Kevin Slimes (Part Two)

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Kevin Slimes (Part Two)
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cutters
Wild Star
Roadkill (Inactive)
Cutter thugs
Casualties and losses
Many Cutters, 6 Wasps


The runners were hired, by a strange Mr. Johnson, to "squash some bugs", and the job went off hot but ultimately fine.


The events of Kevin Slimes (Part One) left the Cutters' helicopter house heavily guarded. The Agency hires a squadron of brawlers to bust it, and the Wasps, up.

The Meet

Called to an Agency-controlled diner and brought to the back, the team gets a quick summary of the job. Attack the Cutters' security helicopters, go through this underground tunnel, get ¥20,000. The team is reasonably happy with this, although they suspect the Johnson knows more than he lets on, which as an Agent he certainly does.

The Run

On the way to the tunnel entrance, Wildman conjures a spirit to attack a toxic spirit he sees terrorizing Redmond and lethally irradiating its denizens, and the spirit he summons is harmed somewhat by this encounter. Roadkill navigates the team through the Agency's tunnel, and they come out in a claustrophobically narrow alley shielded from the street view. Executioner climbs to a nearby roof and spots somewhere he can provide crossfire from. Executioner sneaks through the street to climb onto a nearby roof to provide cover, and the spirit providing overwatch for the Cutters calls him out. Fortunately he gets his Desert Strike assembled on time, and the team bursts from the alley into a vicious gunfight. The team works its way through a remote-piloted Wasp defending its nest, two bound spirits, and about 6 hardened gangers, but in the process loses both Wildman's and Wild Star's summoned spirits, and Roadkill is knocked unconscious, only revived by his Saviour Medkit. Wild Star, despite injuries, collaborates with the blinded-by-unfortunate-climbing-mishap Wildman to spirit-lift Executioner onto the helipads on the building's roof, bypassing most of the security inside. With a brace of high-explosive grenades, the Wasps are soundly wrecked, although Executioner's inexpert handling of the situation leaves him to be struck by shrapnel from his own demolition.


The team quickly flees into the tunnel, Roadkill remembering the path. Fortunately for them, the Cutters are far too busy with damage control to pursue them into the underground effectively. The Agency scores a victory against the Cutters, and Kevin Crimes has higher resting blood pressure.


¥20,000, 5 Karma, 2 CDP

+2 Rep with the Agency

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was a little scary. Glad everyone was fine. Feels good to be useful, being set up on the roof. I need to buy more plexiglass for spirits. Maybe plexiglass gun shield? Need someone to make that for me... Or giant plexiglass wall for blocking astral vision? Hm. Maybe plexiglass shield for blocking shrapnel next time I blow up some vehicles. Need to go ask the runners who can make these for me...

Wild Star

Well, we had a close call there, I'll be honest, between getting shot and the amount of drain I had to soak, I was looking pretty hagard out there. Glad I was able to summon a force 6 spirit in order to assist with that second dog spirit. Now just to create a reason for why I have lower ammo for my job.