Detour to Phoenix

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Detour to Phoenix
LocationThe Native American Nations
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Mojo Joe


On that road again.


A talismonger under the alias of Boatman has recently been tasked with the upgrading of various runners foci and needs them delivered to Phoenix.

The Meet

The runners meet at the waking horrors talismonger shop and book store, where they were greeted by a floating figure with an ominous grin gesturing them into the shop. AFter some degree of hesitation the group of runners entered and looked about the shop lined with foci and talismans of unknowable power and stragne cosmic influence. Also Cthulhu and Dunkelzahn plushee's (which were very cute). Boatman informed the runners of her business and how she required them to drive down towards Phoenix to deliver Talismans she had recently finished for some runners that resided there. A mask, sword, and ring. After some negotiations and a... threat, she agreed to alot the runners more pay than was intitially offered. After deciding who went into which car, where to store the items the runners went on their way. But not before Mojo bought one of the Dunkelzahn plushee's for Zahhak.

The Plan

With Ez-Azael taking Bonfire's car and Zahhak riding in Mojo Joe's alongside Broken-Hand they decided to alot the sword to Mojo Joe's. The Mask and ring being alloted to Ez-Zael and Bonfire. They would link each others cars and lie to the border guards stating their intention was simply to have a fun day in Vegas. With these details in mind the runners headed through checkpoint after checkpoint ready to make their long jounrey to Phoeniz, Arizona.

The Run

The first detour ont heir journey happened in the SSC, where remours of a violent Ghould Gang roaming the highway had been making their rounds. Listening to the officer's advice, the runners took a slight detour around the surrouding woods then into the PCC. Along this way they made a quick rest stop to gather re-supplies and simply stretch about. Some shenanigans about Vegas insued before a seemingly violent group of Bikers made themselves known. But due to the runners figuring a fight was not for the best, the gang went about their business and the road trip continued.

Along the way towards their destination Zahhak and Broken-Hand noticed the figure of a black stag following them in the rear view mirrors. Despite their worry nothing came of the slightly supernatural encounter. Though one more obstacle awaited them on their journey. A giant murder of crows watched the group of runners as they crossed through the desert of the PCC. A beast spirit seemingly leading the murder approached the runners and cawed "danger" repeatedly towards them. The runners looking out their window noticed a massive horde of chickens approaching the cars with likely murderous intent. After noticing these "chickens" were Cockatrice's the petal did indeed hit the metal as both cars sped off as quickly as they could. Once the dust had settled, the conjurers and mage's among the runners gave the crow treats and pets as thanks for the warning as it flew away to help others that may fall prey to the dangers laid in the vast desert plains.

After this the runners finally arrived at what was obviously a runner bar. Where a vast majority of the patrons seemed augmented and ware'd out to hell and back. After a quick assensing there were 3 runners matching the astral descriptions provided. After confirming they had knowledge of the shipment and its contents the other group of runners thanked those from the Haven for their shipment before they parted ways.


In the aftermath of it all, the group of 6 runners and others now enjoy their well deserved pay and what may be a very lovely day amongst the lights of Vegas.


  • 16k (8 RVP)
  • 4k bonus pay
  • 1 Karma (1 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Bonfire: "Driving so much... my butt really started to hurt! That was nothing compared to how scared I was going through all those checkpoints. I really didn't expect to be driving this far. Did you know this is the furthest I've been out from Seattle? What a trip! I got anxious when those gangers followed us to the gas station, wasn't sure if they'd try anything funny, so I prepped by using some alchemy. Everything went without a hitch though! Gonna try to hit up that occult store next time I'm in Seattle propper!"

Ez-Azael: "I had myself a good time, despite the lack of anything too action-packed happening. Still, I'll take my milk-runs where I get them. The go-gang was a nuisance and somewhat tense, but they were just your average trouble-makers as opposed to being roving marauders. I was concerned with staying in the Sidhe Council area for too long, though thankfully we just kept our head down and didn't do anything to piss anyone off. Basically no issues at all as we drove down to Phoenix to drop off some gear for some other runners local to that area. Lot less magic there, it seems. Anyway, I'm mostly looking forward to Vegas after all this! It was initially just a cover-story to get through the checkpoints, but now we might actually do some gambling down in the city of vice. If nothing else, I'll get to lose my money in exciting ways."

Mojo Joe: "Well... that was quite a long venture. Though I can state for certain I am excited to have spent what was a surprisingly fun and relaxing adventure with old friends and potential new ones. Though... the chickens still haunt me."