Kevin Slimes (Part One)

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Kevin Slimes (Part One)
Part of The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes
Status Threat Level: Medium - high
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Cutters
Cutter thugs
Casualties and losses
Pell's Suzuki Mirage, Scurvy's Yamaha Growler A Cutter Americar


The runners were hired, by a strange Mr. Johnson, to "squash some bugs", but the team hit a snag during the recon phase.


The Meet

Mr. Johnson invited the group to a bar and offered 14k nuyen in corp script to clear out a warehouse of "pests" and to ground a flying "bug" at the top of the roof. Upon accepting the run, the runners were given info on the place, as well directions to go underground from a point "A", a crater in Redmond, to point "B", a manhole outside the facility.

The Plan

The plan was to scout out the warehouse, then enter through the side entrance provided by Mr. J.

The Run

After scouting out the area, the run went sideways fast. The runners were discovered, and had to leave the area, and were chased by a car full of gangers, with more on the way. They manage to slow down the attackers, but Pell, and Scurvy lost their bikes in the scuffle. Turul, with the only remaining working vehicle, managed to drive Pell, and Mendacius to safety, while Scurvy had to leg it and hide in a bush.


The team licks their wounds, and prepares to correct their mistakes


  • 2 CDP
  • 8 Karma

Two lost vehicles

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was intense. Not that good with a bike, so I lady lucked held the wheel at times. I'm just glad my teammates are unhurt, even if two lost their bikes.


Well, that was fragged. And I really liked that bike too. Those gangers will pay for this.


Arr, so there I was- stranded deep in gang turf after sacrificin me bike to save that bear lady. Had to cut down twelve of em Cutters before I got out without nary a scratch, accordion on my back. Overall an entertaining day out in my reckoning. Ideally we still do the damn job and get paid later.