A Debt To Remember

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A Debt To Remember
Part of Taking Back Tacoma
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Gianelli Family
Major Corp
The Incredible Behemoth
Security Troll1
Security Troll 2
Casualties and losses


Antonio "Vice" Vecce is looking to send a message to a long lost runner who made off with Family money without delivering on a contract. He wants it to be particularly brutal, so he hires three of the heaviest hitters he can find; The Incredible Behemoth, Grist, and Rurosha.


The Gianelli Family is back, and they are looking forward to Taking Back Tacoma. Part of this new initiative is to send out reminders of who the Gianelli Family is, and more importantly, never to cross them. This being said, 20 years ago the Family paid for a hit on a slimy corporate stooge who happened to know just a little too much. The Assassin Johnny Goodtimes, -aka- Ace, not only failed to kill the mark, but ran off with the mob's money as well. Now times are a changing, and the Family wants its revenge.

The Meet

Antonio meets the crew at Il Formaggio Grande, the Italian Restaurant front for the Gianelli Family. After seeing to his guest's culinary needs, (except for Grist, who's ghoulish appetite requires a different form of sustenance) Antonio lays it all out. Find Ace, recover the money, and leave a message no one will mistake for anything else. The crew agrees, moving out with only the tidbit of information that Ace is holed up in a place called Hathoway Hills, in Renton.

The Plan

The three combat monsters decide to fall back on their various contacts, trying to come up with more information on Ace and his whereabouts. After many calls and conversations, the crew learns that Ace used to run with a Native American mage by the name of Three Rivers Weep Gently, who also happens to live within the private sanctum that is Hathoway Hills. Rurosha's adopted Father arranges a meeting with his old friend, and the team decides to play it by ear, heading to the mage's personal domicile.

The Run

With Grist hiding in his RPC cloak in the trunk of Rurosha's car, the team easily breeze past the bored gate guards with their open invitation to Three Rivers House. Sneaking Grist out of the car, they press the doorbell only to be greeted by an elderly man, in a purple robe and fuzzy slippers. Once identities are confirmed, and with a little assensing on the part of Three Rivers, they all retire to the living room to discuss current events. Behemoth presses Three Rivers on Ace's whereabouts, but the mage is reluctant to spill the beans, but is eventually won over by Grist's impassioned plea for help. He reveals that Ace is the kindly ice cream attendant just outside on the street corner, suffering from dementia and completely unaware of his past life and past mistakes. The team decides that Ace has been punished enough, and that the money is long gone, but they can still pull off the letter of the contract, if not the intent. Grists arranges through his ghoulish contacts to receive a dead, elderly male body to use for the setup, while Behemoth does what Behemoth does best and begins to ever so gently cause major property damage in minimal time. She then takes a punch at the body, causing a splatterfest of gore and limbs, and then exits through the security wall just behind the building where Rurosha is patiently waiting with the car. They peel off, to quickly for any reasonable response, and ride off into the night victorious.


The team reports back to Antonio, citing a well accomplished message, but no money. After seeing the image link photos provided by Behemoth, Vice is quick to acknowledge a job well done.


20k Nuyen

3 Karma


Optional Contact: Antonio "Vice" Vecce Connection 3 Loyalty 2

+! PA for Behemoth and Rurosha

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was certainly interesting, listening to old runners. Poor sod, to have what makes a person a person stripped away over time. Hopefully we didn't traumatize some kids.