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Frostbite Temp 0001.png
Sniper/Gun Slinger
Lobotomite that is trying to become human.

Existing Nominal

Existence terminating
Discord@D U N E#6017
MetatypeSURGE Human
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.10th December, 2062
FolderFrostbite Drive
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


S-K proto-transhuman used as a testbed for meta-human cyberlimb compatibility – due to treatment as a biological machine, very little social capacity. Task orientated, follows a basic set of procedures on a Job – does not understand ethical quandaries.



  • Fix broken cyberarm - get to factory default settings.


  • Seeks to pacify its curiosity and gain an understanding of the world it now lives in, is very much a tourist in the shadows.
  • Improve cyber-augmentation - (increase rating of limbs to allow better body-mind connection). (0/4 Limbs to Alpha)
  • Find a group of people that it is compatible to work with. (Optimized)
  • Acquire "Normal" limbs to decrease abnormalities when not associated with tasks.


  • Obtain mobile base of operation.
  • Obtain network of safehouses.
  • Rediscover the S-K research facility.



White walls, a strip of red, and a strip of green. Subject ZG-028 was never treated as a meta-human, because its intention was never to be a meta-human. It was a biological entity that shared all the aspects of a human, though when no one knows you exist, you don't exist. Social interaction was minimal, “Pain at the arms?” “Feel the legs” “Anything itch?” - no one had time for another vat-born. They were busy and understaffed. Learning was offered for basic association to decreases resources spent for interpreting the data, and minimal entertainment was offered so "fun" would be associated only to work orientated tasks.

The awakening occurred around during exposure to a mana-warp, and while completely a coincidence, the idea there could be a link was enticing enough to extend possible research parameters, this came alongside its SURGE - while physically the only notable alteration was a blue skin tone, on the astral they represented the terror of others more emotional in the program, new senses were violently altering its perception of the world - and it became the second most important subject of research due to advanced and yet unexplained anomalies.

As with other vaguely militaristic projects, Subject 028 was given military grade training at an extremely young age as part of the project for accelerated soldiers developments, and while attention was diverted from this due to unique properties, training level was sufficient to the degree they have participated in multiple smaller scale operations - both in live-fire "training" exercises against intruders to the facility, combat sims of open-warfare - and a multiple external excursions after utility was degraded.

At the age of 18, a large quantity of the subjects, including 028, were deemed as lower value assets, and the S-K facility decided it was time to transport the subjects for alternative testing procedures. Either being repurposed for new experiments, or being recycled to try to get back some investment if unable to be used for other purposes. During this movement, the transport convoy was attacked during escort on a mountain pass, the centre truck of a 4 vehicle convoy was thrown into the deep snow after an explosion ruptured the ground below. A severe firefight started above, while the unknown group engaged in both offensive tactics, and "asset" recovery. After waking, the first thing they experienced for their new life was bullet fire, intense heat followed by intense cold - a smoky room from the leaking battery acids, and a figure throwing in a assortment of automatic weapons for the still conscious protohumans to use against their capturers. Like any other experiment, it linked the opening of a door to be the current leader, and with diligence assisted in the extermination of an assumed combat practice scenario.

After a trek through the snow, they arrived at their transportation - each going a different way to be dispersed around the UCAS/CAS/SSC to find the best work each could associate with. Seattle was the home of a few of these - some from initial departure - others being brought by nuyen after acclimating to the world beyond the cold walls.

Frostbites initial contact was Haruki Uchida, however after their assumed death due to a overzealous trap to re-secure them for S-K, it has since been "Adopted" by Shi Hakase to assist in ongoing research matters in awakened-transhumans, aiming to see if there are any possible correlations like the scientists before. The attack has left it severely damaged, with its left arm being rendered as useful as a early 2000's prosthetic.

Life in the Shadows

Months 1 - 2

Months 2 - 4

Narrative Significant Qualities

Alternative Senses

  • Biosonar, Thermal Sensitivity, Electroception (Technosense), Reduced Sense (Smell + Taste)
  • [Explanation] Possession of abnormal organ, perceptive ability has increased - reduction of taste/smell persists, likely correlation.

Unique research subject

  • SURGE, Prototype Transhuman, Adept, Biocompatibility (Cyberware),
  • [Explanation] Probability: Unlikely - contain rare qualities that overlap in rarity.

Bad Vibes

  • Critter Spook, Astral Hazing, Antipathy, Impassive, Impaired Attribute (Charisma)
  • [Explanation] Archaic nature of social interaction decreases ability to interact with social entities.

SHI's dealers.

  • Black Market Pipeline (Cyberware, Shi Hakase)
  • [Explanation] Exclusive contact deal for sustained - quotation "Research Partnership"


  • Frostbite is currently wanted by Saeder Krupp and their subsidiaries - there is a warrant for 140k for live capture among S-K agents, or personally contracted teams. Released to the general public is a less factual warrant at only 40k (Either alive or dead). The 140k warrant has relatively up to date details, habits, training and ware that was last observed - with sightings being updated to enable SK agents an increased edge in confrontation. The 40K warrant has rough appearance - notations they are an EX-Sinner, and a backstory about them terrorising an SK facility.

Run History

11 Independent (+1)

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
In The Plastic JunglesAurora23 August 2082
A Meatcar Named DesireCutier Than Thou2 August 2082
Where Lobsters Spend the WinterOrionsRequiem10 February 2082
There's No Business Like Snow BusinessSi1asWhen You Reach Me3 February 2082
Crossfire: Local OffensiveAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking1 February 2082
Very (Un)Serious BusinessIsaac31 January 2082
Cutting It CloseSarcarian28 January 2082
Spark of the Waiting HorrorDraknic21 January 2082
The Big CheeseShadowhandTaking Back Tacoma19 January 2082
WHO WANTS SOME GEAR?!Isaac9 January 2082
We Got Ourselves A Convoy!OrionsRequiem7 January 2082
State of DecaySarcarianFestering Infestation6 January 2082
Enemy of my EnemyAsmodeus1 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Shi Hakase 5 2 Fixer(G,A,K,N) Street "Hakase" Street "Hakase", (SAAC) Standardized Augmentation Acquisition Contracts, (UNA) Unsanctioned Nanoware Applications, (PGR) Prototype Gear Relocation, (RP) Redundancy Protocols, (UR) Unrestricted Research, Uncanny Existence, Not Enough Hands, (AP) Awakened Projects, Repossessed Awakened Cadaver, (AMP) Adapted Medical Protocols, (EDR) Enhanced Design Research Even
Irena Tachikov 6 1 Gear EVO Acquisitions Expert Workaholic, EVO Acquisitions Specialist, Vory Connection, On Trend, Shadier side of the Court, It fell off a truck, Meet my Doctor, Gang Detail, Information Broker Even




In Character Information


  • Order & Logic
    • [Explanation] Personal opinions non-optimal solution - logical consensus offers optimal efficiency ratios.
  • Drones/AI
    • [Explanation] Logical conclusions - sustainable exchanges.


  • ####
    • ####

Symbols and Signatures

Frosted Δ

  • Frosted Delta - This is stamped onto his equipment, or things that it has personally had a hand in producing (example could be if it makes his own bullets).

Matrix Search Table

Hits Information Gained
1 Frostbite is an injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues.
3 Trace Sightings and blurry trideos of nocturnal menace.

News clippings in unreputable hosts that shows a target vaguely like Frostbite getting blown up while accessing their car.

(Saeder Krupp has multiple warrants out for Frostbite):

Name: Percy Snow "Frostbite" (Falsified Dossier) - 40k for external help [Read - Police, small frys] (Notation Dead/Alive)


(Saeder Krupp has multiple warrants out for Frostbite):

Name: Subject ZG - 028 "Frostbite" (Semi-Detailed Dossier) - 140k for internal agents/private contractors [Read - Runners] (Notation - Alive)

Commlink (Offline) - - -
Testing Facility Detailed reports and diagnostics of others and himself from birth to the escape. Multiple subjects are still being tracked.

Shadow Community Table

Hits Information Gained
1 "If you can get past that uncanniness - seems to do the job you tell them to."

"Heard he was not with the living, sad - shadows don't need so many freaks bringing attention to us."

"There's talk it's a Monad, some say it isn't, but best not stay too close, you never know."

3 "Seems like a psychopath, though apparently there is a person under that chrome... Apparently"
5+ "That thing and others were rescued by a mole, don't know who - though they got 16 people out of an S-K convoy. Be careful, there is talk of a large bounty on its head."

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
0 You scored 0 Hits.
Subject has a severe astral taint. It growls like a dying wolf that wants to get one more kill before subsiding.
1 Health: - Sleep deprived, though otherwise healthy.

Emotional State: - Muted

Awakened: - True

Deeper looks into the taint show a severe hatred that cannibalizes itself. Anger and terror interweaving in a raging storm. 
2 Used/Standard: Head - Eyes/Ears have augmentations

Used/Standard: Torso - None detected

Used/Standard: Arms - Arms have been replaced with cyberlimbs.

Used/Standard: Legs - Legs have been replaced with cyberlimbs.

Looking through the taint there is a humanoid figure with the teeth of a shark and eyes of a cat grinning wildly.
3 Alpha: Head - Brain has augmentations,

Alpha: Torso - Torso has augmentations.

Alpha: Arms - R2 Search results.

Alpha: Legs - R2 Search results.

It subsides partially to a agonizing look, the grin lowers - almost looking like it wants to crack.
4 Beta/Bio: Head - Brain has bioware augmentation. Eyelids have additional material grafted.

Beta/Bio: Torso - Character has body-wide neuron augmentation.

Beta/Bio: Arms - None

Beta/Bio: Legs - None

Essence: - 1.00

Pain, terror, emanating from the subconscious of its mind, unheard, and screaming out.
5+ Delta/Nano: Head - None

Delta/Nano: Torso - None

Delta/Nano: Arms - None

Delta/Nano: Legs - None

Technomancer: - False

Mute and subsided, it's an ugly apathy that persists beyond all of this.


SIN Issuer Rating Licenses
Zen Fro UCAS, Seattle 3 Bounty Hunter, Drivers, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Restricted Augmentation.
Ermia Hypoth UCAS, Seattle 4 Private Detective, Drivers, Concealed Carry, Firearms, Restricted Augmentation.

Matrix Persona

Ninja (Stock)


Nude/Base form

Body is a icy blue, limbs while the generic shape of muscles are blocky and matt black - the legs have been altered to be that of a cats hind - and joints ready to be removed for more fitting disguise. Eyes have a red iris with black sclera's.


Combat Gear: Armored trench coat with a pure white, almost ceramic looking mask. A blank expression with 3 eyes. The armor is clear, plates can easily be observed on the body - and subtly is forgotten.

Personnel ware: Leather trench coat, a balaclava with a respirator attached and a light armored vest. Weapons are on show, thought it blends into the scenery if it weren't for his odd stature, interesting legs, and general demonic presence.

Media Mentions

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