The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes

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A metaplot revolving around the ineffable Mr. Kevin Crimes, a lieutenant in the Cutters who gets caught up with varied criminal organisations, from his home gang the Cutters to Shadowhaven itself.


The Cutters

Spanning nearly the entire Seattle Sprawl, the Cutters are Crimes' organization, or rather he is their functionary. In seeking to secure and expand their territory, they are clashing with the Crush, who are strongly protective of the trogs of Redmond.


  • Weaken the Crush
  • Steal their business
  • Preserve their power

The Crimson Crush

A mid-tier go-gang in Redmond, the Crimson Crush are staunchly territorial, seeking to serve the neighbourhood welfare of the region in Redmond they call their home even as they enrich themselves off of vice. Their territory stretches east of Touristville, and they don't take kindly to intrusion, particularly distrusting humans.


  • Maintain their territorial hegemony
  • Protect the interests of their community
  • Stick it to the smoothskins, if they can

The Agency

A small-time gang known to operate in Redmond, the Agency operates in a semi-clandestine fashion, keeping only a light grip on its territory. While as capable of violence as other gangs, the Agency puts up a good attempt at reasonableness, imitating the shadowy government/corporate spy organizations you see on the Trid.


  • Make money.
  • Be cool.



> Kevin Crimes hires four runners to remove Joe Bogus, a Crimson Crush leader and threat to his local interests in Redmond. He underpays them a thousand nuyen each, but gives no reason.


> Kevin Crimes hires runners to get the Death Heads to stop raiding Cutter transports bringing contraband into Redmond. Working through the larger Cutter organization, he pays them on time and in full, despite some misgivings about excessive use of force.


> A team of runners, many of which were hired by Crimes previously, are hired by Yoon Myung-ju in conjunction with Shlice to capture and maim Kevin Crimes, removing and stealing his arm as revenge for stiffing them. After this, the unconscious Crimes is unceremoniously deposited at the Lady Grace Free Clinic, one that the Cutters had previously disrupted.


> Kevin Crimes has had a extended clinic stay due to crashing off several drugs. Before he is discharged, the Agency robs the clinic and recognises him; he is kidnapped for ransom. Dr. Tony Hanks hires runners to retaliate against the gang and ensure the safety of their patient. The team successfully recovers Crimes and some of the stolen goods, despite Cutter interruption.


> Kevin Crimes, working at a Cutters chop shop, gets knocked over by a group of runners sent by the Agency in the guise of Cutters under false pretenses. He is, while frazzled, and losing several Cutters, ultimately fine.


> Kevin Crimes hires Haven runners to investigate the possibility of a mole in the Cutters' Renton branch, only to find that there are likely many, and that one of them had infiltrated the crew that maintains the Cutters' aerial support helicopters. While one mole has been captured, there remain others.


> The Agency hires a team of runners to take out the Cutters' Wasps, but they bungle scouting and security gets increased. The team is forced to flee, losing several vehicles in the process. The Agency writes this one off as a failure.


> The Agency brings in more Havenites and they successfully use their tunnel infiltration method to pierce the external defenses and plant explosives in the helicopters, leaving the Green Mist defenseless. It eventually gets raided, and a few Cutters and Cutter flunkies get arrested.


> A few Cutters cross the Halloweeners that protect shipments to and from Mint's farm, causing them to be pursued in their pickup. Kevin hires a few Havenites to get the 'weeners of their backs.


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