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LocationTacoma, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven ARES subsidiary security
8 standard mooks
Security Rigger and drones
Casualties and losses
A bunch of drones


The team saw a post from one of the Haven's fixers, Carlos Blanco about a tip-off about a less-defended warehouse storing ARES stock. They decide to hit the place after minimal legwork. It went okay.


Carlos noticed that there was a covert ARES convoy going through a secluded part of Tacoma. He's also heard gossip from ARES corp-drones about one of the main storage facilities currently being renovated and having nowhere to store an incoming shipment of materiel and decided to inform the Haven about this.

The Meet

The team met up a few blocks away from the warehouse, after marking down their interests in hitting the place. Carlos did not offer to meet.

The Plan

The team only did some preliminary legwork in the late afternoon, and then attacked frontally at night.

The Run

The team tried to sneak around the guard in the security booth, but was spotted. Not being complete idiots, the guards set up alongside the drones to cover the booth guard. Seeing that the intruders are hostile, there was then a tsunami of electrified shotgun shells aimed at Samsara, but the bullets, they do nothing. Rooster was not so lucky or durable however, and was caught in the electrified plastic storm, being quickly incapacitated. Nogitsune and Frostbite slowly picked off the drones while Samsara slowly advanced and ate all the stick-n-shock. Soon after, the security rigger activated the anti-vehicle turrets in an attempt to stop Samsara. It still didn't work, and the team blew the turrets up, but not before Nogitsune caught a burst from one of them. The security forces retreated after being hit with flashbangs and the turrets were destroyed, into a safe-room. The team quickly patched up their wounded and went to looting before HTR arrived.


ARES lost some stock and materiel, the team had a new appreciation for suppressive fire and they got a small pile of new toys.


52k nuyen of FBA/security armor/military-esque armor (But not mil-spec) and associated accessories, weapons and associated accessories, drones and associated accessories, grenades and ammo under 18 Availability, and half the remainder of that in cash, or 26k nuyen in cash. (13 RVP)


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


You know, I always heard Ares were like, the big tough kids on the Corporate Court block, but these guys weren't so bad. I mean, sure, they know how to throw bullets at a problem, but I have full body armor, not to mention metal bones, orthoskin, and wires - whatever I didn't dodge barely touched me, and I came out of the whole thing with a few bruises and a whole bunch of new toys. Definitely not bad for a day's work - I don't know if whoever tipped us off to this opportunity can read this, but if so thanks omae, I owe you one!

Good team too, if a little strange - then again I guess I'm pretty strange myself, so who am I to judge? That Frostbite guy had something weird going on with his aura (I didn't want to say anything about it, but it just felt... off...), but he knew how to shoot really well. Same with Nogitsue, who's got a neat fox tail and now a huge troll-sized sniper rifle - it's a good combo, hopefully we work together again. That Rooster guy had some gnarly cybereyes and a cool bike, but he got lit up by bullets and went down; thankfully I could get them to focus fire on me and he made it out okay, plus he didn't need to use up nearly as many bullets as the other two. Maybe I should learn to use guns someday, but those things seem expensive.

Frostbite AAR: PM001

  • Report_Operation: Minimal planning required - One heavily defended checkpoint - 6 drones, 2 turrets, beyond 6 guards - 4 runners. Attacked at night, low security area - KE to respond within 1 hour. Samsara attempted infiltration, guard detected attempt - high alert. Rooster drove towards entrance, though was taken down by heavy retaliation, Samsara adequately absorbed incoming fire - further research required. Nogitsune took over-watch positions as in combination, caused reconfiguration of circuits via kinetic adaptation. Overall - successful run,
  • Report_Runners: Johnson: N/A 3rd party information to raid facility.
    • Listing procedure:
      • Nogitsune: Statement: Acquainted on previous mission, adept driver - though equally adept with firearms - reckless to point of rage. Overall asset to team.
      • Rooster: Statement: Reconnaissance was valuable, though experience with assaulting through chokepoints was sparse. Could have been an asset, though Recitation: "Luck was not in his favor" Continuation. Further missions could yield interesting results.
      • Samsara: Statement: Initially believed to also have sparse knowledge in assaulting chokepoints, highly armored and reactive, negation of enemy arms was achieved through marching reckless abandon. Overall asset to team.
  • Report_Opinion: Dangerous prospect, though rewards balanced initial danger. Recitation: "Looting" Continuation: seems to be a staple technique in acquiring specialized armaments.
    Nogitsune: Of course these guys were trained as standard protocol for Ares security forces especially if these guys are the bottom tier of there security forces ,simple beat cops did not want to harm him .those damn auto turrets  on their hand proved to be annoyance and man in chains shrugging off one of their attacks ,before everything became a blur . Felt good to fight along side of a another shark, Samsara. always wanted to pick up one of these rifles and sort of having a hard time trying to fit it into my place. need to get some mods to help break it down for easier transport.


I shoulda known this run was gonna go to drek, cuz. We didn't really do any planning. We just kinda showed up and checked the place out, but it turned out no one had the tag scanner or eraser that we needed to actually cop the gear. We took a break until nightfall though, so I went and copped some new gear. Then we tried to sneak in, but that didn't fuckin work. Of course it didn't fuckin work. I don't know what they did to get caught, but drek hit the fan real quick after that. I charged in on my bike, but I got caught in some crossfire in the gate and went down. They had a whole flight of drones with machine guns or some shit covering the entrance with crazy bursts of fire.

The rest of the team pulled the job off though while I was down, so there's that. At least we didn't all get caught 'cause of those drek gun drones. We raided the warehouse after that. A real snatch and grab. I wasn't really sure what to get until I found a crate with some real wiz armor. Yeah moe! It must have been some rich guy's custom order, but it was real good gear. Nicer armor than I've ever seen. I also grabbed a cool looking sword because I saw Samsara grab one. Turns out it's some sorta wiz vibro sword.