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Blue eyed ork.jpg
Burnout MBW Unarmed Sam
Bodhisattva Walking the Eightfold Path
"Look, just give me some inner peace or I'll mop the floor with ya!"
"Fury, oh fury don't you misguide me; I need my wits to set me free."
MetatypeElf (Ork Poser)
Street Cred48
Public Awareness6
D.O.B.April 8, 2060
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - D
Resources - B

Character Information


Ork-posing street kid turned burnout Buddhist seeking nirvana.


  • Stay away from Renraku. Acquire a Red Samurai katana. Done.
  • Find a permanent squat.
  • Achieve enlightenment.


Born in Tarislar in 2060 to a relatively well-off family of Tir exiles who constantly talked of the motherland and dreamed of returning there. Naturally she rebelled, and growing up at the height of the orxploitation craze the easiest way to do so was by adopting trog culture to piss off her parents. However she found that she actually enjoyed Goblin Rock, and one night she stole the family minivan to go see Crime Time perform at Underworld 93, vibing so hard to the beat that she Awakened on the spot.

After experiencing a night like that, there was no way she was returning back home - instead she started living out of the car and hanging around the Ork Underground, even getting tusks and some biosculpting work done to fit in better. It took a while, but she eventually she found a group of friends in the Skraacha that accepted her presence. However she was constant need of money to survive, and eventually she found an opportunity for employment with Renraku when the megacorp started recruiting workers from the ranks of the SINless following the incorporation of the OU as an offical district of the Metroplex.

It turns out that she was just what Renraku was looking for - someone in the top physical percentile of agility and reaction speed who could be used to field test their new Move-by-Wire system. They gave her genetic treatments to maximize her physical prowess and her body's ability to accept cyber-augmentation, then wove a web of bio-fibers through her skin and laced her bones with metal for support before threading wires through her muscles and nerves; they also didn't ask her permission first, and evidently expected that the process would burn out what little magic she had. It didn't, and when she woke up after the surgery she heard the voice in her head urging her to kill the doctors with her bare hands, which she did, fleeing before security could catch up with her thanks to her new augments.

Making her escape, she took shelter with the Skraacha in the lower levels of the OU and started working for them as an enforcer, taking whatever work she could get it. While she's managed to make a bit of a name for herself and earn an invitation to join the Haven, lately she finds herself feeling unfulfilled with a life of violence and has started seeking solace in religion, taking up traditional Buddhist practices such as yoga and meditation as she attempts to find some semblance of inner peace and quell the raging spirit that dwells within her.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Biocompatability (Cyberware) + The Magician's Way
    • The only reason that she has any magic left - Samsara once walked the Burnout's Way, but has found a new path for herself.
  • Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird) + Mentor's Mask
    • A spirit of tranquil fury whispers into her mind, manifesting as sparks of lightning in her eyes whenever its power is called upon.
  • Daredevil + Toughness
    • Samsara isn't quite sure of the limits of her own strength or her augmented body's durability, but she's quite eager to find out.


  • Code of Honor: The Path of the Samurai
    • Samsara holds herself to a high standard of behavior in an attempt to emulate the warrior's spirit and honor code of her late mentor.
  • Ork Poser + Favored (Biased - Trogs)
    • Because tusks are just better.
  • Records on File + Wanted (Renraku)
    • Renraku has her biometrics on file, and has placed a six figure bounty on her head for theft of corporate property.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Handmade CoffeeAsmodeusFestering Infestation27 August 2083
Who's Side are We On?AsmodeusFestering Infestation10 August 2083
A Steel Clad FlowerArchtmag9 July 2083
Shifting the Shack with Chet HughsPatGriffin2 October 2082
Body BlockingSleeveyLa Famille Du Peintre30 September 2082
Journey BelowArchtmag24 September 2082
Until DawnDejapesPacific Grudge21 September 2082
Third Party RescueDejapesA Scattering of Deadly Petals
Flight of the White Owl
16 September 2082
An Undergound RobberyAuroraBaker Wars15 September 2082
The Slushie MachineAurora11 September 2082
DJ SamuraiAurora19 August 2082
The Blind SwordsmanAsmodeusFestering Infestation6 August 2082
Just Your Standard Gender Reveal PartyAurora2 August 2082
Tug of WarAsmodeusThe Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes28 July 2082
CorpSec EliteArchtmag11 July 2082
Monday Night WAAAAAGGHWarr6th World Championship Wrestling21 June 2082
The Lost ScalesOrionsRequiem3 June 2082
Foot FetishOrionsRequiemDragon of a Problem15 May 2082
Out of BalanceOrionsRequiemTwo Steps Ahead11 May 2082
Cultivation CrisisOrionsRequiem30 April 2082
A Rain of Really Repulsive Renraku ReinforcementsAuroraHead In A Jar26 April 2082
No Rest for the Wicked (Management)OrionsRequiem16 April 2082
The Most Honorable BirthdayOrionsRequiem8 April 2082
Beggars Can't Be ChoosersAsmodeus3 April 2082
The Flamesaw RedemptionOrionsRequiem18 March 2082
Bishamonten Hear My CryAuroraHead In A Jar3 March 2082
Evergreen KingdomOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight2 March 2082
I Write Sins Not TragediesTheTaurenGhost27 February 2082
The Most Urban BrawlOrionsRequiemCross Flight Love Fight24 February 2082
A Ghoulish Case Of Bloody BusinessAuroraA Ghoulish Case23 February 2082
Family MattersOrionsRequiem21 February 2082
Radical nanoRobotic RolloutAuroraTwo Steps Ahead19 February 2082
A Blast from the PastOrionsRequiem18 February 2082
From One KRIMinal To AnotherAuroraTwo Steps Ahead14 February 2082
My Burning Flamesaw of LoveKaylaidoscopes14 February 2082
Pieces of EightAsmodeus6 February 2082
To Defeat A VillainAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking30 January 2082
Find The PathIsaac25 January 2082
The Jungle MovedAsmodeus24 January 2082
The PathOrionsRequiem21 January 2082
I've got a feeling...Isaac21 January 2082
Backroom FeastOrionsRequiem20 January 2082
Good SamaritansAsmodeusFestering Infestation15 January 2082
Postmodern Love StoryTheBiggestBoi11 January 2082
WHO WANTS SOME GEAR?!Isaac9 January 2082
Clearing the SidewalksSi1asBuilding a Better You4 January 2082
New CanaanAsmodeusFestering Infestation2 January 2082
NuYou? No, you!AsmodeusFestering Infestation31 December 2081
ShadowcavernAsmodeus23 December 2081
A Question to be AxedTheBiggestBoi21 December 2081
Pull It By The RootsAsmodeusFestering Infestation19 December 2081
Worlds CollideAsmodeus15 December 2081
Rage and SerenityAsmodeus8 December 2081
The Forgotten OnesAsmodeusFestering Infestation3 December 2081
Pure Black World TendencyAsmodeusFestering Infestation29 November 2081
A Lesson in Not Getting CaughtChrisst111Two Steps Ahead20 November 2081
The Corpse BrideRyncewynde8831 October 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Warboss 6 4 Fixer Fixer WAAAGH!, Moar Dakka!, Half Machine, All Trog, Gang Boss, Lok'tar Ogar, Crime Lord, Smuggler +1
Anything Andy 6 2 Generalist Generalist Smuggler, Black Market Rumors, Trog-Net, Bootleg Electronics, Bootleg Cyberware, Bootleg Weapons, Bootleg Armor Even
Ghaz 2 4 Legwork Skraacha Sheriff Cavalry's Here, Skraacha Sheriff, Coffin House Even
Nameless 5 5 Custom(K,A,G,N) Ghoul Swordsman Christian Cult Classic, Underground Underdog, Judicious Judicator, Gloomy Glow Ghoul, Mana Mentor, EVO Encyclopedia +1
Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy 2 6 Custom(A,G,N,K) Ganger / Tough Guy Not the Brightest Bulb, Firesaw, Fraggin' Handsome, People Pleaser, WAIT I'm a runner too! +1
Sarah Glenn 2 2 Custom(K,G,N,A) Stop Quick Owner Anti-Halloweener, Drug Dealer, Orkish Business Owner, Heart of Gold Even
Huan-Shi Bai 1 1 Networking Restauranteur Meets all kinds, Adept Farmer & Chef Even
Jacqueline Grant 1 1 Networking Bartender Elven Blood, Pointy Ears to the Ground Even
Amelia Novak 1 1 Service Urban Primitive The Beast Within, Use Every Part Even
Corf 1 1 Service Helpful Lil' Minecart Rail-bound, Small, Living Transport, Underground, Wild Spirit, Smol Even
Vati 2 4 Generalist Hermit Cancer, Adept, Martial Artist, Words of Wisdom Even
Saint Nick 2 2 Gear "Santa Claus" Blissfully Unaware, KRIME Konnections, Milk and Cookies, Spirit of the Season, We Got Guns Even
Cascade 4 4 Service International Smuggler and Fence It's not fun if there's no Risk!, Smuggler Specialist, Garage of Ganked Gear, Stimulant Savant, Getaway Driver, Driver picks the Music, Passenger shuts their trap Even
Weirdboi 3 3 Custom(G,A,K,N) Skraacha Cyberdoc Shamanic Surgery, Shamanic Cybersurgeon, Measure twice, cut just an irresponsible amount, It fell of a lot of trucks, Black Market Connections, Jar of blood! Oh I'll stop the bleeding now Even
Toxic Tension 4 4 Custom(A, N, K, G) Combat DJ SpinGlobal Radicalness And Loyalty!, Extremely Radical, Trog EDM, Keymore, SpinGlobal, Famous Artist, Pyrotechnics Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Skraacha Enforcer 2 76 Gang Maintaining Ork Underground, Seattle; Chicago
  • Currently working as part of the neighbourhood watch for a Skraacha-run metahuman community below Renton.
    • Has earned a Solid Rep for dedicating her free time to community service and protection.


Faction Faction Rep Significant Runs Notes
Aztechnology 25 The Jungle Moved Traveled to the Amazonian jungle to track down and capture an escaped experiment.
Ancients 5 No Rest for the Wicked (Management) Worked for the Faction to pay protection money keep her family safe.
Mothers of Metahumans 10 The Flamesaw Redemption Freed Kenneth "Flamesaw" Murphy from unjust imprisonment.


Faction Faction Rep Significant Runs Notes
Renraku -10 Good Samaritans Killed a Renraku sniper guarding a secret facility in Glow City.
  • Has a six figure bounty on her head for theft of a MBW system and murder of several doctors and security personal.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Leaves a reddish-gold coloured signature on the astral plane when she uses her superpowers.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 A series of P2.1 and other social media accounts which depict a pale young ork woman at a series of underground (sometimes literally) Goblin Rock shows.
3 A MeFeed video which shows the same woman in a basketball game, moving with clearly unnatural speed and fluidity before performing a 10ft vertical leap.
6 An anonymous post on a host targeted towards bounty hunters, with a photo of the same woman along with a significant reward for her successful capture.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 A clearly wired-up "muscle" who fights with her bare hands, operating mainly out of the Downtown and Ork Underground districts.
3 An apparent member of and enforcer for the Skraacha, though there are also rumors floating around that she is actually a poser.
5 A wanted fugitive with a large price on her head - for more info, contact authorized representatives of Renraku North America.

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally healthy, possible minor injuries, probably not intoxicated, Awakened.
2 No standard-grade cyberware. Magical Class: Adept. Has a dim amber-coloured shade to her aura.
3 No alphaware-grade cyberware. Almost certainly lower essence and magic than anyone who can assense - very nearly on the cusp of burning out completely and at risk of developing cyber-psychosis.
4 Betaware: titanium bone lacing and move-by-wire system. Bioware: fake tusks, minor biosculpting to facial structure, bio-tattoos on back and shoulders, enhanced articulation in joints, orthoskin over entire body, pain editor in spinal chord, extra platelets in blood, reflex recorder in brain. Essence 1. Magic 8.
5+ No deltaware-grade implants. Has been genetically enhanced for increased agility and more holistic integration of cyberware, as well as increase tolerance to damage. No nano-tech. Not a technomancer.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Sara Smith Renraku 4 Adept, Bodyguard, Driver's



Usually dressed in an old, torn armor jacket and frayed cloak that she favors, otherwise she'll typically wear whatever she can find in the donation bins of the charity shelters and soup kitchens that she frequents.

Likes to wear her favorite custom-fit synthleather outfit from Rockblood Signature's Old School Line when on a job, or when doing work for the Skraacha.

Matrix Persona

A store-bought persona - "Generic Ork Warrior #6", which comes with NPC sound files such as "zugzug", "me not that kind of ork", and "WAAGGHH!"

Media Mentions

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