Midnight Special

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Midnight Special
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Repo Man
Humanis Policlun
Mojo Joe
Neighborhood Watch
Ascension run for Gigabite


Gigs gets Repo Man a new haunt! She inadvertently helps Humanis as well.


Due to Gigabite's decker career being halted by Fear The Dark tracking her down and cracking down on the deserter hard, Repo Man was left all alone in a former runner group's basement. Babylon gathered the materials for a ritual to move a phantom spirit's haunt, but asks Gigabite for a suitable location.

The Meet

The meet happens in Gigabite's apartment in the Rotten Lotus Hotel, Snohomish. She invites new and upcoming runners to help her out as backup after Fiendest informs her the unfinished Renraku necroplex in Edmonds, Snohomish that would be great for free real estate. On top of that, the squatters in there have military grade gear that concerns the 162s member due to them being turned on ghouls in Seattle. Gigs shares this information, spotting taglines like "Take Back The Night" as graffitis on the streets.

The Run

Gigs and the team first prepare to scout and head over to visit the place. They find a drone that gives them preliminary information: the squatters are holed up, don't want to leave and want to stay there since they're locals and want to avoid attention. Gigs offers to find them a better spot if they can avoid bloodshed. While the team scouts around discreetly, Gigabite calls Fiendest for abandoned areas in Snohomish and is given the location of an abandoned apartment block that was once used for housing agricultural workers. She scouts the location to find Redmond squatters with light armaments and offers a swap; the militant squatters in the necroplex swap places with the Redmond squatters and Repo Man will live with the new group in the Necroplex.

The negotiations that ensue due to the militant squatters having heavy ordnance and a clear anti-ghoul and anti-metahuman bias are filled with tension. Fluster, Gigabite and Mojo combined make convincing arguments while Broken Hand provides more credence to their threat level. Fiendest still wants to know where these guys get their gear from, so Gigabite inspects the routes of Snohomish and uses her terrorist background to plan a recon operation with micro cameras near the necessary routes since the militants have a lot of gear to move with a truck and will need to use main roads. With her plan and Broken-Hand's sneaking prowess, they manage to get intel that Gigabite can further extend with her own knowledge of radical groups.


Repo Man gets a new haunt with decent people and a suitable astral space. Carolina Petrovski, a Horizon SINner, Humanis member and UCAS politician is hinted to be behind the arming of these militant groups. Snohomish-Redmond border is now patrolled to a degree by anti-metahuman troops. Gigabite's apartment in the Rotten Lotus was scouted by them, but due to her non-violent approach and cooperation they appear to leave her alone and unharassed.


  • 6000 nuyen for information on the Hunters and their connections
  • 6 karma for letting everyone live + being nice to poor people/spirits
  • 6 CDP for positive interpersonal interactions
  • Optional Contact: Repo Man (C1/L2) Lonely Phantom

For Gigabite:

  • Ascension rewards (50,000 Nuyen on ware provided by the GLL)
  • Can take Repo Man at loyalty 6, must increase Dependents to 2

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "I'll start with saying that for all the talking I'm ever so slightly glad that no fight broke out... no mater how much my soul cried out for it. But protecting the pa... group... protecting the group was far more important. The "hunters" were well equipped and with how getting the spirt a place with lingering violence was... not the most enticing option. Still, Gigabite was respectful and accommodating. She did everything in there power to keep us and her place clean. Fluster was odd. She was still getting on her feet but has the makings of something scary in a no combat situation. Simply waiting to bloom. It will be interesting to see how far they go. and My friend Mojo... sigh I sometimes wish they'd be more careful with what and the amount of drugs they put in their body. Cause he nearly got themselves killed by drinking a mixed drink handed over by Gigs that smelled of other substances. Still glad to have the man on my side. On the hunter and their new place. I eagerly await a call to go out to raid them in a large group of fellow runners. I really want to cave in that cyborg's face."

Fluster: "FUCK UNO, I hate that game, it's moronic! Got a job from Gigs, SHE IS FUCKING TALL BY THE WAY. We went into some graveyard place, Gigs did some talking and I stood around menacingly, Made some deals, did some legwork, then we had a pizza party and got the guys in the place to move out. Gigs let her spirit out in the basement and everything was peachy! I remember something about Humanis but I might have been drunk."

Gigabite: "I know that most others probably would've pulled the trigger on guys like that. Maybe I should've, too. Still, violent retribution hasn't worked all that well for The 162s, they keep getting pushed harder and harder despite their efforts. That and their close ties with Tamanous, I just couldn't really put my loyalties on them alone. That Humanis bent on the hunters is concerning; I gotta see if I can convince 'em to at least concentrate their efforts on the remorseless ones instead of ghouls at large. For the moment, I'm just glad that Repo Man's safe and happy. I owe it to the guy -- and I couldn't have done it without these new guys. At least they got paid for it."

Mojo Joe: "It honestly despite the tension in the air was a good time. I am satisfied with how the situation was resolved and handled, though I do hope in the future that it may be resolved more permanently. Especially with Humanis being involved. My fellow runners were great company and I hope to work with them again. Especially that Gigabite fellow, she was an interesting and entertaining character. Thankfully Broken-Hand was able to vent his frustrations before the building suffered too much collateral damage. I also enjoyed playing cards with Fluster and hope to do so again here soon. I am also relieved that the tormented spirit has a home and is at peace for the moment. I will most likely check in with them often."