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Snake Themed Drake
Summoning Focused Mysad
I love to encourage Personal Growth
the stronger my friends are the more useful they are
RedditI dont Do Reddit
MetatypeDwarf (Meta. Mod. To Human)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


Zahhak is a Bitter snake lady of short stature. She is a Mystic adept focused on the summoning of Norwegian and Egyptian spirits(playing into her theme, she often calls reptilian/dragon themed spirits). She's also quite good with a knife if you need surgery or emergency medical care. She spends a lot of time at other clinics assisting Street Docs "helping the people". She doesn't care about the people, she cares about reputation, she's just being subtle about it.


She is a researcher first. she loves to dive deep into magical studies to grow and expand herself, its nearing the point of obsession.

Make friends, ones that can overlook her "social disorders"

Push Schwartzkopf related agendas. She doesn't HATE him, she just doesn't trust him, like she doesn't trust anyone... It is her family legacy at the end of the day.

She wants to know who murdered her family, who would be so unwise as to attack drakes in such close proximity to others, and figure out what happened to her father.


A little Mood music to begin

Warning: contains dark themes.

Zahhak is a German drake from an isolated community. Her Origins like with a Dwarvish family of drakes under Schwartzkopf. She was the final child of Treant and Myconid Richter, bestowed the name Lara Richter. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Prague to assist with Schwartzkopf's machinations.

It was evident at a young age that there was something not quite right about her. She didn't seem to want to connect with her own family, some level of natural detachment being noticeable. she couldent empathize with characters in trids, and whenever she did something bad, she rarely ever seemed to learn from it, instead generating hostility. She stuck to herself, isolating herself despite her family's attempt to reconnect, proffering to read books and scroll around the matrix for articles then interact with others. she would spend hours and days on end reading and absorbing, only seeing what she was allowed too, but unlike her parents, the people monitoring her feed didn't really have the same opinion about what she was looking at as long as she wasn't making contact with the world. She was more interested in magic and the body then any person she's ever met. Her siblings would often bring her books home from the lab, and research notes, and all kinds of other things, mainly because Her siblings felt bad for her, trying to use it as a means to connect, but the things they were bringing home were very advanced, and some of it was very graphic, definitely not something a little mind should be reading.

Trying to get her at least out of the house, her mother and siblings started to bring her with to the research facility, where she started learning hands on, fascinated by cutting into things. It was admittedly not the best place for a young adult to be, some fucked up shit happened in that lab, but the researchers insisted she come and be around, on the off-chance she Draco-expressed inside the lab. She saw a LOT of cadavers/dissections before she even hit puberty as a result. Despite the situation, she turned out to be a bright mind, being very helpful.

Her family was scattered about Schwartzkopf machinations, in the form of researchers, guardians, Special operations, but at the end of they day, they were still a family, that dwarvish tradition of looking out for one another and staying united held true. They often would come together as a family for major events or milestones in each other's lives. This didn't really mean much to Lara, after all, these were the people who thought she was messed up in the head, and she still believed they did and were just putting up a false face. To demonstrate her bitterness, she went so far as to have her body adjusted, pulling further away from her dwarf heritage. It was a painful day for the family when she came home that day, but they refused to give up on her. (although she was now the tallest family member).

This unstable family relationship all came crashing down though in 2080.

Returning to the lab to collect some books her mother asked her to collect (begrudgingly), she returned to the family home to find it under fire, three large black vans outside. She quickly ducks behind cover, waiting patiently as the whole event occurred, gunfire, silencer shots, grenades, she was surprisingly calm, waiting, and wondering who would be so foolish as to go Hot in a place like this. She Calmly waited, Watching Schwartzkopf response, the magical event to follow lighting up the inside of the manor likely killing all the attackers... She watched the recovery team show up to assess the damage, and that's when she decided to move in. She had the right uniform on, and wasn't a dwarf... so she just waltzed on in to satisfy her curiosity, blending in with Schwartzkopf's response team after the chaos had calmed down, Showing a lab ID and telling a half truth "Myconid Richter asked me to bring some books to her home". She assisted the team for a while, finding bodies and determining causes of death, Identifying 12 members of the Richter family, and falsely identifying one of the torched bodies as herself, falsely proclaiming one of her sisters was unaccounted for.

She had no desire to be consoled or talked too about all of this, so she told a false truth to delay them, but while she was tagging her families mangled bodies, she came to the conclusion that without her family, there was no reason to stay here, there was no real buffer between her and a dragon. Schwartzkopf was supposedly one of the better dragons, but she couldn't bring herself to trust. During the cleanup, she started collecting small bits of each corpse, and quietly grabbing trinkets, drams, clothes, cred-sticks or the likes she knew the location of, and once things were wrapping up, she just left, using one of the inner families pre-planned escape routes out of the city, two Roller suitcases behind her of her own things and a few baubles. I hate Dwarves... was the only strong thought going through her mind, there Penchant to stick together and help each other was the first reason this happened.

She has lived in Seattle for three years now, only growing more twisted as her unresolved issues had time to fester. Not in the form of depression, sorrow, or any of those things, but in detachment. She does not care anymore about other people, she doesn't feel the need to be charitable, she only cares if her calculating mind can find personal gain. She likes Shadowrunners, she has come into contact with many over the years as a street doctor. To her, those are the kinds of people you want to know. The wageslave is weak of will, the ganger is weak of body. Life is precious to the one expending it, she happily maintains that life, knowing that the stronger they become, the more valuable that "charity" she offered becomes in turn. She ultimately prefers the company of the reptilian spirits that congregate around her then the people.

The only true connection she has to her home is a small jar on her nightstand, full of ashes made from the samples she collected from her family.

special notes

Zahhak has come to despise a lot of things over the years, but She reviles that she couldn't understand her family in time as one of the biggest. She was so angry and bitter that she stopped trying, despite her family's desire and efforts to reconnect with her. Now there dead and she can't work on it. This was a personal awakening to her that despite the fact she doesn't care about other people, she needs to try.

Zahhak hates Dwarves. She doesn't outwardly express it to others, as she is really more bitter about herself. In her mind, it ruined her heritage, and her family respectively. Its not a true prejudice, but it might be a little noticeable.

Her family home consisted of Fourteen individuals. She never found her Fathers body, assuming it had been taken for pay-data or something, she knew he had special cyber-ware to securely store information. She really doesn't have a whole lot of details about what happened.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Spirit Whisperer: Zahhak's Spirits tend to be reptiles in nature. She was trying to summon notable beings of legends, but she keeps getting snakes. Its why she committed to the Snake Motif.

Dracoform(Westie): She CAN take the form of a Green Western Dragon. She never DOES publicly but she can.

Gifted Healer(Treatment): She is a very good healer of the injured.

Mentor Spirit: Snake: She has a surprisingly close connection to her mentor spirit. IT wants to teach and she wants to listen.

Spirit Affinity: Plant Spirit: Her focus is derived from her nature, protect yourself first.

Spirit Champion: Due to the deeds and her natural mannerisms toward spirits, she has strong repour with the spirit world, mainly the spirits under Snake.


Driven: Hidden Knowledge(magical): she would set Seattle ablaze if it got her 5 minutes inside a dragons secret library.

Impassive: She's a Sociopath, she's semi-aware of the fact, she's working on it.

Incompitent engineering: She is NOT mechanically savvy, she coulden't change a tire if her life depended on it.

Wanted: Schwartzkopf has a strong preference that she come home, as such he has set a 40k bounty on bringing her back to Prague.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Detour to PhoenixDraknic2 January 2084
Let there be danger noodleTidanShock5 December 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Cairn 5 1 Fixer(G,N,K,A) Collector of Baubles That Which Bears Many Curses, Collector of the Rare and Exotic, Rarity Is the Best Currency, Esoteric Curiosities, Spirit of the Lost, Whispers in the Pipes, ., A simple Trade Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Zahhak is a Street doctor that moves around frequently, assisting in clinics all over the city.
3 She is also an accomplished magus, integrating that into her work. She's also a little greedy, charging extra for things like Anesthetics.
6 She arrived in Seattle around 2080 from Germany, and built herself up from the ground as a brilliant doctor.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


Alexis Svoboda (R5): (Mage License R5) (Driver's License R5) (Medical License R5) (Controlled Substance License R5)


Zahhak stands about 5 feet tall, having a slender frame from her Metatype modification(albeit she still has some decent hip action). she has long electric green hair, with even brighter electric green eyes, a slit pupil instead of the norm. While reasonably human looking, a slightly closer inspection makes some more unnatural features more apparent. Her Teeth are slightly more carnivorous in shape, being just a little more pointed then a human. she has two long fangs to add to her appearance even more. IF the Slit eyes weren't enough, the patches of scales on her forearms. To finish the look, she has a long snake tail, long enough to drag on the ground without conscious effort to do otherwise, with some ridges and spikes toward the end, making it slightly more draconic looking, as modern reptiles tend to lack that. This is all entirely cosmetic, deciding to make her insides look like her outside, she likes the slightly offput attention.


Zahhak usually wears some kind of dress, opting for something a little bit flashy. There tends to be multiple layers involved and it will often tightly fit her frame until it reaches the knee, where it will flare out. On top of the dress, she usually has a lab coat. Both elements are usually highly accessorized, with a slightly steampunk vibe, mainly to make a lot of gear and storage space look fashionable(such as internal warming coils weaved in for maximum winter comfort). She will often wear long arm length gloves and socks under her jackets and skirts, to deny any chance of her scales being visible.

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