it was because the runners were doing a good thing). At the first site, they discovered that the trees had been ritually prepped to accept spirits.

The Run

they rushed to the next house, the sixth buyer who hadn't died's home. They found a spirit within the tree, ChromeDome failing to chop it down before Heavy Ordnance destroyed it. They then moved to the warehouse and found four more possessed trees to fight. Mojo Joe Quickly summoned a spirit to astrally track the signature back to a junkyard in Redmond, the process and the drive giving Jiang-shi time to recover from the massive spells they were throwing out, as well a s a really nasty failed summon Mojo Joe attempted along the way. Using the spirit to scout, they found a TON of drones.

They chose to go in guns blazing, firing a rocket at the gate to send ChromeDome's roadmaster through. Bullets flew all over the junkyard, Drones dropping left and right as a massive green sasquatch ran out and Clocked Heavy Ordnance. One Sasquatch mystic adept, and at least twelve drones later(one of which was firing Railgun rounds), the Runner team was victorious, the Spray of bullets from the roadmaster's guns finishing off the rest of the Rotodrones in one go.


The team failed to find who was operating the drones, but found an empty book with the acronym UFACC on the front. ChromeDome, figured out it was short for The United Front Against Corperate Christmas. There may be more of these christmas capers out there to come...

they brought the information back to Broker and tried to ask for more money, but he would have none of it, giving them what he offered and nothing more. The advantages of negotiationg through an anthrodrone becoming apparent... No facial expressions, monotone Synthetic voice, no ability to be affected by mind magic or pheromones...


20,000 Nuyen

10 karma


Chromedome: Prototype MAterials(5rvp)

Broken hand: Tough as nails, Physical, +1 rank. (5rvp)

Mojo Joe: Astral Bouncer (10rvp)

Jiang Shi: Common Sense (3 RVP)

Heavy Ordnance: Ascension Rewards (5 RVP)


The Broker: C6/ 1L (6RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "It was that day the Grinch's heart grew 3 sizes, and his head ended up on the front of that truck. Also got a new bullet wound to the shoulder. Would've ended up in my skull but... thankfully it didn't."

Mojo Joe: "Lot of work... for so little pay but at the end it got done. I was worried sick for Broken-Hand for a minute there , but then I remembered he can tank something FIERCE. Hopefully my repetoire and knowledge expands in the coming weeks... I can only hope."

Jiang-shi These headaches are starting to get worse day by day. and talking over the job, it was rather odd dealing with murder trees