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Collector of Baubles
Owner's Discord NameFuraidopoteto@1182
Public Contact?Yes
LocationSewers of Redmond
MetatypeFree Spirit
Preferred Payment MethodValubles
Hobbies/ViceCounting Valubles
Personal LifeNot Applicable
AspectsThat Which Bears Many Curses
Collector of the Rare and Exotic
Rarity Is the Best Currency
Esoteric Curiosities
Spirit of the Lost
Whispers in the Pipes
A simple Trade


"You find me, deep in the dark of this Stench ridden place. What do you seek? Esoteric baubles? Magical Staves of long lost wizards? Curiosities of bygone times? It all can be found in my hordes, but what are you willing to give to find it?"

Cairn is a Spiritual Linnorm that personifies his expression in reality. He constantly seeks to amass his treasures. he has a deep love of gold and precious gems, but he knows the value of anything he sees. Where he hides these prizes is unknown, squirrling it away to secret places all about. But take not of his horde, for anything not willingly given is cursed. Linnorms are known for there curses.

But what makes him willingly give? why... what all draconic souls want... gems, gold, and treasures. Whether it be literal or existential. He loves any item that has value, even if its valuable to only a specific person.

Calling Cairn is a simple task, but an annoying one for the local Sewer system, simply flush a gold coin with a Snake Etched upon it into any toilet, he will not be long...

Aspects Description

Aspect Description
That Which Bears Many Curses Cairn is Preternaturally aware when he has been wronged. Cairn looses an extra chip anytime he lowers in chips.
Above Aspect pending approval. Please notify Thematics.
Collector of the Rare and Exotic Within Cairn's Collection, one can find many things, he loves to collect things others try to deny. +2 when locating R or F rated items.
Rarity Is the Best Currency an Indescribable amount of time has gone by, and he has only done one thing, Horde. He has a great many things hidden in his stores. +2 when searching for 16+ rarity items.
Esoteric Curiosities Cairn loves all things magical, collecting them like the pretty coins and gems he craves. +2 when looking for Reagents, and Foci (all things he finds will be exceptionally gaudy)
A simple Trade Cairn will happily trade with anyone who offers him things of value. +2 when upgrading items.
Whispers in the Pipes Cairn hears many things, sneaking about in the low places of the world. +2 to networking with people less then 4 Connections.
Spirit of the Lost Cairn understands the value of anything he sees, whether it be esoteric or physical. Forgotten or simply lost objects find there way into his horde through strange reasons beyond our understanding. If it is lost, he may find it... (including lost car keys)


Knowledge Checks 5 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Active Checks 3 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Gear Acquisition Checks 13 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety
Networking Checks 9 + Loyalty + Aspects - Notoriety


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