Find The Path

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Find The Path
LocationPuyallup, Seattle; Glow City
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven A random shardik
Casualties and losses
That shardik


Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya were looking to join Nameless and co. in Glow City. There was also a shardik in a side tunnel.


Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya heard about the ghoul exodus to Glow City. They felt that they'd be safer there than in Puyallup. They've got some runners that knew Nameless to help find a path there.

The Meet

The team was given the location of the Puyallup shophouse by Entropy, having helped the ghouls move into that place 2 weeks previously.

The Plan

Skimmer and Samsara, having Nameless as a contact, agreed to do so. The rest of the team also decided to join in.

The Run

The team used the tunnel used in Good Samaritans to infil into Glow City. There was a shardik in a side tunnel. The team put it down to make this entry point safe.


Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya are now relocated to Glow City.


- 9 Karma (9 RVP)

- 2 CDP

- Optional Contact: Tom, Jimmy, Mary and Aditya for 4 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


More ghouls looking to find a sanctuary? Yeah, I can do that. Gonna have to get the car deep cleaned now though, after all the flesh bits and other gore that managed to find its way into the upholstery. No big deal. Team encounter a massive metacritter shaped like a bear; talked Samsara into posing for a quick pic with it before we lit it up. Fun times, and a few extra meals for the ghoul horde. Good day, all in all. And Nameless seems pleased with his latest acquisitions, as they set up a 'feel good' Lodge around the place. Everybody's happy, even though no one got paid. Oh well.


Buddhist ghouls! I never thought I'd be so lucky, but not only do I meet four fellow Bodhisattva, but they want to go live with Nameless and his crew - I saw instant opportunities to make some new friends and help out existing ones, so I was happy to do the job without pay. It was pretty straightforward, right up until we ran into the giant fragging bear in the sewer. Skimmer got me to cuddle up to it and snapped a picture (really great idea, I always like working with him), then it woke up and we put the hurt on it until it went down for the count. Nameless said that he and his people could use it for food (I guess they only have to eat like, a certain amount of metahuman flesh based on their body weight and the rest of their diet can be raw meat from wherever), so we left a trail back to it and lead the quartet of ghouls to their new home. They even invited me to meditate with them after, it was great!


My second ever operations during the haven, and already a repeat face. The Ghouls from the other week. It seemed odd at first, we went through the hassle of escorting them to one home already. This time were doing it again. Money isn't everything, however I acquired something more valuable than wealth. Information. Apparently there's a man named Nameless outthere trying to rehabilitate ghouls. And thanks to the group I learned he's quite fond of the blade. Perhaps I can ask around and figure out if he'll tutor me on the proper use sometime rather than my true to survival style. Other than that, we encountered a large toxic bear. I learned not to rely on the weight of the world from that, and then decided to instead focus on my knifeplay. That failed me on this run too. As I keep repeating, the cycle eternally continues. Any time where I acquire eyes, acquire information, and acquire experience all in the same go? Worth it to me.


  • Argh, - one sec, gahd this headache is killing me - I need some of that magic drek to stop this. Ooh, anyway. Simple as can be, I got some fresh water to clean my face and wake me up - sat in skimmers comfy car with a bunch of the, well, ugh... The misrepresented bunch, they didn't gnaw at my arm, so I got no issue with them. Sammy insulted my conduct, which was ironic given she herself partook in a violation of battle safety when she sat next to, and grappled with a bear. . . Why... Skimmer was a man of my own flesh, we just stood back while o'l Sammy did a tussle - Entropy - Ento - Tropy, Ropy! I like that name, little-ropy, man of the fur, did his weird wizard techniques and levitated a knife and stabbed at the beast a few times - will say, thick skin was barely penetrated by our rifles, feel sorry for the kid - musta been hard watching his knife only go, well skin deep. We got the ghouls so safety, I sobered up a bit - and afterwards I celebrated in the pub - no pay, which is of course disappointing, would like to get outta this dumpster fire of a car. Though, trash stays together.