The Pride Of Kevin Crimes

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The Pride Of Kevin Crimes
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
LocationRedmond, Bargain Basement
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Repo Man
Crimson Crush
Mojo Joe
CC Street Doc
Casualties and losses
Mojo's toilet Lakeside Safehouse


Team finds Kevin Crimes' cyberarm upgrades and Mojo gets traumatized.


Kevin Crimes had his arm chopped off as revenge for not paying runners once. He replaced it with a cybernetic one since and decided some upgrades were in order.

The Meet

Kevin Crimes meets the team in a Touristville night club, meeting with a Spikes representative, Krauter. Krauter isn't happy to see Snowman, but the team gets the skinny on the situation: Kevin Crimes had a courier delivering his cybernetic augmentations to him but the Crimson Crush jumped her mid-delivery. The Cutters saw her biomonitor send out a flatline signal and runners are better sent to find what he's owed.

The Plan

Get the courier's commlink, have Repo Man do psychometry on it to confirm Kevin Crimes is in earnest, then track down where the Crush might've taken the stolen augs. Kevin Crimes offers bonus payment if they teach the Crush a lesson while they're at it, offering a briefcase containing explosives.

The Run

A brief run-in occurs with feral ghouls and The 162s who also want the courier's corpse, but Chrome Dome manages to snag the courier's commlink, a Fuchi Cyber-X7, before the ferals devour the body. By heading to Snohomish to have Repo Man psychometrize the commlink, they find out this courier was liked because she was one of the most discreet and down-low deliverywomen in Seattle, travelling on foot and without very flashy augmentations. She had to circle around Glow City and Sophocles to avoid such cursed areas and went to West Redmond instead. This turf was contested by the 162s and Crimson Crush, resulting in her being caught at night by a CC patrol and brutally murdered.

As payment for his psychometry services, Repo Man possesses Mojo's body to enjoy the sensory bliss of devouring 20 Taco Temple burgers while Mojo does some searching. Snowman finds some Matrix intel about CC safehouses in the area which Mojo scouts astrally and confirms very minor astral security. They manage to narrow down the options to a warehouse by the northern shoreline of Lake Sammamish. By the time Mojo gets back, he endures horrifying experiences as his body tries to process twenty burgers from Taco Temple.

The plan is to use C4 Kevin Crimes provided, leave the briefcase in a critical location, grab the augs and sneak out since the Crush outnumber the runners three to one. As they do so, peculiar sounds can be heard behind doors. Mojo confirms that an ork who was previously enthralled by astrally active trid projectors died a violent death and left behind a rancid background count. As the team continues sneaking with magical concealment, they discover that something is aware of their presence. Using a commlink to peek under a door, they see a grossly deformed human-like figure staring back. This almost causes Chrome Dome's adrenaline pump to trigger, but they continue searching for the augs.

Eventually they find them and knock out the Crimson Crush cyberdoc, but the odd creature haunting them is something that Mojo witnesses astrally and immediately has a panic attack, fleeing back to his body. Fluster helps him stay calm and not scream outright and the being begins banging on doors, enticing the runners to open them and let them see its face firsthand. The Crimson Crush members hear the commotion, open the door and immediately open fire in terror as the runners run away as fast as they can. While they drive away, the explosive briefcase goes off, presumably killing almost a dozen gangers. All footage of the weird creature lacks its countenance; while they saw the being via Image Link before, the recording is missing it entirely, as if it was scrubbed from it.


Crimes happily offers Cutters augmentation clinic access to the runners as well as a couple of stolen and refitted cars. Chrome Dome and Mojo Joe take the knocked out cyberdoc to one of Mojo's contacts who patches her up, doses her with Lael to clear her memories of the treatment and lets her return to CC territory.


  • 48,000 Nuyen for Cyberware, Bioware, Nanoware, Geneware or a car and vehicle modifications. Availability limit of 18. No Deltaware.
  • ChromeDome may exchange 20,000 Nuyen of Gear Rewards for 5 Karma.
  • Mojo Joe may acquire Guts and 4,000 Nuyen at chargen rates in exchange for majority of gear rewards (10 RVP/40,000 Nuyen)
  • 2 CDP
  • + 10 Cutters Reputation
  • Available car models: GMC Phoenix, Ford Percheron, Mercury Comet
  • Optional Contact: Repo Man, 1/1 Phantom (4,000 Nuyen out of Gear rewards or 2 CDP)
  • Optional Contact: Krauter, 4/1 Spikes Lieutenant (16,000 Nuyen out of Gear or 8 CDP) Snowman cannot take her as a contact.

Note: due to Negotiation checks succeeding exceptionally well, the Low run rewards were 9 + 3 RVP.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mojo Joe: "I can... still feel them... I... know they are here... I... need to find help. Now."

Snowman: "You ever go on one of those jobs that in retrospect you probably shouldn't have had anything to do with? Right off the bat, back with the usual suspects which put me at a false sense of security. We go to the meet and run across a smoking hot ganger who probably wants to see me swinging from a lamp post sans ears. Job itself seemed simple and the rewards well hot damn they were good, retrieve some stolen cyber in exchange for some discounted cyber. Went to track down the courier and managed to avoid a fight with the ghouls that were closing in on her. Snagged her commlink damned if I didn't manage to actually crack the thing. Poor girl didn't deserve what happened to her but that's the life. Got to meet Repo Man, one of Mojo's contacts and he actually seems pretty cool. Don't know if I have much use for him but I'll be dropping by to hang out with him a bit, seems like he could use more friends. He did his psychomagic on the commlink and we got some extra info about where they might be and wound up hanging around while Mojo went and looked around on the astral. I won't go into to much detail about what Repo Man did to Mojo's body while he was gone but suffice to say Mojo wound up paying his penance to the gospel of John and probably left some bad juju in that bathroom.

Off to the location, we found out there was some shady definitely magic, maybe matrixy shit going down in one of the rooms from what Mojo told us so me and Chrome decided to go in on the sly and see if we could plant the bomb that the Johnson gave us and get the stolen ware without having to fight our way in or out. Robbed a dude who was passed out and then went to post up at the door of the room where we knew everyone slept. Then we start hearing some creepy shit. Chrome almost has a damn panic attack and in case you've never witnessed that he winds up hulking out which isn't a good idea when you're trying to not get noticed. We start hearing some shit from behind the creepy room Mojo talked about. I peek the door and, not even going to try and describe what I saw but I know for a fact that if I hadn't been looking through an image link I wouldn't be feeling too hot right now. Then the damn thing starts moving on us, or should I say, multiplying. Behind locked doors just calling to us and knocking. We called Mojo in and to cut that story short he saw some shit on the astral that made his brain go NOPE.

We avoided the rooms we heard it from and I sent Chrome to go geek the doc and grab the ware while I watched the hall. Wound up just knocking her out and taking her with us. I don't blame him, don't think I could have killed an unarmed orc woman either, reminds me too much of my momma. Chrome found the ware and some extra stuff, I tossed the doc over shoulder and set the bomb for 60 seconds and then we fucked right off. The camera I had in the hall showed most of what happened next. <Nope.trid> we could still see it over the live feed and it was still just as fucking scary but it somehow scrubbed its image out of the recording. But easy enough to tell that those orcs see something and that something is killing them. They didn't even notice the bomb at their feet. Heard the explosion from a block away so I may have underestimated just how big the bomb was. Mojo started to remember what he saw on the ride back and freaked out so we had to tranquilize him, but thankfully not before he gave us the name of a contact that could help us brush off the bad juju we were feeling. Chrome took our two unconscious friends to meet with the contact, me and Fluster took the stuff to the employer and we got paid."

Fluster: THAT SHIT WAS WACK. There was some SCARY SHIT in that building! Good thing I was there or they all would have been FUCKED. Invisibility For the win.