Let there be danger noodle

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Let there be danger noodle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Zahhak Character1


A Vory facility in Redmond has recently come under attack by an unknown assailant leaving all of its occupants dead.


Zahhak's morning routine when her contact Cairn made his presence known. Informing her of how the Vory required assistance in figuring out who had recently attacked their small facility in a Redmond junkyard. After being informed of this, she simply bid Cairn fairwell before heading out herself to accept her first job under the employee of Shadowhaven.

The Meet

After running into a surprisingly high amount of traffic, Zahhak eventually arrived at the run down junkyard where she met a fellow runner that would be assisting her that went by the alias of Mojo Joe. After introducing themselves Mojo simply pointed out the looming threat only percievable on the Astral. An aura and malicious pressence of Toxic Magic. Mojo then somewhat being taken aback by what Zahhak actually was. At a loss for words Zahhak snapped him out of it and asked if he knew anything else about the situation at hand pardon the two dead bodies visible through the dusty window. After a while a van pulled up alongside the building and an orc genetleman dressed in a white suit stepped out and addressed them of the situation and how there was one survivor of the attack. The Orc man then telling the runners their pay of only 6k nuyen. Some negotiations from Mojo later and the pay was increased to 10k. Some investigations later revealed the presence of a beast spirit that managed to gas and then claw all of the occupants. Mojo all the while contacting the lone survivor and gaining his address. Where upon the two set out in Mojo's Charger. The conversation being civil if slightly awkward before Mojo broke the ice. Informing Zahhak he did not view her any different for being a drake. The two slightly settling down after the said tension had been put to rest. Once arriving at their destination the two managed to talk to the lone survivor who was obviously rattled by his experience. He went on to describe the incident and how he was the only to escape due to fleeing at the first sign of trouble. A brief and innaporpriate comment from Zahhak ensured followed by Mojo apologizing on her behalf. Quickly after this intel had been gathered the two set off towards a house listed as one of the victims who happened to be a mage enviormenalist. With this information in mind they headed towards her residence.

The Plan

After a bit of a ways journey the pair eventually came across the house desrcibed by the survivor. A quick Breaking and entering ensued as Mojo And Zahhak investigated the mages house. Eventually though Mojo was able to detect a ward emenating from a hidden trap door under the living room rug. After a slip and slide on Zahhak's behalf the two entered the pitch black basement to find a snake mentor spirit, offering them insight ont he promise of freedom from being imprisoned. After destroying the barrier the serpent mentor gave a name of the toxic mage in question. A man named Dremeris, last seen near the northern end of Everett. After giving the information and being set free, the mentor made remarks how should they manage to kill the toxic mage he would offer his guidance to Zahhak. Accepting graciously Zahhak and Mojo left the house but not before Mojo stopped her from burning it down and simply rubbed their astral signatures the old fashioned way. Quickly then making their getaway before KE or the neighbors showed up. Now, all that stood between them and pay was the toxic mage lying in wait.

The Run

After making their way to the outskirts of the woods, Mojo and Zahhak summoned their respective spirits. Mostly of Fire and of Guidance as they headed into the woods, the aura and stench of toxicity lingering as they put on their respective gas masks. A short treck later they saw a drake sitting before them as he stood up, attempting to talk to them and sway them to becoming toxic like him. Zahhak immediately rebuttling with her magic as Dremeris winced in pain. His spirit bear emerging from the woods to strike at the pair and their spirits. The battle continued back and forth for a while before Mojo's spirit managed to kill the toxic beast. Seeing his ally killed in battle the toxic drake transformed into his true form, quickly then spewing fire on Mojo and knocking him out cold. Or... rather hot. Zahhak feeling tired of playing games simply engulfed the man with a fire spirit she had just summoned. Incinerating Dremeris alive.


Once the toxic drake was defeated. Zahhak ensured his body was turned to naught but ash, so no poacher nor hunter could use his body for resources or materials out of some degree of respect. Once the deed was done Zahhak patched and healed up Mojo Joe. The two then setting out towards a mediocre bar to meet up with the well dressed vory Orc they met earlier. An awkward cuddle session occuring along the route over. Once the pay was given, the Orc took his leave. Mojo then sharing his drink with Zahhak informing her that her draconic nature would be a closely guarded secret. The two sem-toasting before Mojo drove her home to her high rise in downtown. With a boop on his nose Zahhak bid Mojo farewell as he headed home. The Snake mentor spirit there to fill in his end of the bargain and offer her his wisdom and guidance as she did her runs.


  • 13 Karma (13 RVP)
  • 6k Nuyen (3 RVP)

+4k Nuyen (Negotiation)

Alternative Rewards!

  • Mentor Spirit (Snake) (5 RVP))

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Well that was fun~ met a new friend, bullied a toxic mage. Little close for Moji there at the end though, good thing I was there~