Taking Back Tacoma

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“You can get much further with a kind word and a gun then you can with a kind word alone” ~ Al Capone

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“Nothing personal, it’s just business”

The Mafia has always been a part of Seattle, and one Family aims to take back what was once theirs.


Gianelli Family

The third most powerful family in Seattle, has fallen on hard times. After several incursions by the Octagon, as well as the constant presence of the Ragers and the Spikes, the Gianelli Family has fallen from grace within it's areas of focus; Tacoma, Puyallup and Auburn. Realizing that if things are quickly turned around the family may as well be finished, Don Joseph Gianelli resorts to unheard of tactics by the old guard; hiring shadow runners to take back what is his. Trusting in the capabilities of his up and coming Capo Antonio "Vice" Vecce, the Don fully expects results from this endeavor, and is willing to throw cash and equipment at it to encourage success.

Important Members

Antonio "Vice" Vecce

Antonio Vecce.jpg

A Caporegime in service to the Gianelli Family, looking to move up in the organization. As ordered by his Don, Vice seeks to hire runners to shore up the defenses of the family, and to go on the offensive against those who stand in the way of the families rise. Vice's personal ambitions know no bounds, as he gleefully trades cash and equipment to meet the demands of his boss.

  • Tony "The Chef" Gianelli. Grandfather and Consigliere to the Don, the Chef runs a "Family" restaurant in Tacoma called IL Formaggio Grande, or "The Big Cheese." Tony is vastly knowledgeable in the arts of mafia maintenance, and is the Don's right hand man in all things.
  • Joseph Gianelli, the Don. Recognizing the lowered spirits and general dejectedness of his followers, the Don seeks reclaim his families lost power, and once again stand proud among the big three. He is fully willing to sacrifice as many runners as it takes to accomplish this goal, and will sink cash and resources into the project without a hint of reluctance. The family must rise, or the Don loses face and possibly his position to the members of the old guard who casually await his failure.


  • Take back Tacoma

Enemies of the Family

The Ragers. The Spikes. Most importantly the Octagon, representatives of the Yakuza.

Important Members

Sid Vicious, leader of the Ragers. Taser Face, the leader of the Spikes. David Gao, Octagon Lodgemaster.


  • Remove the Ragers influence and potential threat within Tacoma.
  • Remove the Spikes influence and potential threat within Tacoma.
  • Remove the Octagon influence and potential threat within Tacoma.
  • Recruit promising shadowrunner talent as expendable assets towards this end.


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