The Great Gremlin Bash

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The Great Gremlin Bash
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Mojo Joe
Ryan Danes
Voice of the Whirlwind


With the threat of Gremlins ever present in the sewers of Redmond, stealing several items from countless individuals. A particular Snek wishes for them to be dealt with.


Cairn, the toilet serpent has had several of their goods and stuff stolen recently by strange short creatures resembling globlins but... fuzzier... and... weird. Needing someone to stop the fuzzy threat, runners are called.

The Meet

The runners meet at an abandoned and long since raided walmart. Dusty and ancient barely capable of describing its age as they head inside with the strict directive of heading to the bathroom and flushing a coin down the bathroom stall. Along the way, hoping for some random fun Mojo Joe attempted to grab a now old lego set on the shelf in the toy isle. Stopping and letting it go once he felt a strange and powerful aura eminating from every item in the store, the aura not being felt by anyone up until then. Making their way into the stall and flushing the coin down a stall, the lindwormn spirit Cairn made its presence known. Cairn then informed the runners of the situation at hand. How several of their items and possesions had been stolen by strange small furry creatures in the Redmond sewer system. Mechanic then showed his comm to Cairn, realizing that he had seen these creatures before on a previous run where a group of them had been killed with a singular stun grenade. Cairn confirming the similarities between the photo and the creatures they had seen. Offering gold and foci in exchange for completing his task. Agreeing to their terms, the runners dispersed towards the sewer system to deal with the menace.

The Plan

Mojo Joe called upon hsi trusty binded spirit Dick Johnson, trusting him to investigate and find where exactly the small creatures were hiding. Mecahnic all the while researching the creatures ont he Matrix, looking for anything that would be of use. While information gathering was underway, A quick call to Boris revealed information on the small creatures. How they had a strange power to create things and make them work regardless of the parts used, and a potential weakness to flame. After a while, the matrix yielded no results. But Detective DIck Johnson returned from his investigation horribly injured. Covered with bullet and bite wounds all over his body and now torn up suit. In a panic describing their lethality and thankfully where in the sewers they were located. With this information in mind the runners ventured forwards into the redmond sewers to deal with the threat.

The Run

Once inside the sewers our runners prepared themselves with spells,spirits, and drones. Ready for the creatures that lurked around the corner. The runners rushing into the fray as explosions and gunfire filled the area. Mechanic's drones tossing grenades and projectiles as Whirlwind tanked them all with ease. Broken Hand striking at their leaders as the spirit possessing his armor spewed flames through his fists. Whirlwind attaining a nice gut-covered slightly singed commisair hat in the process. Once the battle was done, They headed deeper into the creatures' lair to find a nearly completely frozen section of the sewer covered in ice and snow, every furry creture left in various states like scultptures. A mysterious Ice Spirit watching them all.


The Spirit without name conversed with the runners, where upon they learned the creatures summoned it from a plane unknown. The plane's atmosphere so cold, brief exposure was capable of freezing their entire small sewer village. Now, lost and away from its home, the Ice Spirit seeks a way of getting back. Mojo Joe offering his aid and services in this effort. Bidding the runners farewell and that they may meet again, the spirit dissapeared. But not without a new name it liked uttered by Broken-Hand, Jack. After their farewells the runners left the sewers to see the sky lightly trickling with snow. And recieved their gold as was promised.


  • 30,000 Nuyen
  • GEAR RATES AVALIBLE FOR: Foci, Reagents, lodge materials, up to 18 Avalibility
  • GEAR RATES AVALIBLE FOR: adding or Improving Lifestyle of Vehicle
  • 5 Karma


  • Cairn Contact (C5 / L1) (5 rvp)
  • Tough as nails for VOTW (5 rvp)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "I am glad to do some right once again. And I do hope Johnson gets better after that... incident. But, I also am slightly concerned for Jack. Who I do hope to meet again and find a way to send them home."