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Burnout Adept Ghoul Street Sam Tank and B/E Infiltrator
MetatypeOrk Ghoul
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - E
Resources - A

Character Information


This is a primegen slot purchased with GMP.

Grist is an ork turned ghoul thrust into the life as Shadowrunner by chance circumstance. Despite being a monster he lives by a code.


Improve his skills and gear and hunt better prey.


Grist's birth name he tells no one, for he has left that life behind.

His story is tragic, as is all too common in the 6th world. He was born in an ork neighborhood within the "The Noose" of Chicago. However while very young his parents were killed by a free insect spirit. Thankfully, for him, a group of researchers and mages (as well as their entourage) from Little Earth were already in the area investigating the sightings and rumors of said insect spirit. They were able to intervene and kill the spirit before it could hurt him, his parents and siblings weren't so lucky. Even more fortunate for the now orphaned Grist, some of the security staff that ran physical protection for the mages and escorted them through Chicago hellscape were orks, one of whom had recently lost a young boy about Grist's age to random gang violence. This man, loathe to see another young ork fall into such violence, had an immediate soft spot for young Grist and decided to take him home to live amongst the folks of Little Earth,

After getting over the deaths of his parents and siblings, Little Earth seemed like a reprieve from the rest of the Chicago Hellscape. He grew up quick, as all Orks do, but he was quicker witted and even sharper than many of the other Orks. Through these years he was taught a modified, more temperate version of the Akichita code from the other Orks there in Littler Earth. This version focused on the protection of Little Earth, and all its cosmopolitan inhabitants as a central focus, rather than just Orks. Given his cunning and rather healthy physique he soon became a team leader for one of the security groups of the Astral Preservation Society of Chicago. It was while out on a mission escorting researchers that his entire lilfe changed.

He and his team were tasked with overwatch and security support for a team of researchers looking into some Astral Phenomenon near the outskirts of Cermak Fallout Radius zone, while a second team of security personal were their direct bodyguards. The whole detachment set up shop temporarily in an abandoned building. Thankfully power was still running in a lot of this area, though it was spotty. At one point the building, somewhat predictably, lost power so it was his team's job to help bring it back online while the rest of the detachment made due. After a bit of investigation they realized the building and several other adjacent structures were tied together with a shared basement structure, its just that the entrance in where they had setup shop was entirely collapsed. So he and his team headed below to patch together what they could on the breakers or run a bypass if necessary to get things working upstairs. At first everything was normal, at least as normal as it gets for an underground structure in the CZ. Then, without warning, all hell broke loose.

There was a distant explosion and a part of a wall in the underground structure collapsed, revealing a connection to the Sewer system. As it did so a horde of feral ghouls started spilling into the area Grist and his team were in hot on heels of a group of what he now knows were Shadowrunners. However, they weren't fast enough, and even as they ran into the chamber and Grist's team opened fire, some of them went down. There was fighting all over the room, and before he knew it one of the ghouls was on him. Two of the runners, one carrying some sort of banged up box had managed to get out in front of the ghouls and past most of Grist's team. They were just past Grist and headed towards the way up, just around a corner, when it happened.

One of the runners who fell was content with going out as ghoul chow and not taking his enemies with him. Hard to blame him really but he didn't realize how many others were in the chamber with him. Regardless he set off his whole cache of HE grenades at once creating a massive explosion and partially collapsing the room and one of the other abandoned buildings above. The blast slammed the ghoul Grist was fighting directly into him into, covering most of his torso and his head. Grist was slammed against a wall, and everything went black.

As it turned out, the feral ghoul had (sort of) saved his life. It was a bit of a cybered out mess of a human ghoul, so more blast resistant than you might expect. It had acted like a pretty damn good shield for Grist's head and torso, but in the process of being blown into him had also scratched him pretty good. It also didn't do much to protect his arms and legs which were pretty much destroyed in the blast. He and the two runners were all that survived the blast, as they had been protected around a corner and everyone else was chunky salsa crushed beneath the abandoned building above. The two runners, realizing what they had just caused slapped him with a trauma patch and loaded him full of Savior medkit before pulling him out of the rubble of the underground substructure.

Once outside the runners ran into the rest of the detachment from the Astral Preservation Society who were trying to figure out what had happened. They turned Grist over to them along with a commlink. One of them just said "Call us, we'll help with the bill", after which they took off into the night. Thankfully with the aid of healing magic from the researchers and the aide the runners had previously given him, Grist lived until they could get him to Little Earth's street doc. They doc did everything he could but ended up having to replace both Grist's arms and legs for cyber because of how extensive the damage was. Additionally, a part of his face had to be reconstructed because the ghoul had had a partial cyberskull that slammed into Grim's face because of the explosion. It broke both his tusks and left the scare that runs down the right side of his face. All the surgery took a few days, and he was in and out of consciousness the whole time. It was also at this time they all realized Grist had in all likelihood been infected.

On the upside the Runners kept their word, and after call to the number in the comlink the following day a large untraceable nuyen was sent to the street doc which largely covered all the surgery and cyberware. The Society covered the rest. Grist would later learn that the runners were actually down in the sewers investigating an old bug hive to retrieve a piece of abandoned Ares tech for an interested party. The bundle he saw them carrying just before the explosion was said device, the two survivors had apparently made out very well and had sent most of the shares of the other runners who died to the street doc because they felt responsible for what happened. They hadn't counted on the old hive being a massive feral ghoul nest.

Grist recovered from the bulk of his injuries rather quickly, though the cyberlimbs took some getting used to. However, he also quickly started showing signs of infection and he knew well enough what that meant. While his friends and colleagues at the Society were supportive and understanding, he knew that he would need to leave Chicago if he wanted to have hope of retaining his sanity and surviving. Dual-Natured creatures are still susceptible to the Strain III that Ares had used against the bugs, such as ghouls. Moreover, those with cyber (which he now had) were even more vulnerable. So, he resolved to leave. He had the doc fit him with new eyes, against the coming blindness. Then one night he packed his things and left a note for everyone before vanishing into the night.

He first headed North to Detroit and found a bolt hole in the underground where he could complete the transformation. It was during this extremely painful and tyring time that The Stag reached out to him. He had never really had a penchant for magic before, but then the virus will do that to you. It was in his half ghoul state while experiencing mind shattering pain that he began to form the Code of the Glorious Hunter from the fragments of his ealier Akichata teachings and the soothing whispers of The Stag.

After he was reborn, he decided to try to contact the runners from before. Ultimately, he ended up running with them for awhile under his new name, Grist. They were wary of working with a ghoul at first but felt like they still owed him some and helped him get his feet in the shadows. He made a bit of a name for himself because of how willing he was to take jobs that rumored to involve free bug spirits fleeing from Chicago to Detroit. He takes grim satisfaction in dispatching of them (hence spirit bane). He also began to integrate himself somewhat in the infected community of the 6th world.

He both sympathizes and is rather cautious of his infected brethren. The biased quality is meant to represent the fact that he is very wary of infected and the potential harm they can do. He can respect a ghoul or vampire that is in control of themselves, has a handle on their infection, and seems to operate in an honorable way. He has little patience or respect for those who cannot control their inner beast. He’s even hunted down other infected who have lost control, hence Strain II carrier after a particularly intense fight with a Loup-Garou which he won.

Eventually he decided he needed a change of scenery and a chance a bigger prey, so with the help of some of his contacts in Detroit he got in touch with some folks in Seattle and headed to the Emerald City.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Infected: Ghoul (Ork)
  • Mentor Spirit: The Stag
  • Mentor's Mask


  • Carrier: HMHVV Strain II
  • Spirit Bane: Scout Spirit
  • Prejudiced: Biased against the infected
  • Code of Honor: The Code of the Glorious Hunter

The Glorious Hunter is called to be strong, capable, clever, patient, wise, and honorable.

Strong & Capable: A hunter must possess the physical prowess to engage in the hunt, but physical prowess is meaningless without the skills needed to use it. A hunter knows this and knows that growth and change is a requisite component of the natural cycle. Therefore, the Glorious Hunter always strives to improve themselves and their skills, testing themselves against the most capable prey possible.

Clever: The Glorious Hunter knows that hunting some prey requires guile and deception, because physical prowess isn't enough in some circumstances.

Patient: The Glorious knows that they must wait for the right moment to strike. They should not rush into battle or reveal themselves until the moment is ripe, a clean hunt is a glorious one.

Wise: Perhaps most importantly of all the Glorious Hunter must know which prey is worth hunting, and how to make those determinations on the fly. The young should be avoided for it is a waste of potential. Likewise, there is no sense in wanton slaughter to reach your ultimate prey.

Honor: Without honor there can be no glory. The Glorious hunter does not kill prey who are unworthy or the young. However, the Glorious Hunter keeps their word, so will follow through on targets they agree to hunt... even if the prey makes themselves/itself unworthy.

Summary/Mechanics: Grist will always strive to improve himself and try his hand at harder targets. He has no issues with the use of stealth or trickery. His code discourages wanton killing and slaughter, as a true hunter can move and reach their prey without alerting the whole world. The killing of children, mothers with children, or pregnant women is entirely verboten. This is not only a remnant of his Akichita code, but also a sense of good stewardship and honor. Grist will only intentionally kill the "worthy". What this means is that those who surrender, are too weak, or beg for their lives have essentially "ruined" his hunt and should not be killed. That doesn't mean he won't otherwise subdue them, but the hunt is only glorious and honorable with worthy prey. The exception to this is that he honors his word and promises as a part of his pride coming from The Stag mentor spirit. So, if he's tasked with eliminating a specific target, the hunt continues regardless of the "prey's" behavior. Though he will strive to grant a swift and painless death to those who would have normally made themselves "unworthy".

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
A Debt To RememberShadowhandTaking Back Tacoma9 July 2083



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