A Murder most Fowl

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A Murder most Fowl
LocationThe Tacoma Docks
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Mojo Joe
Bug Spirits
Casualties and losses
All the bug spirits, 'cept a single one inhabiting a goose.
Behold, Megoosa, King of the Trolls



A Team of professionals is hired to look into a mysterious swarm of birds on a particular set of the Tacoma docks. Upon arrival, they find birds of all kinds by the thousands. Using some investigation drones and magic, they quickly discover the culprit was Locust Spirits. Everyone proceeds to gear up and start shooting wildly into the birds, busting the door down, shooting dead all the bugs. They find strange Beast Foci inside the building, as well as a bomb, that the Large Locust at the top of the building triggered by throwing himself upon the trigger. The runners flee the scene as the dock below the building gives way, causing the building to fall into the ocean.



A disturbance at the docks, in the form of hundreds of birds, killed several people. The Dockmaster, upset that his bribe money wasn't happening, hires runners to deal with the birds and make sure whatever caused it stops happening. He chose to use runners due to all the shady things happening on the docks and not wanting to get caught in all the bribery.

The Meet


The Johnson, one James Moses, was very straight with them, he wanted the problem to go away, so that the bribes would flow once again. As the dockmaster of that region, he had the power to sign off on whatever he pleased for the Triad. He quickly offered 10,000 Nuyen, which Snowman haggled another 2000 for "hazard pay" should it arise.

The Plan


The plan, much like the Johnson, was Legwork to determine the issue. A very stealthy drone was sent in by Scrappenny to look around to start off. Sure enough, they found a lot of birds. They also found a handful of security guards walking about, appearing to be on duty looking around with vacant expressions. Sneaking into one of the warehouses, the drone found two more goons preparing fish and birdseed. Unfortunately when they tried to enter the dockmaster's office building, the door Stymied the drone. Pell at this point it was time for magical investigation, summoning Harvey, a Force 11 spirit to repel any birds that would approach her to be a bother. it only took a few moments for Pell to break the masking of two of the many birds, discovering Scout Locust spirits inhabiting two of the hundreds of birds in the area. Suddenly this mission got a lot more serious, if it weren't for Lucky repeatedly trying to convince the team he could sneak into the area in a Bird suit.

The Run


Some of the team moves in(others just choosing to walk and watch)(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), beginning to open fire on the birds in formation. Many innocent birds were purged, and many more fled from the carnage. They halted there assault when nothing seemed to happen past that, just deciding to walk in. they moved to the main area where the warehouses were, noticing the lack of guards. Pell pointed out one of two bugs in the host of geese, and Lucky shot one with a bola, the other fleeing. Lucky took photos of his catch before proceeding to beat it into the ground until dead, the rest of the team deciding he was crazy. they enter the office building only to discover an ambush before lucky had even exited the vestibule. The ambush went very poorly, for the bug spirits. Everyone was dead within three seconds, and the only wound delivered was a wicked bruise to Lucky.

Searching the second floor, they found a moth hybrid form spirit inside a crate that had been stuffed into one of the offices. Inside this crate was also four perfectly preserved Duck Sized Duck skeletons, with three heads each, and a Strange magical foci associated to a Beast spirit known as "Megoosa, the Troll King" a colossal five headed goose known for being an asshole. They shot the moth and kept going.

On the third and final floor... Pell spots a gigantic Locust spirit on the ceiling, that was slowly trying to sneak away, however once it notices them noticing it successfully, it immediately began to try and bargain to ignore it. The party listened for all of two seconds before Broken-Hand ran up the wall and punched it directly in the Astral. The bug, seeing the writing on the wall, ran over to where the desk was in the room, and manifested, falling from the ceiling directly onto the desk. It was slaughtered in short order, but its glorious work had been done. Its massive body had landed on a pressure plate, which had triggered a bomb somewhere in the building. Scrappenny slowed it down just a little and the entire party proceeded to flee the scene.



The small office building lost the foundations it was on, the bomb set underneath to blow out the pillars, causing the building to drop into the water under the dock. Scrappenny immediately doctored some footage from everyone's cameras and image links, making it look like the triad had gone crazy and they had to kill them, but not before they took out the building. Proving they took care of it, and that some Weird shit was going on, the Johnson paid them in full, grumbling about his little office.


REWARDS: 10000 Rewards

2000 Bonus pay

OPTIONAL: Gear Reward: (Beast spirit) Summoning Focus (Megoosa, the Troll King)(R4)(4rvp)

8 Karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Broken-Hand: "Fun fact, bugs make a nice crunchy noise."

Mojo Joe: "This was a... nice change in pace from my last run. Though I am still perplexed by that lucky fellow... he was a rather... interesting character. And it was slightly theraputic to see Broken Hand in action again. He was... quite devestating. As well as Pell and her exceptionally powerful spirit. May I meet them again one day."

Snowman: "So just to be clear, the triad decided to blow up the docks cause they were all all jacked up on some cocktail of drugs. On a side note there may have been substantial insect spirit activity next door, someone should really look into that."

Pell: "Goddamn bugs. At the very least we managed to clear out a group before they started forming a hive."